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October Horseshoe Review -- Schneiders VTEK Turnout Sheet

A review was submitted about Schneiders VTEK turnout sheets. The reviewer did not have a good experience with Schneiders customer service or their turnout sheets. After a month of emails and phone calls describing her problems, she had to threaten contacting the Better Business Bureau before Schneider's honored the two year warranty!

Summary: Schneiders advertises that they make high quality, breathable, waterproof, durable blankets. My experience has been that they are not waterproof. They are not breathable. They are not durable. And they certainly aren't high quality. What I have are more stable blankets than turnout sheets, since I can't let my mare out of the barn in them. I wish I could get a full refund, since they were a complete waste of money. You'd be so much better off spending a little more on a higher quality blanket (like Rambo or Bucas) than wasting money on Schneiders.

We have had three readers vote on HorseTackReview that the review was somewhat useful. If you have any experience with Schneiders VTEK turnout sheets durability or customer service please submit a review.

November Review Contest

Starting in November, we are also running a promotion for a free pair of HandsOn Grooming Gloves (pictured below). Each review submitted to HorseTackReview.com will count towards winning.

Submit your reviews! We will be giving away a pair of the HandsOn Grooming Gloves for the best review posted from now until November 31st.

Summary: These are definitely one of the better products I have tried this year. For grooming, the HandsOn Grooming Gloves are a must have. In the past I have used the traditional curry comb and or a rubber mit. The smaller rubber curry is not the right shape to get areas of the horse's head and legs. The problem with the rubber mit is (for me at least) is that the mit is hard to get on the hand especially when wet. The rubber mits usually also split on the side.

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