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Professional's Choice

Professional’s Choice is a family run business that has specialized in equine sports medicine products for the last 25 years. Since the company’s start with the sale of the original Sports Medicine Boot for horses, Professional’s Choice has become an industry leader recognized for its dedication to the comfort of horses and a manufacturer of quality equine products. In addition to equine leg care products, Professional’s Choice offers a wide array of equine essentials including saddle pads, cinches, girths, bits and other horse accessories for both the recreational rider and the professional competitor.

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 91

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Boot Covers1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Western SMX Girth1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Secure Fit Overreach Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
SMX English Girth6English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.5000
Sports Medicine Boots3Horse Boots and Wraps4.6667
No Turn Bell Boots 1Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
SMX Western Cinch2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
SBM II1Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
Professional\\\'s Choice SMX Western Cinch1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
SMx Breast Collar2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Easy-Fit Splint Boots2Horse Boots and Wraps4.5000
SMBII Boots Front & Rear1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Tail Wrap4Horse Miscellaneous3.0000
SMB II Boots20Horse Boots and Wraps3.6000
Open Front Jumping Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps3.0000
Wrangler 20x Polo Wraps1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
SMX Synthetic Girth1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Air Ride SMX All Around Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
SMX Dressage Girth3English Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Elite Sport Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps2.0000
Air Ride OrthoSport Pad2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.5000
SMB 200 Boots2Horse Boots and Wraps3.5000
To Turn Ballistic Over Reach Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
All Around Saddle Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
Sports Medicine Boot II 2Horse Boots and Wraps3.0000
SMX Air Ride Western Saddle Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Elan SMX AirRide Saddle Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads2.0000
SMX Western Girth1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
SMB Elite Boot6Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Rear Ankle Boot1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Wrangler Fly Mask (w/o ears)2Fly Control4.0000
Quick Wrap Bell Boot3Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
SMB Elite Boots and Bell Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
AXW Western Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
English H/J Half-pad1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Corner Hay Bags for Horse Trailer1Barn and Stable Misc1.0000
No Slip Girth 1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
No-Turn Bell Boots3Horse Boots and Wraps3.3333
Charmayne James SMX Barrel Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads2.0000
Bed Sore Boots1Horsewear5.0000
SMX Air Ride Saddle Pad2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
SMB1Horse Boots and Wraps3.0000
SMX Air Ride Charmayne James Saddle Pad2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
SMB II Front Boots2Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
SMB Elite Rear Boots2Horse Boots and Wraps4.5000
Avila Collection Bit1Western Bridle Accessories5.0000
Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps1.0000
Leather Protection Boots / PB4 1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Neoprene Roper Cinch1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
20X Saddle Pad in Black/Tan1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Roper Girth1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad + Sheepskin Girth1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
SMB Elite Front Boot2Horse Boots and Wraps4.5000
SMX Cinch (Straight)1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
SMB Elite Value Pack Sport Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
SMX Air Ride Charmayne James Barrel Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
SMB3 Sports Medicine Boots2Horse Boots and Wraps4.5000
SMB Elite Front and Hind Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Wrangler No Bow Bandage1Horse Boots and Wraps1.0000
SMX Sport\'s Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
Roper Elite Pad2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads2.5000
Charmayne James Ortho Sport Barrel Pad3Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.3333
Wrangler Fly Mask1Fly Control3.0000
20X Mohair Roper Cinch1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Twenty X Elite Roper Pad2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
SMx Air Ride Western Barrel Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads2.0000
Wrangler Fly Sheet 2Fly Control3.5000
SMX Lambskin Girth1Close Contact Saddles5.0000
Clinician Rope Halter1Training Equipment0.0000
SMX Air Ride All Around Orthosport1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Wrangler Fly Sheet with Bellyband1Horsewear5.0000
Nordgren\'s Magnetic Hock Wraps1Dressage Saddles5.0000
Norfield\'s Magnetic Hock Wraps1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Ballistic Overreach Boots5Horse Boots and Wraps3.2000
Steffen Peters Dressage Show Pad1English Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Elite Sports Medicine Boot Value Pack1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Polo Wraps/Combo Bandage1Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
SMx H.D (Heavy Duty) Air Ride Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Sport Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
Elite SMB 4 Packs Sport Medicine Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
SMX Air Ride1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads3.0000
SMX Air Ride All Around Saddle Pad2Western Saddle Fittings/Pads4.5000
VenTech Dressage Girth - 26\"1English Saddle Fittings/Pads4.0000
VenTech Elite Sports Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps3.0000
Zebra Striped Hay Bag1Barn and Stable Misc1.0000
Elite Boots4Horse Boots and Wraps4.0000
VenTECH Leather Open Front Ankle Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
WCM34-CHO1Western Miscellaneous1.0000
Ventech Elite Front Boots1Horse Boots and Wraps5.0000
SMX AirRide All-Around Pad1English Casual Apparel5.0000
VenTech Elite Smb Four Pack1English Casual Apparel5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating