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Close Contact Saddles

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Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
CollegiateGraduate Close Contact14.0000
BatesCaprilli 294.4138
Bruno De HeuschBdH, 17 1/2\\\" seat, medium tree15.0000
CollegiateClose Contact24.5000
Miller\'s SaddleryCollegiate14.0000
CourbetteMagic Close Contact Saddle43.2500
CrosbyExcel (XL) H14.0000
ZaldiBentley II14.0000
Barefoot SaddleryCheyenne, treeless saddle15.0000
True BritClose Contact 43.0000
WintecClose Contact 16\" Caramel - Newmarket15.0000
CollegiatePost Graduate with Easy Change Gullet14.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Show Jumping Pro63.8333
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Advantage Close Contact54.4000
WintecClose Contact Saddle with CAIR in Caramel23.5000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Champion X1-1516715.0000
ChildericModel FM15.0000
Miller\'s Saddlery16.5 Collegiate15.0000
PessoaAMO 15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Close Contact53.2000
NorthrunAshland II 15.0000
CourbetteStylist DL34.3333
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Advantage 83.6250
CardanelCardanel Capri15.0000
Blue RibbonClose Contact Hunt Seat Saddle14.0000
CrosbyCentennial Internationale25.0000
Beval SaddleryDevon 200064.3333
Beval SaddleryBeval Princeton14.0000
CourbetteVision Close Contact Saddle34.6667
KincadeClose Contact Saddles15.0000
County SaddleryStabilizer Saddle75.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Henri De Rivel A/O Pro Close Contact Saddle14.0000
KincadeClose Contact saddle163.0625
Bruno De HeuschBdH Grained leather, 16.5 seat, Regular tree15.0000
WintecClose Contact Saddle with CAIR and Changeable Gullet64.8333
County SaddleryStabilizer XTR45.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)A/O Pro14.0000
GatsbyClose Contact Saddle (no padded flap)14.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Close Contact English Saddle15.0000
CarlyleClose Contact Saddle24.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesA/O15.0000
PessoaStadium Close Contact Saddle35.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)HDR Advantage Close Contact Saddle14.0000
Miller\'s SaddleryCollegiate Equilibrium14.0000
Beval SaddleryPrinceton84.3750
CWDClose Contact Custom Saddle15.0000
WintecClose Contact 103.7000
BT CrumpPrix De Saute84.5000
Equi-betteClose Contact14.0000
BatesClose Contact Flat Seat15.0000
Weaver LeatherClose Contact15.0000
BatesClose Contact with CAIR, 16.5\\\" LF Caramel15.0000
CollegiatePost Graduate Convertible 12.0000
Bruno De HeuschBdH, 17\\\", regular tree, grained leather15.0000
Derby OriginalsClose Contact Saddle21.0000
Thornhill SaddlesSaphir 15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro-Trainer Close Contact Saddle15.0000
KincadeKincade Close Contact Saddle23.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)A/O24.0000
Beval SaddleryNatural44.7500
PessoaGen-X Close Contact Saddle24.0000
Walsall Riding Saddle CompanyExselle Debut14.0000
CrosbyCentennial, Long, Forward Flap15.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesA/O Paris15.0000
Paris TackClose Contact Saddle11.0000
CrosbyIan D Miller Vision15.0000
County SaddleryCounty Symmetry 15.0000
CambridgePrix D\\\'Ecole 15.0000
CrosbyPrix De Nations144.5000
KincadeClose Contact81.8750
CollegiateConvertible Close Contact 54.8000
PessoaRodrigo Gen X Close Contact Saddle15.0000
VerhanTodd Minikus25.0000
OvationJunior Close Contact15.0000
CourbetteMerkur DL Close Contact Saddle23.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Advantage w/ foam panel 15.0000
Saint Lourdes SaddleryTango63.0000
LancersLancers A/P Jumping Saddle14.0000
CrosbyCentennial, 17\\\" Long flap15.0000
Tudor EstateClose Contact15.0000
CrosbyDeep Seat Equilibrium15.0000
Derby OriginalsDerby Original13.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro A/O14.0000
CollegiateGraduate w/Knee Rolls15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro Close Contact Saddle42.5000
WintecClose Contact with CAIR144.5714
