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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 178

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Western Saddle2Trail Saddles4.5000
Trail 16\" Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Flash Bridle2English Bridles3.0000
Trail Saddle 1Trail Saddles1.0000
General Purpose 2000 with Cair2All Purpose Saddles4.5000
Western and English1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Pro Dressage7Dressage Saddles4.5714
Webbers Stirrup Leathers3English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.3333
Close Contact 16\" Caramel - Newmarket1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Synthetic Girth4English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Stock Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Lift-Front Comfort Pad1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Pro Dressage 5001Dressage Saddles1.0000
Close Contact Saddle with CAIR in Caramel2Close Contact Saddles3.5000
Bridle w/ Padded Reins1English Bridles4.0000
200015All Purpose Saddles4.1333
Synthetic Saddle1Trail Saddles3.0000
Pro w/ Cair 5Dressage Saddles4.2000
Pony 250 Saddle 1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Pro Sport (older model)1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Jumping Pro2Jumping Saddles3.5000
Synthetic Leathers2English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.5000
Webbers7English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
New Wide All Purpose w/ CAIR1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
English Bridle (synthetic)1English Bridles4.0000
Dressage 50014Dressage Saddles3.9286
Close Contact Saddle with CAIR and Changeable Gullet6Close Contact Saddles4.8333
All purpose5Jumping Saddles3.6000
Pro Jump Saddle12Jumping Saddles4.3333
500 10Dressage Saddles3.8000
Elastic Dressage Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Isabell w/CAIR Easy Change Gullet2Dressage Saddles1.5000
Bates Sport1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Elastic Girth4English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Close Contact 10Close Contact Saddles3.7000
Pro Stock with CAIR panels and adjustable gullet1Trail Saddles1.0000
English Bridle w/flash1English Bridles4.0000
Endurance Pro3All Purpose Saddles2.0000
Dressage 500 with CAIR4Dressage Saddles3.7500
Endurance Pro with CAIR1All Purpose Saddles2.0000
Pro-Stock Aussie1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Saddle 2000 with CAIR2All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Pro Elastic Dressage Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Synthetic Trail Saddle3Trail Saddles3.6667
Western Semi-QH1Trail Saddles5.0000
Stirrup Leathers1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
All Purpose 500 spring tree, cair, changeable gullet1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
5001All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Isabell Dressage Saddle With CAIR18Dressage Saddles4.1111
Close Contact with CAIR14Close Contact Saddles4.5714
2503All Purpose Saddles4.6667
500 with CAIR4Dressage Saddles4.5000
Pro 2000 with CAIR1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
ProJump with CAIR1Jumping Saddles5.0000
Pro 20001All Purpose Saddles2.0000
Prostock Flying Fenders 1Trail Saddles5.0000
Cob Bridle2English Bridles1.0000
All Purpose Wide3All Purpose Saddles3.0000
Pro Stock1Trail Saddles1.0000
Endurance with Cair and Easy Change Gullet1Trail Saddles5.0000
Close Contact Saddle in Caramel2Close Contact Saddles4.5000
Sport3Dressage Saddles5.0000
Saddle 20001All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Chafeless Girth2English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.5000
Standing Martingale Attatchment1English Saddle Fittings/Pads1.0000
Breastplate2English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Dressage Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Original Elastic Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Easy Change Gullet System1English Miscellaneous5.0000
PRO Endurance 2Trail Saddles5.0000
Saddle Cover1English Miscellaneous4.0000
Pro Jump Saddle with Cair1Jumping Saddles3.0000
Wide All Purpose Saddle - Cair and adjustable gullet1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Dressage1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Webbers Synthetic Stirrup Straps1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
All Purpose 2000 with CAIR14All Purpose Saddles4.0714
Isabell Dressage Saddle19Dressage Saddles4.1579
Pro Dressage and Wintec Isabell1Dressage Saddles4.0000
Close Contact with Changeable Gullet and Flocking1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
English Bridle w/o Flash1English Bridles3.0000
Dressage 500 18\"1Dressage Saddles2.0000
Child\\\'s Cordura English Leadline Saddle1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Isabell Dressage Synthetic with Cair and Interchangeable Gullet1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Close Contact Saddle6Close Contact Saddles3.0000
Webbers (New Version)1English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Synthetic Western3Trail Saddles3.6667
Endurance Pro with Cair Panels and EZ Change Gullet1Trail Saddles5.0000
Pro Stock Australian1Trail Saddles5.0000
Lami-Cell All Around Roping Saddle1Roping Saddles3.0000
Bridle w/o flash1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Close Contact w/ equi leather Caramel1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
All Purpose 2000 Flocked1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
All Purpose 500 with CAIR7All Purpose Saddles3.7143
All Pupose Synthetic Saddle1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
All Purpose 2000 with CAIR and Easy Change Gullet4All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Pro Dressage with Changeable Gullet1Dressage Saddles4.0000
Western3Trail Saddles5.0000
Australian Stock Saddle1Trail Saddles2.0000
VSD w/ CAIR2All Purpose Saddles4.5000
Pro 2Jumping Saddles5.0000
Pro Jump with CAIR and Changeable Gullet1Jumping Saddles5.0000
All Purpose 25012All Purpose Saddles3.1667
Wide All Purpose6All Purpose Saddles3.3333
Black Western 17\"1Trail Saddles4.0000
All Purpose 200016All Purpose Saddles4.5625
Close Contact 500 with Cair and Gullet System1Close Contact Saddles1.0000
Pro Stock w/ CAIR1Dressage Saddles5.0000
All Purpose with Changable Gullet1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Synthetic Close Contact Saddle1Close Contact Saddles1.0000
Cob Bridle (no flash)1English Bridles4.0000
Chafeless Dressage Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Snaffle Bridle w/out flash1English Bridles4.0000
Standing Martingale2English Bridle Accessories4.5000
Pro Dressage with CAIR2Dressage Saddles5.0000
Western Synthetic Full QH Bar1Trail Saddles5.0000
All Purpose Wide with CAIR3All Purpose Saddles4.6667
Breastplate with standing attachment1English Bridle Accessories4.0000
Synthetic English Bridle 1English Bridles5.0000
Synethetic / Biothane Rubber Grip Reins1English Bridle Accessories4.0000
Elastic Girth - English1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Isabell with Cair and Interchangeable Gullet System3Dressage Saddles3.6667
All Purpose 50040All Purpose Saddles4.0250
Wide All Purpose w/CAIR Panels2All Purpose Saddles4.5000
Original Elastic Dressage Girth 20\" black1English Saddle Fittings/Pads1.0000
Pro with Contourbloc - CAIR1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Isabell Werth and Pro Dressage 1Dressage Saddles3.0000
All Rounder Western Saddle1Trail Saddles4.0000
Dressage Pro with Contourblock1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Lift - Back Riser Pad1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Dressage 500 new 2009 1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Black 20001All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Front Riser Pad1English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Youth Synthetic Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Pony Dressage 500 Saddle (2009)1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Synthetic Western with Full Quarter Horse Bars1Trail Saddles3.0000
Pro 2009 with Contourblocs2Dressage Saddles3.5000
2000 (old model)2All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Synthetic Western Saddle with Semi Quarter Horse Bars1Trail Saddles4.0000
Synthetic Leathers/Stirrup Straps1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Cushion Grip Reins4English Bridle Accessories4.5000
Prostock with Swinging Fenders1Trail Saddles5.0000
Dressage Pro Saddle5Dressage Saddles4.4000
Elastic Cair Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
All Purpose Pro 2000 with CAIR1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Next Generation 500 All Purpose without cair1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Brown Flash Bridle1English Bridles5.0000
Dressage Pro (flocked)1Dressage Saddles4.0000
Elastic Dressage Girth - Waffle Weave Neoprene1English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Wide All Purpose (Older)1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Pro w/counterblock flocked 1Dressage Saddles4.0000
All Rounder Trail Saddle1Trail Saddles4.0000
Western All Rounder3Trail Saddles4.3333
Elastic Girth - long2English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Close Contact 5005Close Contact Saddles4.2000
All Purpose 2000 with Flock/Easy change gullet1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
Chafeless Elastic Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Pro Stock Saddle with Swinging Fenders1Trail Saddles4.0000
Close Contact 500 Saddle Chesnut Brown 1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Western Trail Saddle with Full QH Bars 1Trail Saddles1.0000
Pro Dressage with Contourbloc2Dressage Saddles5.0000
Pro with Contourblocs1Dressage Saddles5.0000
VSD2Dressage Saddles3.5000
Dressage Girth with CAIR 2English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Full Quarter Horse Dressage Saddle 1Dressage Saddles4.0000
Icelandic Synthetic 500 with CAIR1All Purpose Saddles4.0000
All Purpose 500 (no cair panels)1All Purpose Saddles3.0000
All Purpose 500 Flocked1All Purpose Saddles3.0000
Bridle (without flash)1English Bridles3.0000
Slimline Stirrup Straps, Black 54\"1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
All Round Saddle1Trail Saddles2.0000
Comfort Ride2Trail Saddles3.5000
Wide Flocked All Purpose1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Stock Pro1Trail Saddles5.0000
Dressage Pro with Cair package1Dressage Saddles4.0000
Close Contact 500 Saddle Caramel1Close Contact Saddles4.0000
Black Stirrup Straps (not slimline)1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Pro Stock CS with Swinging Fenders1Trail Saddles5.0000
All Purpose 2000 (Original Monoflap)1All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating