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Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
OsterEquine Grooming Products15.0000
State Line TackKids Grooming Set14.0000
Ostersweat scraper15.0000
Back in the SaddleBarn Utility Tote 15.0000
Mane \'n TailShine-On 33.6667
VetrolinShine Spray35.0000
Healing TreeWOW! Whitener and Green Spot Remover45.0000
Mane \'n TailOriginal Shampoo12.0000
Cowboy MagicDetangler and Conditioner15.0000
Cut HealHoof Heal25.0000
EqyssMicro-Tek Spray63.6667
Tail TamerUltimate Tote13.0000
FarnamTri-Care 3-Way Wound Treatment15.0000
Twinkle ProductsWhite Chrome14.0000
OsterHorse Brushes14.0000
Mane \'n TailEquine Strength Detangler15.0000
Xtreme DesignSilky Shine & Detangler15.0000
Fortex-FortiflexGrooming Caddy13.0000
Rio VistaHi-Ho Silver Color Enhancing Shampoo13.0000
Pro SteppsDeep Shine Conditioner24.0000
Mane \'n TailShampoo15.0000
Straight ArrowMane N Tail Detangler14.0000
Straight ArrowOriginal Shampoo15.0000
OsterHorse Care Series Hoofpick14.0000
AbsorbineSupershine hoof polish & sealer14.0000
OsterHoof Pick54.2000
Gold NuggetSuper Whitening Shampoo25.0000
WahlCordless Rechargeable Clippers15.0000
AbsorbineSanta Fe Coat Conditioner35.0000
FarnamVetrolin Shine Polish13.0000
Love That TailLeave In Conditioner12.0000
OsterPro Horse Brushes15.0000
Dover SaddleryX1-10017 Hoof Pick with grip15.0000
Love That TailShampoo and Conditioner15.0000
EqyssPremier Spray Conditioner14.0000
OsterMane & Tail Brush24.0000
Dover SaddleryDelux Braiding Belt13.0000
Cowboy MagicDetangler35.0000
OsterEquine Care Series Brushes24.5000
OsterEquine Care Series Curries14.0000
Cowboy MagicRosewater Shampoo45.0000
WahlPocket Pro Trimmer33.6667
NeogenNeogen Equine Therapeutic Lotion15.0000
Fiebing\'sHoof Dressing 34.0000
EqyssEQyss Micro-Tek Spray12.0000
Healthy Hair CareSilverado Face Glo14.0000
Xtreme DesignShowhite Shampoo34.6667
Healthy Hair CareMoisturizer25.0000
Cowboy MagicCowboy Magic Green Spot Remover14.0000
WahlPocket Pro Compact Trimmer13.0000
Red RumTop and Tail Wipes13.0000
VellusSatin Cream13.0000
NeogenSuper Whitening Shampoo12.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Sheen35.0000
Rio VistaHerb N\\\' Oats Shampoo13.0000
Straight ArrowOriginal Mane \\\'n Tail Horse Conditioner15.0000
Tail TamerRubber Jelly Scrubber15.0000
Cowboy MagicCowboy Magic Body Shine Coat Conditioner14.0000
Carr & Day & MartinCanter Mane and Tail Conditioner35.0000
OsterGolden A5 Single-Speed Clipper23.0000
EponaOatmeal Body Wash15.0000
Miller\'s SaddleryCactus Cloth15.0000
Cowboy MagicConcentrated Deminerlizing Conditioner15.0000
Mane \'n TailDetangler 33.3333
OsterStiff Grooming Brush25.0000
Mane \'n TailEquine Shine On14.0000
Fiebing\'sSatin Sheen35.0000
Rio VistaRegular Shampoo, color enhancing, herb and oat, whitener15.0000
OsterA5 2 speed clippers23.0000
WahlPocket Pro Clippers23.5000
Oster5 piece Grooming set14.0000
Tail TamerMane and Tail Brush15.0000
EqyssAvacodo Mist Spray15.0000
OsterMini Max Clipper15.0000
OsterMini Max Trimmer15.0000
FarnamVetrolin Coat Shine15.0000
EquiscentialsCoat Finisher15.0000
EquiscentialsCoat Enhancer15.0000
EquiscentialsCoat Cleaner14.0000
EquiscentialsMane and Tail Detangler15.0000
Mane \'n TailMane and Tail Shine On11.0000
VetrolinShine Polish15.0000
Rio VistaEquine Shine Coat Polish34.6667
Red RumWhitener Spray23.5000
Electro-GroomVacuum With Booster Power15.0000
OsterMane and Tail Brush45.0000
OsterFace Finishing Brush15.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Braid25.0000
AndisRecharbeable Horse Trimmer14.0000
Straight ArrowMane & Tail Shine-On12.0000
UltraSilks Prescription12.0000
FarnamVetrolin Green Spot Out32.6667
OsterStrawberry Dermasilk Conditioner15.0000
Healthy Hair CareSilverado Shine15.0000
Horseman\'s DreamAloeDine 600 Shampoo15.0000
Winners CircleDandy Brush15.0000
Tail TamerJelly Scrubber15.0000
Shapley\'sFinishing Spray13.0000
Oster7-Piece Equine Care Series Grooming Kit34.3333
OsterFace Grooming Towel34.6667
OsterGrooming Kit14.0000
Cowboy MagicDry Skin Lotion15.0000
Cowboy MagicBodyshine/Dust Control15.0000
Red RumClear Hoof Oil14.0000
EqyssMikro-Tek Shampoo/Spray11.0000
EquiscentialsEquicoat body wash15.0000
EqyssMicro-Tek Natural Medicated Shampoo11.0000
Wahl#9020 Hand Clipper12.0000
OsterGrooming Tools14.0000
WahlWahl Pro Series Rechargeable Clippers15.0000
WahlLister Star Horse Clipper15.0000
OsterSoft Grooming Brush14.0000
Haas2 side rubber curry comb 15.0000
Electro-GroomHorse Vacuum with Power Booster14.0000
Mane \'n TailHorse Shampoo15.0000
Mane \'n TailConditioner15.0000
SologroomOriginal and the other 2 follow uppers15.0000
GroomaOpening Shedding Blade15.0000
World ChampionPepi Coat Conditioner24.5000
Red RumWhitening Spray15.0000
FarnamShow Glo15.0000
State Line Tack3 Prong Massager14.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Groom24.5000
Procter & GambleOrvus Paste Shampoo24.5000
Tail TamerSlick Bands32.3333
Fiebing\'sBlue Frost Whitening Shampoo & Conditioner13.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Condition II13.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Color24.5000
AbsorbineSupershine Hoof Polish12.0000
Horsemen\'s SolutionTopical Fungicide15.0000
Little GiantDura Tote11.0000
SilveradoSuper Bands Band Binders15.0000
WahlModel 3300, Wahl Stable Mate Pro15.0000
Dover SaddleryBrush Therapy14.0000
Horse ShaveHorse Razor23.0000
Dr Helen\\\'sMane and Tail Texturizer15.0000
Oster7-Piece Grooming Set with Bag15.0000
OsterBlack Pearl Shampoo42.7500
EqyssAvocado Mist23.0000
EquitoggHorse Shave Razor15.0000
Weaver LeatherTotal Body Wash with Sprayer15.0000
VetrolinHorse Shampoo15.0000
Supreme ProductsSparkle15.0000
Hen House Hair CareOriginal14.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Silver24.5000
WahlArco SE Cordless Horse Clippers15.0000
EquisilkLiquid Silk15.0000
Champion Brush, Inc.Beastie Horse Brush15.0000
Champion Brush, Inc.Mini Beastie Horse Brush12.0000
Manna ProShampoo15.0000
WahlCordless Battery Trimmers14.0000
AbsorbineSupershine Fast Drying Hoof Polish & Sealer13.0000
OsterHorse Brushes Grooming Kit15.0000
LaubeMini Lazor Shear Kit with Corded Variable Speed15.0000
Griffith SaddleryFolding Hoof Pick15.0000
Mane \'n TailMane & Tail Shampoo15.0000
Tail TamerJelly Scrubber45.0000
MetroVac \\\'n Blo Pro Horse Vacuum13.0000
Summit IndustriesCorona Shampoo15.0000
RacineHorse Clipper Model 259 Series A15.0000
Cowboy MagicSuper Shine Body Spray15.0000
OsterPink 7-Piece Grooming Kit 24.5000
VetrolinVetrolin Detangler (not the spray kind)15.0000
Healthy Hair CareCoat Conditioner15.0000
KeratexHoof Hardner14.0000
Oster7 piece brush set15.0000
AllBleach-Alternative Laundry detergent - used as shampoo15.0000
BentleyHorse Brushes14.0000
Alva Horse ProductsAlvadazzle Mane, Tail and Feather Conditioner15.0000
AbsorbineSanta Fe Spray15.0000
SableneMane and Tail Conditioner14.0000
Carr & Day & MartinHorse Eye and Muzzle Wipes12.0000
BernatSatin Yarn 15.0000
WahlSuper Pocket Pro Clippers15.0000
WahlPro Series Rechargeable Clipper53.0000
ShedrowJelly Scrubber25.0000
ShedrowHoof Paint Brush15.0000
ShedrowHoof Pick with Brush12.0000
AbsorbineHooflex Original Conditioner14.0000
Sure GripRubber Handle Horse Shedding Blade15.0000
Mane \'n TailShampoo and Conditioner15.0000
Mane \'n TailMane and Tail Detangler15.0000
FarnamLaser Sheen Spray Conditioner15.0000
Fiebing\'sHoof Polish24.0000
OsterEquine Care Series Shampoos15.0000
Hill Brush CompanySalmon Medium White Goat Hair Brush15.0000
FarnamRain Maker Hoof Dressing15.0000
AbsorbineHooflex Liquid Hoof Dressing13.0000
Cowboy MagicGreenspot Remover64.5000
Horse ShaveHorse Shave Razor Twin Pack15.0000
World ChampionPepi Show Conditioner25.0000
EqyssPremiere Botanical Shampoo15.0000
FarnamVetrolin Equine Bath Shampoo11.0000
Rio VistaAll Products15.0000
Xtreme DesignRevitalizing Shampoo 11.0000
Xtreme DesignMoisturizing Conditioner14.0000
EqyssMicro-Tek Shampoo/Spray15.0000
AbsorbineShowsheen Detangler Gel55.0000
Carr & Day & MartinDreamcoat - Fiery Chestnut14.0000
Premier Equine ProductsSheen Shampoo15.0000
AbsorbineMiracle Groom84.3750
EponaGummy Brush / Scrubby15.0000
EponaPony Tail Comb15.0000
The Trophy LinePolisher and Conditioner, Mane-ly Long Hair15.0000
Rio VistaAll Rio Vista Horse Grooming Products15.0000
EponaShed Flower Curry Comb34.6667
The Ultimate Hoof PickHoof Pick15.0000
Twinkle ProductsUltra Fine Hoof Polish15.0000
FarnamVetrolin Shine84.6250
Exhibitor LabsQuic Silver Whitening Shampoo15.0000
TolcoSpray Bottle12.0000
Queen HelenePinks Spray Shine15.0000
Rio VistaGolden Palomino Color Enhancing Shampoo15.0000
FarnamWhite \\\'N Brite Body Wash15.0000
KeratexHoof Hardener15.0000
Equine InnovationsHoofJack Hoof Stand (#30641)15.0000
Manna ProSho Glo14.0000
Mane \'n TailMane and Tail Products14.0000
Fiebing\'sWhite Horse Shampoo15.0000
Mane \'n TailSpray Conditioner 15.0000
AbsorbineShow Clean Whitening Shampoo15.0000
Tail TamerSoft Brush15.0000
WahlStablemate Pro Clipper15.0000
Straight ArrowMane N Tail Shampoo13.0000
Fiebing\'sHoof Oil (in metal can)11.0000
J. Wenzel\'s Needles and ThreadBraiding Thread14.0000
PicadorDouble-Sided Dandy Brush14.0000
WahlStable Pro Clippers24.5000
BickmoreMac Wipes15.0000
Rider\'s ChoiceWaxed Linen Braiding Thread 15.0000
Griffith Saddlery9\" Plastic Pulling Comb12.0000
Griffith SaddleryPlastic Sweat / Water Scraper15.0000
OsterHand Trimmer (manual clippers)11.0000
SupraThinning Shears (older model)11.0000
Griffith SaddleryBraid Aid Comb14.0000
UnknownWaxed Braiding Thread 15.0000
RomaBraiding Elastics 13.0000
OsterErgonomic Mane and Tail Brush15.0000
Hill Brush CompanyPure Bristle Real Leather Body Brush15.0000
Cowboy MagicTail Detangler15.0000
Lucky BraidsHandy Salve15.0000
Oster7 Piece Pink Brush Set with Courier Bag14.0000
Horse ShaveLittle Purple Horse Razor14.0000
Jeffers EquineTangle Wrangler11.0000
Procter & GambleOrvus Shampoo24.5000
Grand Champion TackGrand Champion 8 Piece Grooming Kit15.0000
Classic EquineGroom Organizer13.0000
OsterCoarse Curry Comb15.0000
Shapley\'sOriginal M-T-G 35.0000
Pony PaloozaGrooming Kit14.0000
Mane PullerPro15.0000
AbsorbineMoisturizing Detangler15.0000
BentleySlip Not Brushes14.0000
World ChampionShine On Natural15.0000
World ChampionShine On15.0000
Cowboy MagicDetangler & Shine113.8182
Fiebing\'sBlue Frost Shampoo15.0000
AbsorbineSanta Fe Detangler 25.0000
FarnamVetrolin Detangler45.0000
Love That TailConditioner15.0000
Mane \'n TailHoofmaker13.0000
WahlPro Series Clipper25.0000
VetrolinDetangler (Concentrated)15.0000
EponaScrubby Bath Cloth 15.0000
EponaThe Ultimate Grooming Glove14.0000
Healthy Hair CareIntense EQ (shampoo and conditioner)14.0000
Exhibitor LabsQuic Black Shampoo21.0000
Equi-TerraMane & Tail Serum - Shine Detangler15.0000
AndisAGC Super 2 Speed Horse Clippers23.5000
Healthy Hair CareHair Moisturizer15.0000
EqyssSurvivor Detangler15.0000
ThermaflexLiniment Gel14.0000
SologroomLimited Solocomb15.0000
WahlChromado Cord-Cordless Clippers23.0000
WahlPurple Pro Series Animal Clipper14.0000
WahlKM2 Speed Horse Clipper15.0000
FarnamSlick N Easy Horse Grooming Block74.2857
State Line TackMane Thinner14.0000
Equi-TerraHerbal Silk15.0000
Horse ShaveHorse Shave Horse Razor13.0000
Lucky BraidsShampoo15.0000
HaasSchmusebuerste Brush15.0000
Carr & Day & MartinCanter Mane & Tail Conditioning Spray15.0000
Equinature Bug Gone11.0000
SilveradoShine Spray15.0000
Procter & GambleOrvus Paste Cleaner15.0000
Thrush EliminatorHoof Pick14.0000
SmartPakHoof Pick with Brush15.0000
SmartPakStill Hoof Brush15.0000
Thrush BusterThrush Buster 14.0000
State Line TackRubber Large Curry Brush15.0000
Mane PullerNew Plastic One, Not Mane Puller Pro12.0000
ChallengairEquine Vacuum12.0000
Drs. Foster & SmithEye Cleanse Pads - 90 Count15.0000
EquestriaSport Competition Deluxe Grooming Tote15.0000
Carr & Day & MartinCanter Coat Shine15.0000
RacineClippers 259a14.0000
WahlMoser Arco Horse Clippers15.0000
Desert EquineEVH-120 EquineVac15.0000
KeratexHoof Gel15.0000
FarnamLazer Sheen15.0000
Tough-16 Piece Grooming Kit15.0000
Miracle CoatMiracle Coat Lusterizer / Conditioner 15.0000
Ride-n-ShineTail Serum14.0000
Equi-StarSolocomb Mane Comb15.0000
Ride-n-ShineShampoo - Natural Oils15.0000
Straight ArrowMane \'N Tail Spray \'N White13.0000
EqyssAvacado Spray11.0000
Brush TherapyBrush Cleaner23.0000
Top HorseHandy Helpers Dock Cleanser15.0000
LeistnerHorse Grooming Brush \'Feeling\'15.0000
Weaver LeatherEzall Green Bathing kit24.0000
Tail TamerBit-A-Licious Bit Wipes15.0000
EqyssSurvivor Super Detangler and Shine15.0000
OsterPro Equine Care Series brushes15.0000
WahlLister Libretto Clippers15.0000
OsterEquine Care Series Brush Set - Blue15.0000
Shapley\'sEquitone Colour Enhancing Shampoo12.0000
Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating