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While we’ve been involved with leading, innovative technologies for many years, it was a little over thirty years ago when one of our co-workers discovered some fascinating information that gave us our initial thoughts on performance waterproof socks. While carrying out a research project on original breathable waterproof technologies, our leading technologist came across details from one of the world's most innovative pioneers, John Logie Baird, the inventor of television. John Logie Baird suffered from very poor circulation resulting in his extremities getting incredibly cold in the winter months. This limited his time spent in the outdoors to the warmer months. Being a Scotsman, John Logie Baird’s time in the beautiful Scottish highlands was severely restricted. Baird was soon at work developing a two layered sock, the outer and inner of which were made from cotton, with the inner being impregnated with borax*. The borax ensured moisture, generated from the foot, was quickly wicked away, keeping the feet warm, dry and comfortable. Like JLB our co-worker also suffered from poor circulation and could readily see the freedom Baird’s simple innovative idea brought him in terms of getting out into the hills, irrelevant of the season. Like any outdoor enthusiast our colleague wanted to be first on the hill and last back. Soon our lab was a hive of activity. Because of our leading technologies and manufacturing processes, we were able to take JLB’s basic concept and develop it into what it is today, cutting edge products providing the user with the very best comfort and performance with a very long life expectancy.

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