Intec PerformanceX/R Close Contact Adult Saddle15.0000
Dover SaddleryInternational34.6667
Bruno De HeuschClose Contact (smooth leather, long flap, reg tree)15.0000
BatesCaprilli Close Contact Saddle114.6364
StubbenEdelweiss NT25.0000
Bruno De HeuschClose Contact 15.0000
CrosbyXL H14.0000
Paris TackLafitte Close Contact Saddle94.4444
Bruno De HeuschClose Contact Saddle14.0000
PessoaSpecial Envoy15.0000
PessoaPessoa A/O25.0000
BatesCaprilli 16\\\" close contact 15.0000
CourbetteDerby 24.5000
BatesCaprilli 17\\\" Close Contact Saddle15.0000
State Line TackJumping13.0000
CrosbySoft Ride 15.0000
BatesCaprilli Close Contact with CAIR22.5000
VerhanClose Contact Saddle15.0000
WintecClose Contact Saddle in Caramel24.5000
Prestige SaddleMeridith B14.0000
Black CountryMaelstrom15.0000
StradaSt Christopher Endurance Saddle15.0000
CrosbyCentennial Close Contact Saddle15.0000
Bruno De HeuschBdH Close Contact Saddle - size 17, regular tree11.0000
CWDClose Contact Saddle44.0000
County SaddleryCounty Stabilizer XTR15.0000
Beval SaddleryThe Natural25.0000
CrosbyClose Contact Jumping Saddle15.0000
LancersClose Contact13.0000
CWDClose Contact Saddles23.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Elite II15.0000
CrosbyCentenial International 15.0000
CrosbyXL E15.0000
CollegiateDiploma with Easy Change Gullet System44.5000
CWDClose Contact35.0000
Beval SaddleryStamford44.0000
CollegiateConvertible Saddle64.5000
CollegiateClose Contact Saddle w/ Easy-Change Gullet \\\'05 Model13.0000
CollegiateConvertible Alumni35.0000
BarnsbyMilton Original15.0000
Flex RiderFlex Rider Close Contact12.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Close Contact Pro15.0000
OvationPro Show Jumping15.0000
Beval SaddleryThe BZ Natural15.0000
Equi-betteWellington Competition14.0000
JeffriesGeneva Close Contact15.0000
Dover SaddleryElite Saddle15.0000
Kieffer MunchenM√ľnchen Close Contact15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)HDR Advantage Eurocup Saddle15.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesOriginal Close Contact15.0000
CrosbyPrix Des Nations74.5714
ZaldiStar Saddle25.0000
Trainer\'sProfessional Deluxe14.0000
Marcel ToulouseAriano25.0000
BlackburnSynthetic Saddles15.0000
CollegiateClose Contact Jumping Saddle14.0000
CrosbyClose Contact15.0000
Beval SaddleryBZ Natural25.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Close Contact Saddle83.5000
CollegiateLynn Palm Collegiate Close Contact Saddle15.0000
Dover SaddleryDover Circuit Elite35.0000
StubbenSiegfreid CS 9415.0000
Chick\'s SaddleryClose Contact Saddle Set11.0000
Flex RiderClose Contact Saddle22.5000
CollegiateFinalist 17.5 Wide 15.0000
WintecClose Contact with Changeable Gullet and Flocking15.0000
CollegiateGraduate / Plain Flap15.0000
Bruno DelgrangePJ12.0000
Thornhill SaddlesSterling Pro AM Close Contact14.0000
Intec PerformanceFlex Rider 24.5000
Count ToptaniEvent Saddle12.0000
Gold Winner16\\\" Event Saddle15.0000
WintecClose Contact Saddle63.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Close Contact Pony Pro15.0000
Union HillJV Masters15.0000
PessoaRodrigo Pessoa Saddle15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Rivel Denver Classic13.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro Am 12915.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesPrix D34.3333
Tad CoffinA593.5556
Palaton SaddleryClose Contact Saddle14.0000
Blue RibbonClose Contact Saddle25.0000
Duett SaddleryFox Hunter23.5000
First Thought EquineShallow seat, close contact, cross country saddle15.0000
PessoaGeneration X 313 triangle knee rolls no thigh rolls14.0000
CrosbyCentennial Close Contact 17 / Short / Forward15.0000
Bruno De HeuschClose Contact Saddle 17\\\" Reg.13.0000
Bruno De Heusch Close Contact 16.5\\\" Saddle15.0000
Le Councours LTD.Close Contact15.0000
WintecClose Contact w/ equi leather Caramel15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Close Contact Saddle11.0000
Prestige SaddleAndrea Palladio25.0000
CollegiateConvertible Diploma Saddle 54.0000
Beval SaddleryNatural, deep seat with blocks15.0000
Bruno De HeuschClose Contact Saddle - 17.5\" Regular Flap15.0000
PessoaRodrigo Close Contact Saddle15.0000
CollegiateFinalist Saddle15.0000
Smith WorthingtonBeaufort EC15.0000
CollegiateLaureate Close Contact Saddle24.0000
Prestige SaddleHunter Classic D 16/3515.0000
PessoaBlyth Tait Event Saddle25.0000
OvationClose Contact 24.5000
AmerigoVega Close Contact Jump Saddle15.0000
Marcel ToulouseClaudine24.5000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesClose Contact Saddle15.0000
Griffith SaddleryGriffith Centennial15.0000
CrosbyMark IV 33.6667
BT CrumpPrix de Saute Spring Tree15.0000
OvationOvation Jumping Saddle15.0000
BatesClose Contact Saddle15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)HDR Pro A/O24.0000
DominusClose Contact / Jumping Saddle25.0000
CollegiateConnoisseur Close Contact (not positive)11.0000
CrosbyAHSA Limited Edition Close Contact Saddle14.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro 11.0000
CWDFrench Custom Made Saddles 15.0000
WintecClose Contact 500 with Cair and Gullet System11.0000
Butler and Antill, EnglandAntill15.0000
CrosbyPrix des Nations Soft Ride from 2006/200715.0000
Weaver LeatherClose Contact Saddle12.0000
CWDCustom Close Contact14.0000
WintecSynthetic Close Contact Saddle11.0000
KincadeKincade Pony, HDR Pony, Pessoa Pony, Circuit Pony13.0000
CollegiateAlumni w/easy change gullet15.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Elite Close Contact Saddle64.5000
ThorowgoodTeqnic Close Contact35.0000
StubbenGenesis CS Deluxe15.0000
CollegiatePost Graduate Close Contact Saddle15.0000
Intec PerformanceM. Toulouse Claudine15.0000
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesTrue Brit25.0000
Intec PerformanceFlex Rider O/R13.0000
CollegiateAlumni Convertible11.0000
Ashley and ClarkeWide Tree15.0000
Smith WorthingtonSW Trainer15.0000
ChildericModel M 2C15.0000
PessoaRodrigo Pessoa Pony Saddle34.6667
Harry Dabbs / Jaguar SaddlesYves Cazeneuve Close Contact23.5000
BatesCaprilli Foward Flap12.0000
Marcel ToulouseCeline CC15.0000
Bruno De HeuschBdH Original Long Flap15.0000
Saddle OnlineClose Contact English Saddle11.0000
Nice SaddleryClose Contact15.0000
Beval SaddleryWorld Cup Gold15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro-Trainer Grand Prix 24.5000
CollegiateEquilibrium Apprentice15.0000
Miller\'s SaddleryIntegrity Close Contact14.0000
State Line TackState Line Close Contact Saddle14.0000
Childeric3 AM15.0000
Marcel ToulouseLuciano Master25.0000
MondegaAmara Pro15.0000
Marcel ToulouseGenero15.0000
CollegiateIan Miller13.0000
Tad CoffinA5G215.0000
MoritzCavalier 15.0000
CircuitElite Equitation Saddle15.0000
Marcel ToulouseClose Contact15.0000
KincadeClose Contact Saddle Package14.0000
NorthrunClose Contact Saddle 2 light tan color15.0000
CourbetteClose Contact15.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)HDR Pro Close Contact Saddle15.0000
CWDSellier SE0215.0000
AntaresCustom Close Contact Jumping Saddle11.0000
BatesCaprilli Close Contact Jumping Saddle 17 1/2\" Forward Flap15.0000
Pag DClose Contact Saddle15.0000
CrosbyPrix des Nations flat saddle15.0000
BatesCaprilli Close Contact with Forward Flap13.0000
BatesCaprilli Close Contact (Deep Seat)24.0000
Tad CoffinA5G24.0000
AmerigoClose Contact Jumping Saddle14.0000
Miller\'s SaddleryClose Contact15.0000
AntaresClose Contact Saddle15.0000
OvationClose Contact Saddle25.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Rivella Close Contact Saddle34.0000
Tad CoffinA5G2 Close Contact Saddle Thigh and Calf Blocks15.0000
ChildericModel M14.0000
CollegiateFinalist - 17\" wide15.0000
BT CrumpClose Contact15.0000
Bruno De HeuschBdH Special15.0000
PassierSloothaak Comet FS15.0000
PessoaA/O Saddle15.0000
CourbetteAristokrat Close Contact Saddle11.0000
Marcel ToulouseMarcel A/O14.0000
BT CrumpZaldi Star15.0000
Philippe FontaineRenee15.0000
Prince International SaddleryPrince Close Contact13.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Club Close Contact 14.0000
CynronCaitlin Close Contact12.0000
CamelotClose Contact Saddle34.3333
Derby OriginalsLa Fitte Close Contact15.0000
PessoaGen-X with Changeable Gullet System 15.0000
BatesCaprilli Eventer15.0000
CollegiateAlumni Close Contact15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Lambskin Girth15.0000
