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Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
Devon-AirePolertec Riding Pants14.0000
State Line TackBreeches12.0000
Tuff RiderClassic Ribbed Breeches22.5000
Mountain HorseRimfrost Paddock Boot54.4000
AriatWoodside Vest25.0000
Mountain HorseBianca Jacket15.0000
Devon-AireX-Wear Low Rise Breeches14.0000
Tuff RiderCavalier Full Seat Breeches Ribbed Long15.0000
Tuff RiderHalf Chaps14.0000
KerritsMicrocord Tights24.5000
IrideonMicrocord Full Seat Tights15.0000
Devon-AireConcour Elite Kids Jods14.0000
Devon-AireKids Nylon KP Breech13.0000
Harry HallFull Seat Breeches14.0000
Horsewoman SpiritSpirit Stretch Riding Jeans (Tapered Leg)15.0000
AriatClassic Half Chaps84.3750
Devon-AireDevon Aire \\\'Hipster\\\' Riding Tights15.0000
AriatFrostbiter Tall Boot33.6667
Devon-AirePolar Fleece Riding Mittens11.0000
BoinkFull Seat Clarino Breeches15.0000
RomfhChristine Full Seat Breech15.0000
John Whitaker InternationalSmug Jacket13.0000
Tropical RiderToasties Knee Patch Breeches15.0000
On CourseShapely Ladies Breech15.0000
Mountain HorseIce Rider23.5000
EquissentialsGripBums Youth Tights 13.0000
Horseware IrelandDown Jacket15.0000
State Line TackQuarter-Zip Fleece Personalized Pullover14.0000
Dover SaddleryRiding Sport Full-Seat Breeches14.0000
SigmaArgyle Tall Boot Socks14.0000
AriatGlacier Boots25.0000
SonnenreiterMembrano Windproof Fleece Jacket15.0000
AriatPower Stretch Riding Tights15.0000
IrideonWindPro Full Seat Tights15.0000
Devon-AireCotton/ Lycra Riding Tights11.0000
KerritsPerformance Riding Tights35.0000
Tropical RiderEnduracool Knee Patch Breeches15.0000
Horsewoman SpiritStretch denim boot cut15.0000
Grand PrixSuede Leather Half Chap35.0000
SigmaSigma Schoolers15.0000
CambraiHigh waist Full Seat twill breeches11.0000
Jared LeeLong Sleeve \\\"Talk to the Hoof\\\" Tee15.0000
Tuff RiderWinter Breeches in Slate Blue15.0000
RomfhKristine Full-Seat Breeches15.0000
AriatGlacier Zip Winter Paddock Boot15.0000
Wells LamontSUG 84815.0000
KerritsPowerStretch winter riding pants15.0000
Horseware IrelandRambo Slumberdown Jacket15.0000
KerritsPocket Sport Tights15.0000
EQCozy Cover25.0000
Devon-AirePolar Fleece Riding Pants12.0000
DublinKnee Patch Breeches14.0000
Devon-AirePowerstretch Fleece Breeches14.0000
SSGWinter Training Glove14.0000
AriatPowershield Jacket15.0000
KerritsMicrofleece T-neck13.0000
JPC EquestrianSigma Full Seat Breeches 15.0000
JPC EquestrianSigma Hip Hugger Breech14.0000
Body ChemistreGlove Cuff Sweatshirt14.0000
IrideonPolar-Tech Wind Pro Breeches12.0000
Cotton NaturalsShapely Knee Patch Breeches14.0000
Cotton NaturalsFront Zip Full Seat Breeches15.0000
AriatMesquite Sandal15.0000
AriatPaddock Boots53.6000
Mountain HorseOriginal Riding Jacket15.0000
RoecklCross Country Gloves24.0000
Mountain HorseProtective Jodhpur Boots24.5000
Tropical RiderTropix Extended Deerskin Leather Patch Breeches15.0000
Devon-AireConcour Elite Pull-On Cotton Breeches11.0000
TipperarySportage II Helmet14.0000
Devon-AireMid-weight Cotton/Lycra Tights14.0000
KerritsKerrits Pocet Tights (Full Seat)15.0000
JPC EquestrianUnisex Polo Jeans15.0000
SonnenreiterNew Mexico & Sevilla Full Seat Jodhpurs15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTASO 1615.0000
Joules BeaufortPolo Shirt 15.0000
EquissentialsArctic Winter Breeches12.0000
Equi-ComfortFull Seat Breeches25.0000
ToklatIrideon Issential Riding Tights Plus Size14.0000
EQRiding Tight15.0000
KerritsSit Tight Riding Tights15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddlePerforMax All Season Full Seat Breeches15.0000
Tuff RiderStretch Stonewashed Riding Jeans - Childrens15.0000
On CourseFull Seat Cotton Breeches15.0000
BoinkFleece Lined Full Seat Breeches15.0000
Tuff RiderUnifleece Fullseat Breech13.0000
IrideonRadiance Short Sleeve Riding Jersey15.0000
RomaRoma Competitor Series Pack - Front and Hind Boots15.0000
Devon-AireSchooling Tights11.0000
AriatSport Rugby Shirt14.0000
Perri\'s LeatherSuede Half Chaps15.0000
KerritsPowerstretch Fleece Breech24.0000
Horseware IrelandJulia Lacha Down Jacket24.5000
AriatGlacier Lace Boot15.0000
Royal HighnessFull Seat Breeches Regular Waist 14.0000
Tuff RiderLow Rise Breeches24.5000
SSGAll Weather Winter Glove14.0000
IrideonSupplex Thermal Turtleneck15.0000
AriatInsulated Tek Grip Gloves35.0000
AriatTek Jersey Long Sleeve 15.0000
International Riding Helmets (IRH)Carbon Fibre Helmet15.0000
AriatWindcheater Jacket III15.0000
AriatSport Colorblock Top15.0000
Tough-1blanket 2100 dennier 400 gr15.0000
Horseware IrelandRambo Downy15.0000
Equestrian Brands InternationalPull-On Breeches13.0000
KerritsSit-Tight F-Low Rise Full Seat Breech14.0000
Road IDWrist ID in Pink 15.0000
IrideonWinter Riding Pants15.0000
Horsewoman SpiritRegular Length Boot Cut Stretch Riding Jean 15.0000
KerritsMicrocord Breeches14.0000
KerritsF-Low Rise Sit Tight Breeches25.0000
KerritsSit n Tight and Sit n Tight Warm Breeches15.0000
AriatAlta Vest25.0000
Tuff RiderRib Lowrise Pull On Breech with Velcro Bottom15.0000
AriatTek Short Sleeve Shirt 15.0000
AriatBuzz Off Hat & Polo 15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddleA600 Sahara S15.0000
Grand PrixHampton Low Rise Breech21.5000
SigmaLow Rise False Zipper Breeches14.0000
KerritsBootCut Riding Breeches45.0000
On CourseCotton Naturals Low Rise Breeches 24.0000
IrideonDri-Silk Riding T-Shirt15.0000
Equestrian Brands InternationalElation Pull-On Breech13.0000
Tuff RiderRide N\\\' Go Knee Patch Breeches15.0000
Devon-AireZipper Suede Knee Patch Breech11.0000
DublinOriginal Side-Zip Breeches13.0000
Rod\'s Western PalaceTrotting Along Sweater11.0000
On CourseCotton Naturals Side-Zip Breeches11.0000
Tuff RiderFull Seat Breeches15.0000
AriatBuzz Off Zip Top 14.0000
BoinkCoolest Leg Patch Breeches15.0000
Miller\'s SaddleryRiding Tights11.0000
AriatVentura Jersey in Tea Grass15.0000
OvationEqui-Star Low Rise Blue Jeans 13.0000
Devon-AireAll-Pro Hipster Breeches 24.0000
Tuff RiderTan Schooling Knee-Patch Breech11.0000
KerritsAlpha Tight15.0000
Muck Boot CompanyCozy Muck Boots11.0000
Devon-AirePull-On Cotton Knee-Patch Breech12.0000
Mountain HorseMountain Horse Crochet Riding Gloves14.0000
Body ChemistreRunning Horses Sweat Pants13.0000
Body ChemistreBody Chemistre Knee-Patch Breech11.0000
L. L. BeanMountain Storm Soft Shell Jacket15.0000
KerritsKnee Patch Cargo Tight24.0000
SSGRiding Gloves For Hope25.0000
KerritsTatto Long John Top15.0000
Survivor OutbackBuff (I use it for riding)15.0000
Irideonissentialâ„¢ Low Rise Riding Tights15.0000
AriatFlurry Pants15.0000
KerritsPowerstretch Breeches in Rose 15.0000
AriatVentura Zip Mock 15.0000
Dover SaddleryRiding Sport Plaid Full Seat Riding Breech15.0000
Charles OwenPro Skull Cap15.0000
KerritsPerformance Tights25.0000
KerritsWindsport Jacket15.0000
Horseware IrelandRambo Sport Madrid Jacket14.0000
Mountain HorseGrace Winter Riding Jacket15.0000
InsportXodus Switch Tee in Aruba Blue/Copper Blue 15.0000
Joules BeaufortWellie11.0000
DublinSchooling Tights15.0000
Goode RiderShort Sleeve Polo Shirt 14.0000
IrideonCadence Stretch-Cord Full Seat Riding Breeches15.0000
Dover SaddleryRiding Sport Schooling Jacket15.0000
KerritsMicro-Mesh Summer Riding Shirt15.0000
Tuff RiderLadies Ribb Low Rise Breech15.0000
Santa CruzPlatinum Justin GPS15.0000
IrideonWindpro Breech24.5000
KerritsCargo Tight Full Seat Breeches13.0000
Tuff RiderKnee-Patch Thermal Breeches11.0000
VTO SaddleryBreeches15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddleKnee Patch Breeches15.0000
AriatDuma Endurance Shoe33.0000
Devon-AirePull-on Cotton Low Rise Breeches 11.0000
Devon-AireKnee Patch Schooling Tights11.0000
AriatBlack Mule - Back Clogs15.0000
KerritsSit Tight \'N Warm K/P Breeches15.0000
KerritsCooltek Riding Jersey15.0000
EquissentialsIcelandic Jod15.0000
KerritsKerrits Microcord Bootcut 15.0000
KerritsCargo Tights15.0000
KerritsSit Tight Breeches15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddlePerforMAX Full Seat Riding Breeches25.0000
KerritsF-Low Rise Performance Riding Tights15.0000
KerritsLong Sleeve Ventilator Shirt15.0000
IrideonCadence Boot Cut Riding Tights15.0000
KerritsVentilator Pocket Short Sleeve Shirt15.0000
IrideonCadence Full Seat Bootcut Tights13.0000
KerritsSit Tight Cargo Full Seat Tights 15.0000
AriatTek Cord Bootcut14.0000
Hot to TrotCheval UV Sun Protective Riding Shirt15.0000
MiddleburgElite Paddock Boots13.0000
ShiresSaddlehuggers Jods/Breeches15.0000
Tuff RiderRibb Low Rise Knee Patch Breeches15.0000
Tuff RiderPull On Cotton Schoolers15.0000
Tropical RiderEnduracool Full Seat Clarino breeches12.0000
DublinFull Seat Breeches25.0000
KerritsSit Tight Full Seat Breeches23.0000
KerritsFull-Seat Cargo Tights15.0000
EquissentialsEquicool Full Seat Breeches15.0000
On CourseShapely Knee Patch Breech14.0000
AriatApex Jacket15.0000
Liberty Bell LeatherDakota 75 series gaited saddle15.0000
IrideonIssential Breeches15.0000
Dover SaddleryRiding Sport Traditional Knee Patch Riding Breeches15.0000
IrideonEssential Tight15.0000
On CourseCotton Naturals Full Seat Breeches34.3333
RomfhMicrocord Breeches13.0000
Horseware IrelandKildare Jacket13.0000
