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Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
Chick\'s SaddleryPopular Utility Nylon Halter11.0000
Weaver LeatherDraft Horse Halter14.0000
Hamilton HaltersNylon Halter94.4444
NylonLungeing Attachment15.0000
EskadronNylon Halter14.0000
ParelliArab Size Natural Halter15.0000
Nobit BridleApollo Cob15.0000
Schneider\'s Saddlery10565 Dura-Tech Deluxe Fully Padded Web Halter 15.0000
State Line TackLeather-Crown Nylon Safety Halter15.0000
Intec PerformancePlaid Breakaway Halter with Padding33.0000
Chick\'s SaddleryPSH447/Popular Leather Sale Halter with Nameplate15.0000
Smith BrothersX3-0597 Monogrammed Halter Contrast Style15.0000
E-BayNylon Halters11.0000
Hamilton HaltersTropical Brights Halter15.0000
Downunder HorsemanshipRope Halter and Lead15.0000
ShedrowSupra 1\\\" Poly Halter HAH475015.0000
State Line Tack\\\'No Rub\\\' Padded Halter25.0000
State Line TackCambridge Ultra Havana Halter15.0000
BMBNylon Halter15.0000
Hamilton HaltersHalter25.0000
State Line TackCotton Web Lunge Line15.0000
Silver CupBlack Leather Triple Stitched Halter14.0000
PremierBelmont Halter14.0000
ZilcoBuckle Nose Halter15.0000
Hamilton HaltersLead Rope13.0000
Hamilton HaltersNylon Halter and Lead24.5000
Country SupplyNeck Tie14.0000
Derby OriginalsLeather Track Halter15.0000
ParelliHorseman\\\'s Halter25.0000
ParelliProfessional 12\\\' Line15.0000
ParelliCarrot Stick/ 6\\\' Savvy String15.0000
Hamilton HaltersHalter and Lead14.0000
Paws SaddlesLeather Halter15.0000
HamptonTriple Stitched Leather Halter15.0000
FabtronNylon Brass Halter15.0000
Empty Pocket FarmBRID-OVR bridle15.0000
Hamilton HaltersHorse Halters15.0000
Lodgeropes, Enduro Bitless Bridlehalter, lead, lunge line, bitless bridle, reins15.0000
Country SupplyNylon Lunge Line15.0000
Perri\'s LeatherBreakaway Halter 15.0000
Schneider\'s SaddleryDeluxe Fully Padded Safety Turnout Halter15.0000
State Line TackMustang Economy Mountain Rope Halter & Lead 14.0000
Triple EBraided Nylon Lead Rope 187115.0000
RaleighLeather Halter13.0000
Weaver LeatherBasic Horse Halter14.0000
ShedrowCotton Lead with Brass Snap15.0000
CavalierEconomy Halter11.0000
Hamilton HaltersNylon Halter (1\\\") with Adjustable Chin15.0000
Harmohn KraftLeather Halter15.0000
Otto SchumacherColor-Padded Halter15.0000
ToklatBlocker Horsemanship Blocker Control Halter15.0000
Weaver LeatherHorse Halter 15.0000
KensingtonCowboy Rope Halter and lead15.0000
Heritage Bespoke SaddleryPink Nubuck Leather Halter14.0000
KensingtonSmartpink Breakaway Halter23.5000
Weaver LeatherKnotted Rope Halter with Lead15.0000
Horsing Around LLCEZEE Wean Halter12.0000
Derby OriginalsPadded Nylon Halter13.0000
Hamilton HaltersVersatility Lead Rope15.0000
Stockmen\\\'sPoly Lead Rope14.0000
Stockmen\\\'sNylon Lead Rope13.0000
Dover SaddleryPadded Lunge Line15.0000
Circle YShow Halters15.0000
Derby OriginalsLeather Lead Rope with Chain11.0000
Paris TackFS Padded Raised Leather Halter11.0000
Derby OriginalsLeather Adjustable Halter and Lead21.0000
Country SupplyEconomy Nylon Halter12.0000
5/A Baker BlanketsBreakaway Halter14.0000
Tory LeatherRolled Nose Leather Halter15.0000
BMBNylon Fashion Halter15.0000
C B KnotRope Halters w/ Matching Lead15.0000
SussexPadded Leather Halter13.0000
Triple ENylon Halter & Braided Lead Rope Combination14.0000
Jeffers EquineTriple Stitched Leather Halter w/ Throat Snap12.0000