PessoaA/O Close Contact 13.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Presidente Rivella Close Contact15.0000
Marcel ToulouseNoelle15.0000
StubbenSiegfried II25.0000
CircuitClose Contact Saddle14.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Elite E/Q15.0000
WhippyClose Contact Saddle15.0000
CrosbyPrix de Saute15.0000
Prestige SaddleRed Fox Royal25.0000
Avante SaddleryClose Contact23.0000
Crosby MillersCentennial 14.0000
ExselleDebut Wool Flocked11.0000
AmerigoCC Pinerolo Monoflap15.0000
StubbenLe Concours24.5000
CollegiateConoisseur Close Contact Saddle15.0000
CollegiateDiploma Convertible Long Flap12.0000
KincadeEnglish Saddle12.0000
RegentOlympic Close Contact Saddle11.0000
CrosbyMark VII14.0000
AntaresHunter Saddle15.0000
Marcel ToulouseLucia II Double Leather 25.0000
PessoaA/O XCH15.0000
PessoaGen-X Long Flap Saddle (not the interchangeable gullet model)15.0000
Canterbury FarmsCanterbury CC 16.515.0000
NorthrunAshland Saut D\'or15.0000
DominusDominus by Peter Menet15.0000
BatesHunter/Jumper Saddle14.0000
CourbetteArosa Close Contact15.0000
DG StackhouseCustom Close Contact11.0000
CWDSE 1: Close Contact / Full Calfskin15.0000
Frank BainesElan Close Contact15.0000
Beval SaddleryLTD 215.0000
PessoaAMO Junior 15.0000
DominusClose Contact/Jumping Saddle14.0000
Marcel ToulouseDouble Leather Annice14.0000
CourbetteStylist II DL15.0000
Nice SaddleryClose Contact Saddle14.0000
Intec PerformanceFlexRider O/R14.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pony Pro14.0000
CrosbyXL H (Plain Flap)15.0000
CamelotClose Contact Pony Saddle LB-1565812.0000
WintecClose Contact 50054.2000
BT CrumpClose Contact with English Spring Tree15.0000
State Line TackSignature CC Saddle15.0000
WintecClose Contact 500 Saddle Chesnut Brown 15.0000
DK SaddleryMalibu Close Contact Saddle15.0000
OvationClose Contact Jumping Saddle15.0000
Santa CruzToulouse15.0000
CourbetteAxxis w/ E-motion Tree13.0000
EquesaClose Contact15.0000
Marcel ToulouseMerina12.0000
Santa CruzCentauro14.0000
Philippe FontaineDanielle25.0000
PessoaLegacy XP3 Saddle25.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Synthetic Competition Close Contact (Adjust-To-Fit)14.0000
Marcel ToulouseCandice Double Leather Close Contact15.0000
Beval SaddleryNatural Close Contact: Flat Seat 15.0000
Intec PerformanceFlexRider Close Contact Leather15.0000
MarkClose Contact / Jump15.0000
OvationEvolution XCH25.0000
AlbionClose Contact15.0000
CollegiateDiploma Close Contact Saddle15.0000
Campbell SaddleryClose Contact English Saddle15.0000
Lovatt & RickettsElan 16 \" Buffalo - Wide Tree15.0000
AlbionClose Contact/Legend15.0000
Tekna SaddleryClose Contact- Smooth Seat11.0000
County SaddlerySymmetry15.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Big Be14.0000
Clinton NorthropClose Contact15.0000
DominusShow Jumping / Close Contact15.0000
Campbell SaddleryClose Contact15.0000
Marcel ToulouseAnnice Platinum, Buffalo leather, Genesis tree15.0000
OvationQuarter Horse Jumping Saddle15.0000
CrosbyDSL Equilibrium15.0000
StubbenStubben Eldeweiss13.0000
WhippyWhippy 15.0000
Smith WorthingtonMystic Close Contact14.0000
Marcel ToulouseDenisse14.0000
Beval SaddleryArtisan 25.0000
OvationJump Saddle w/ Padded Flap14.0000
Santa CruzJustin15.0000
WintecClose Contact 500 Saddle Caramel14.0000
Prestwick made in Englandclose contact15.0000
BatesCaprilli Close Contact, Long Flap15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryYin-Yang Inner Balance Jumper/Eventer Monoflap12.0000
HermesStein Kraut15.0000
BatesHunter Jumper 15.0000
Marcel ToulouseAnnice Printed Leather15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryKontact Monolite Jumping/Event Saddle35.0000
Santa CruzSanta Cruz Centuro medium tree 15.0000
Marcel ToulouseAnnice Platinum Buffalo Leather15.0000
ForestierIlium Mono Flap Saddle14.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Premier Special EQ15.0000
Dover SaddleryCircuit Premier Apex Saddle 14.0000
GreenhawkVala close contact13.0000
CollegiateCollegiate Convertiable Alumni Close Contact15.0000
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