Equestrian Brands InternationalElation Knee Patch Front Zip Breeches13.0000
Equi TuffHipster - Knee Patch, Pull On Breeches15.0000
IrideonWind Pro Full Seat15.0000
Harry HallWinter Riding Jacket11.0000
Mac WetClimatec Gloves15.0000
KerritsPowerstretch (Winter) Knee Patch Breeches15.0000
Tuff RiderWomen\'s Schooling Tights15.0000
AriatPolartec Knee Patch and Full Seat Tights15.0000
Tuff RiderLadies Unifleece Front Zip Breeches13.0000
KerritsCoach\'s Coat15.0000
DublinFull-Seat Breech15.0000
KerritsQuilted Jacket15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddleWind Pro Winter Full Seat Breech15.0000
Dover SaddleryRiding Sport Winter Extreme Full-Seat Breeches13.0000
SSGCrochet Back Riding Gloves - Pink12.0000
SSGHope Gloves25.0000
OvationFlower Power Childrens Breeches25.0000
BoinkB. Lo Full Seat Riding Breeches15.0000
Devon-AireAll-Pro Knee Patch Riding Breeches12.0000
Equestrian Brands InternationalLadies Full Seat Cotton Breech14.0000
AristaPerfect Vest15.0000
AriatVentura Johnny15.0000
KerritsMicrocord Knee Patch Breeches34.0000
High Line OutfittersCargo Breeches15.0000
High Line OutfittersGirls\' Cargo Breeches15.0000
EnellSports Bra15.0000
High Line OutfittersBreeches15.0000
KerritsSit Tight N Warm Full Seat Breeches54.8000
IrideonCadence Stretch Cord Knee Patch Breeches14.0000
Devon-AirePro X-Wear Knee Patch Breeches15.0000
Circle YAlabama trail gaitor13.0000
On CourseCotton Naturals Pull-on Breeches24.0000
KerritsBreathe Tights25.0000
Tropical RiderEnduracool Full-Seat Pull-On Breeches15.0000
Tuff RiderEcoGreen Pull On (Knee Patch) Breeches15.0000
Ladies Retro Plaid Fullseat BreechesLadies Retro Plaid Fullseat Breeches14.0000
PikeurCiara Knee Patch Riding Breeches25.0000
OvationDenim Breeches15.0000
OvationDri-Lex Lowrise Full Seat Breeches13.0000
Grand PrixHampton II Low Rise Breeches15.0000
SaxonPaddock Boots11.0000
PikeurMondega Breeches15.0000
IrideonRiding Shirt13.0000
Tuff RiderPower Stretch Fleece Winter Knee Patch Breech14.0000
Duett Saddlerysaddle11.0000
Devon-Aire Powerstretch Winter Riding Breeches15.0000
AriatAll Around Breeches15.0000
Devon-AireX-Wear All Pro Hipster15.0000
IrideonSupplex Thermal Leggings15.0000
DublinPull-on Knee Patch Breeches14.0000
AriatApril Tooled Handbag15.0000
Devon-AireX-Wear Hipster Breech25.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryExtreme Winter Gloves22.5000
Equestrian Brands InternationalPull On Breeches15.0000
Trainer\'sClaire Full Seat15.0000
Tuff RiderPull On Knee Patch Breech (formerly Country Comfort)14.0000
SSGRiding Gloves15.0000
Tropical RiderPolar Fleece Riding Tights with Endurance Patch15.0000
Devon-AireFleece lined full seat winter breeches14.0000
PikeurLugana Breech15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryPink Leopard Print Gloves15.0000
Tuff RiderEcoGreen Bamboo Breeches15.0000
Equi-StarLadies Kneepatch Breeches12.0000
AriatMustang Mini Hobo Handbag15.0000
TechNicheHyperKewl Evaporative Ladies Deluxe Cooling Vest15.0000
AriatFrog Clogs23.0000
RomfhNordic Full Seat Breeches14.0000