Aaron Martin HarnessNylon Halter w. Patterned Overlay11.0000
Griffith SaddleryNylon Breakaway Halter14.0000
Weaver LeatherHalter15.0000
ParelliHorsemans Halter25.0000
Parelli22-Foot Snap Line15.0000
ParelliParelli 45\' line15.0000
Weaver LeatherGraphite Halter25.0000
AerbornCushion Web Halter and Lead15.0000
Weaver LeatherElite Nylon Halter24.0000
MustangRope Halter and Lead15.0000
ShiresLead Rope25.0000
RomaNylon Halter with Neoprene Padding15.0000
Pro-CraftPremium Nylon Halter with Adjustable Noseband12.0000
Dover SaddlerySuffolk Leather Halter11.0000
Perri\'s LeatherDouble Stitched Leather Show Halter15.0000
Dover SaddleryHampton Triple Stitched Halter13.0000
Camptown Harness CompanyBuckle-Up Halter15.0000
Hamilton HaltersPony Halter15.0000
RaleighPadded Stable Halter 13.0000
Weaver LeatherHorse Halter with Unique Throat Clip15.0000
Weaver LeatherBasic Nylon Horse Halter15.0000
Weaver LeatherPastel Horse Halter14.0000
Weaver LeatherNylon Halter11.0000
GatsbyI Love My Horse Halter15.0000
Hamilton HaltersNylon Horse Halter11.0000
Tory LeatherStable Halter15.0000
Big Dee\'s Tack & Vet SuppliesInternational Leather Halter15.0000
Weaver LeatherTraining Halter and Lead11.0000
Triple EPersonalized Custom Made Halter11.0000
GreenhawkLeather Halter15.0000
Horseware IrelandAmigo Horse Halter with Rope11.0000
ToklatThe Blocker Tie Ring II with Mag-Loc14.0000
Quality Horse ProductsHighland Halter14.0000
Perri\'s LeatherConvertible Grooming Halter15.0000
Hamilton HaltersVersatility Nylon Halter13.0000
Lotus ImpexPadded Leather Halter12.0000
Weaver LeatherWEA 35-683515.0000
Sunset HaltersHalters15.0000
Cypress Lodge RopesLodge Ropes Hand Tied Halter 15.0000
Hamilton HaltersDeluxe Nylon Halter14.0000
Weaver LeatherElite Adjustable Halter15.0000
Perri\'s LeatherLeather Padded Halter15.0000
Performance TackYacht Braid Lead Rope15.0000
Tory LeatherShow Halter15.0000
Weaver LeatherPony Western Bridle14.0000
Weaver LeatherGraphite Non-Adjustable Halter14.0000
Handcrafted Jewels Rope Horse TackRope Halters, Leads, Side Pulls, Reins15.0000
Handcrafted Jewels Rope Horse TackRope Halters/Lead Ropes15.0000
ToklatBlocker Tie Ring15.0000
ParelliParelli Starter Kit15.0000
International Riding Helmets (IRH)Leather Halter14.0000
Dale RodrigezPadded Raised Leather Halter14.0000
Safe Horse HaltersBreakaway / Turnout Halter15.0000
Clinton Anderson14 foot Lead Rope15.0000
Royal KingCongress Show Halter Dark Oil11.0000
Ozark LeatherLeather Bronco Halter15.0000
UnknownYearling Halter with Silver11.0000
Safe Horse HaltersTurnout Halter15.0000
RomaNeoprene Lined Horse Halter15.0000
EskadronBraided Lead Rope15.0000
Weaver LeatherOriginal Adjustable Halter15.0000
Weaver LeatherOriginal Non-Adjustable 1\" Nylon Halter15.0000
Tory LeatherBlack/Green Horse Size11.0000
Tory LeatherSoft Padded Halter11.0000
Hamilton HaltersNylon Halter with Leather Over-Lay15.0000
Clinton AndersonHalter and Lead Rope64.1667
MylerBlocker Control Halter15.0000
Lami-CellReflective Halter15.0000
Weaver Leather35-7035 / Original Adjustable Nylon Halter15.0000
GatsbyAdjustable Turnout Halter with Snap15.0000
GreenhawkVala Leather Halter Full13.0000
Tough-1Tough-1 Nylon Draft Halter11.0000
Equestrian CollectionsTO80396 / Silverleaf Fancy Padded Halter with Brass Fittings15.0000
Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating