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Mountain Horse

In 1988, Mountain Horse founder Lars Sjöswärd created the world's first winter-lined equestrian riding boots - the Winter Rider, the hybrid riding shoes - Easy Rider and the well-ventilated and cozy Rocky Mountain riding jacket, all with his young daughter Catherina in mind. Lars wanted Catherina to be warm and comfortable while riding during Sweden’s harsh winters. 25 years later, Mountain Horse products are sold in 35 countries around the world. The company is still based on the same solid foundation as it was 25 years ago with fashion, function, comfort, durability, safety and innovation as its trademark features.

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 70

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Rimfrost Paddock Boot5English Casual Apparel4.4000
Rimfrost Winter Riding Boots1Western Chaps/Boots/Hats3.0000
Mountain Horse Rimfrost Tall Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
Mountain Horse Rimfrost Paddock Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
Bianca Jacket1English Casual Apparel5.0000
Sportive High Rider Tall Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Gloves1Horse Miscellaneous3.0000
Protector Jodhpur Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Ice Rider2English Casual Apparel3.5000
Rimfrost Tall Rider1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets1.0000
Sport Paddock Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
Sportive Rider Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Rimfrost Rider Tall Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Short Chaps1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Safety Stirrup1English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Rimfrost Rider Paddock Shoes1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Mountain Horse Ice Rider Tall Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Ice Rider Paddock Boots3English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Original Riding Jacket1English Casual Apparel5.0000
Protective Jodhpur Boots2English Casual Apparel4.5000
Sportive High Riders1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Pull-On Jodphur Boots with steel toe2English Chaps/Boots/Helmets2.5000
Rimfrost Tall Riders1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
High Rider II 4English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Sportive High Rider II4English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.2500
Ice Rider Tall Boots3English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Rimfrost Riding Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Rimfrost Tall Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
High Caliber Field Boot4English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.7500
Ice Rider Tall Winter Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
Classic High Rider Unisex Tall Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Rimfrost Rider Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
Mountain Horse Crochet Riding Gloves1English Casual Apparel4.0000
Tall Dress Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
High Caliber Field Boots2English Miscellaneous5.0000
Grace Winter Riding Jacket1English Casual Apparel5.0000
Rimfrost Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
High Caliber/Richmond Field Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Rough Rider Paddock Boots1Western Chaps/Boots/Hats5.0000
Sporty Half Chaps2English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.5000
Rimfrost Winter Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets2.0000
Half Chaps1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Classic Ladies Dress Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Men\'s High Rider II1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Ladie\'s Rimfrost Rider II Tall Winter Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Windsor Zip Up Paddock Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
Winter Paddock Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
Classic Dress Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
Women\'s Ice Rider Tall Boots 1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
Supreme Field Boot3English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.6667
Richmond Field Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
High Rider Dress Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets1.0000
Stella Polaris Tall Winter Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Mountain High Rider II1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Richmond High Rider Field Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
High Rider 1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
MHD11Trail Saddles5.0000
Supreme Field Boots2English Chaps/Boots/Helmets3.0000
Polar Full-Seat Winter Riding Breeches1English Casual Apparel1.0000
Original Mountain Horse Winter Jacket1Western Casual Apparel5.0000
Forest Rider Pant1Western Casual Apparel5.0000
Venice Zip Field Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Fusion Paddock Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
High Rider Tall Boots1English Casual Apparel5.0000
MHG8 Tensleep Gaited Cordura1Trail Saddles5.0000
Celine Zip Paddock Boot1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
Cozy Rider Boots1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets5.0000
TERRA NOVA1English Chaps/Boots/Helmets4.0000
Winnipeg Jacket1English Casual Apparel4.0000
Stable loafer1Horsewear5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating