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Natural Ride

In 1986, P.R. Van Scoyk of the Colorado Saddlery Company introduced the original Natural Ride™. Originally designed as a replacement for the bareback pad, it soon became apparent that the Natural Ride™ was a style of riding all it's own! People were finding that fun had been re-introduced to riding. P.R. Van Scoyk has had over 65 years of saddle-making experience and knew that the Natural Ride™ was a unique riding product, since it gives the rider the freedom of bareback riding with the security of a saddle. He designed the original to fit the technology and horses of the day, and for over 18 years the Natural Ride™ was sold to thousands of satisfied customers. In 2004, P.R. retired and his son Jeff succeeded him. They had been working together for over 5 years to re-design and improve the Natural Ride™. Thousands of hours and thousands of horses were used, several designs were built and abandoned before they hit on the perfect fitting design. The New & Improved Natural Ride™ has a better front or fork, designed to fit a wider variety of horses, a better girth system which allows the rider to girth up exactly like on a western saddle. The pad and fork were incorporated into one piece for easier use and kept the weight at only 8 lbs. In 2004, Jeff Van Scoyk started the Natural Ride Company to carry on his father's legacy and to make the Natural Ride™ available to the general public at an affordable price. Since then the Natural Ride Company has expanded and grown and now carries not only the Natural Ride™ but also the Natural Ride SPORT, a new, more affordable Natural Ride™ as well as the new NR Supreme Draft Saddle and a selection of high quality, affordable riding accessories.

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