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Hobby Hill Farm

Welcome to Hobby Hill Farm a division of Tasco Products, LLC. We are a Virginia based family owned business. Hobby Hill Farm carries an extensive line of gift merchandise as well as textile goods. Our most popular items are our water activated cooling garments. Made from Hydroweave® these materials work to keep your body cool to avoid heat stress and heat stroke. These are just two heat related issues that affect humans, horses and our pets when they have the in ability to sweat or have spent excessive time in the heat. Take care of yourselves with our line of Vests, Scarves or Hat Liners. Take care of your pets with our Equine Koozie, Leg Wraps and Dog Jackets and Mats. No gels, crystals or electricity is required. Just add H20 and the cooling process begins.

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Cooling Cap Liner1Barn and Stable Misc1.0000
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