Mountain HorsePolar Full-Seat Winter Riding Breeches11.0000
KITTGumbos Rubber Boots15.0000
Devon-AireCotton Pull-on Schoolers14.0000
Devon-AireX-Wear Sensation Riding Tights14.0000
KerritsPerformance Pocket Tight14.0000
AriatTek Grip Gloves33.6667
KerritsSit Tight Lite Full Seat Riding Breeches42.2500
Tropical RiderToosties Polartec Breeches15.0000
Horseware IrelandBoyne Jacket 15.0000
RomfhInternational Full Seat Breech15.0000
Mountain HorseHigh Rider Tall Boots15.0000
OvationFull Seat, Drilex Low Rise Breeches15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddlePull up Breeches - New 2011 version in Toast15.0000
Fit BreechesLaura Full seats - Denim version14.0000
Tuff RiderMen\'s Coolmax Pro Breeches 15.0000
KerritsBreathe Tight II Full Seat15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddlerySummer Trainer Riding Gloves13.0000
AerionSoft Shell Jacket15.0000
Devon-Aire080 CO/ Versailles Breeches15.0000
KerritsFlow Rise Performance Riding Tight 15.0000
Kerritswinter breeches15.0000
Mountain HorseWinnipeg Jacket14.0000
Devon-AireSensation Riding Tights14.0000
SSGSSG 10 BELOW Waterprrof Style 640015.0000
AbsorbineDuraGuard Fly Spray15.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddleTreads WindPro11.0000
JC Martin SaddleryRanch Wade14.0000
Equi FlexsleeveGrey, Medium11.0000
Big Horn SaddleryAmerican Big Horn11.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX AirRide All-Around Pad15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Trail Saddle11.0000
JC Martin SaddleryRoping15.0000
MadcowSkull Rider15.0000
Collegiate6521 / Monarch14.0000
Circle YAlpine14.0000
Pam\'s Place TackGenado Gaited15.0000
Diamond WoolFelt Barrel shaped Pad15.0000
Trevor Brazile RelentlessAll-Round Sports Boots - Front & Hind14.0000
Pro Rider SaddleEventing bridle dark brown15.0000
Duett SaddleryCompanion Fox Hunter25.0000
RS SaddleryTurquoise Barrel Saddle15.0000
Nash SaddleCherokee Cordura15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Elite15.0000
CTK saddleryG12015.0000
FITS - Fun In The SaddleAll Season Performance Duet Breeches Zip Front12.0000
J. Stead Saddle Co.Trail Saddle11.0000
Specialized SaddlesTrail Lite14.0000
Billy Cook SaddleryPro Reiner12.0000
ZaldiTop Jump11.0000
TurtleneckFly Turtle11.0000
Saratoga HorseworksEndura Pro Stable Sheet15.0000
HuberTraining saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt Roughout15.0000
Clinton AndersonAussie Tie Ring15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesRound Skirt Western Trail15.0000
StubbenS Get Connected15.0000
Mr. SaddleTreeless - Giraffe pattern15.0000
Rocking TPaul Humphrey Barrel Saddle15.0000
Sean RyonBuster Welch professional ranch cutter15.0000
EquipePlatinum Bocelli15.0000
Jim Taylor Custom TackWork and Show Reiner 15.0000
Ariatround up d toe western boots14.0000
J. Stead Saddle Co.Rose Wade11.0000
NelsonWaterers - All Models15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Skirt15.0000
JC Martin SaddleryWade Saddle15.0000
County SaddleryCounty Perfection15.0000
JC Martin SaddleryWade Roping Saddle13.0000
NeogenGold Nugget Equine Lotion15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesCustom made Endurance saddle with horn11.0000
JC Martin Saddlery15\" Barrel Saddle15.0000
CratesLadies Reining Saddle14.0000
SmartPakPiper Full Seat Breeches15.0000
GatsbyAdjustable English Girth15.0000
CWDCWD 2G hunter jumper saddle11.0000
Schleese SaddleryWave11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesCustom Butterfly Western Trail Saddle12.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceVenTech Elite Smb Four Pack15.0000
AlbionRevelation #8753211.0000
ShedrowJumping Boots14.0000
JC Martin SaddleryCTS-80 Cutting Saddle15.0000
Leon LiversageTrailrider Haboob15.0000
RembrandtIntegra - Non Adjustable14.0000
Circle YTrail Gator Endurance14.0000
CollegiateParfaire 201314.0000
StockmanBush rider15.0000
FabtronEasy Rider Trail15.0000
Wyoming Saddlery16\" Draft Custom12.0000
Tekna SaddleryS-line Jump15.0000
Rider\'s ChoiceCustom Lady Wade (G.W. Crate/Master Series)15.0000
Razer HorsePro Pads15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesGaited wide tree15.0000
Tough-1Grazing Muzzle11.0000
CTKTASO 1815.0000
DerDauCustom Dress Boots13.0000
Bond StreetPegasus15.0000
DG StackhouseCustom Jumping saddle15.0000
Showman Saddleryturquoise dots12.0000
CynronPegasus Dressage15.0000
Horse Sense81\" Fly sheet13.0000
PrestigeVenus K14.0000
Ernst Goedicke Original14.0000
AlbionK2 jump saddle11.0000
Jason McKenzie1 / Wade saddle15.0000
Cheval InternationalInside out insect allergy control15.0000
AmerigoAlto Pinerolo15.0000
Cactus SaddleryCharmayne James15.0000
StubbenLimerick 300015.0000
Klimke Millern/a15.0000
EponaPremium Horse Ad15.0000
Len BrownTurn N Burn15.0000
Frontier Saddlerybobby stivers10.0000
Simco\"Deluxe\" trail saddle 869511.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro RTF15.0000
DehnerCustom dress boots14.0000
Martin SaddleryHF6isnt / Roughout Slip Ear Headstall15.0000
Bevel Saddlery4400002 / Double Elastic End Australian Nut Panel Girth15.0000
Arc De TriompheGazelle14.0000
Synergist SaddlesEndurance15.0000
SaddleRightSaddle Pad11.0000
Syd HillSuprema drafter poly14.0000
ThorowgoodT4 High Wither Dressage Saddle15.0000
4T SaddleryJamey Tatum Cutting/Penning Saddle14.0000
Hilason Saddleryn/a11.0000
Thornhill SaddlesPro Trainer Le Monde Monoflap Saddle15.0000
Marcel ToulouseLegano14.0000
PessoaPessoa A/O Junior Saddle Long Flap14.0000
Henri de Rivel (HDR)Pro Buffalo14.0000
FallisBalanced Ride15.0000
RS SaddleryTurquoise Seat rough out Barrel Saddle FQHB14.0000
Horseware IrelandAmigo Event Bridle14.0000
Slim Falliscustom13.0000
Hilason SaddleryFlex Tree Barrel Saddle15.0000
Stonewall SaddleryStonewall classic 14 inch15.0000
Black CountryVinici Jump15.0000
Schneider\'s SaddleryVTEK Turnout sheet, medium, heavy & neck cover11.0000
SupraSynthetic Dressage Saddle15.0000
WembleyKwik-Out Stirrup irons15.0000
Porta-GrazerXL PG 215.0000
TDS Horse TransportTDS Horse Transport11.0000
ZaldiJump Saddle11.0000
TrailwiseEndurance Elite12.0000
Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating