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Crest Ridge Saddlery

Crest Ridge Saddlery starts with expert saddle fitting to produce the best saddle, saddle pad and tack for your horse or mule. Our approach is the same regardless if you are riding a gaited horse, stock horse, draft horse or mule. You form a unique combination with your equine. Each saddle is built to order using your measurements.

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Number of products made by this manufacturer: 44

Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating
Crest Ridge Saddlery Guffey1Trail Saddles5.0000
Guffey2Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade5Trail Saddles3.4000
Elite Guffey3Trail Saddles5.0000
Sonata SR052Trail Saddles5.0000
Sonata Custom Saddle3Trail Saddles4.0000
Sonata Trail Saddle2Trail Saddles4.5000
Crusade Saddle with Horn1Trail Saddles5.0000
Sinclair Plantation Saddle3Trail Saddles4.0000
Guffey Elite3Trail Saddles3.6667
The Crusade1Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade Sport Lite1Trail Saddles5.0000
Traveler 20061Trail Saddles1.0000
Crusade Elite / Supracor Seat1Trail Saddles5.0000
EW mule tree/ traveler 1Trail Saddles5.0000
Traveler saddle with extra wide mule tree1Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade Lite Sport Model1Trail Saddles5.0000
Supra Cinch3Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
\\\"A\\\" Fork Wade Synthetic1Trail Saddles5.0000
Sonata2All Purpose Saddles5.0000
Guffey Mule Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
1880 Wade Tree Saddle2Trail Saddles5.0000
Supra-Cinch1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Crusade Trail Saddle2Trail Saddles5.0000
Contour Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Sentry7Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade Sport1Trail Saddles5.0000
Ovation Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade Lite5Trail Saddles5.0000
4 Point All Terrain Gaited Horse Breast Collar1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads5.0000
Sentry Gaited Horse Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade Elite Endurance Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Ovation Endurance Saddle4Trail Saddles5.0000
Sinclair Saddle for Gaited Horses1Trail Saddles5.0000
High Prairie (original prototype)1Trail Saddles5.0000
High Prairie1Trail Saddles5.0000
Sentry Trail Riding Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Sinclair Hybrid1Trail Saddles5.0000
Felt Saddle Pad1Western Saddle Fittings/Pads2.0000
Orion1Trail Saddles5.0000
Sentry lite (also Wade)1Trail Saddles5.0000
Sinclair Lite Plantation Trail Saddle1Trail Saddles5.0000
Wade Extra Wide1Trail Saddles5.0000
Crusade Elite1English Casual Apparel5.0000
Name Num Reviews Category Average Rating