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Fly Wraps

FLY WRAPS® was invented, researched, designed, patented, and trademarked by Beverly Gun-Munro in the mid-1990’s. Never before had there been a product available for the purpose of protecting horse’s legs from crawling insects and sticky plants. With the introduction of FLY WRAPS® to horse owners and their horses, tack shops, veterinarians and farriers (horse shoers) FLY WRAPS® immediately became one of the most ‘in demand’ popular horse products globally. Europe’s well known British Equine Trade Association (BETA) garnered FLY WRAPS® as “The Best New Horse Product” winning the coveted “Blue Ribbon” honors over all new horse and equine pharmaceutical products represented by numerous companies from dozens of countries.

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 5

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Anti-fly & Wound Care Leg Wrap1Fly Control5.0000
Mesh Leg Wraps1Fly Control5.0000
Fly Wraps2Horse Boots and Wraps1.5000
Mesh Fly Wraps1Fly Control3.0000
Lower Mesh Horse Fly Wraps1Fly Control5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating