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Horse Treats

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Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
Yummy Horse TreatsEasy to Make!15.0000
Molasses PowderMolasses Powder15.0000
Pony PizzaHomemade15.0000
Stud MuffinsStud Muffins45.0000
BuckeyePeppermint Snacks15.0000
Stud Muffins15.0000
Purina MillsNicker Makers Horse Treats175.0000
BuckeyePeppermint Treats45.0000
Omega FieldsOmega Nibblers15.0000
Jolly311726 Jolly Stall Snack with Jolly Ball15.0000
Brown\'s Luck & LoveWatermelon Heart 12.0000
BuckeyeHorse Treats - All Flavors14.0000
Berry GoodTreats25.0000
Wildflower Horse TreatsTropical 15.0000
Potager FarmsRed Barn Horse Treats/ Honey Flavor15.0000
Talisker BayTongue Twister, Likit Holder, Little and Big LIkit Refils15.0000
FairwindCreature Comforts Cookbook15.0000
Ginger RidgeAnise Orange Super Stars34.6667
Hamilton Horse Cookie CompanyTally Oats Horse Treats15.0000
Likit ProductsMini Likit14.0000
Likit ProductsBoredom Breaker23.5000
Manna ProPeppermint Horse Treats15.0000
Jolly311703 Jolly Stall Snack with Apple Treat14.0000
Winnie\'s CookiesCookies - Horsetreats15.0000
Platinum PerformanceApple Flavor Horse Treats14.0000
Manna ProHorse Treats21.0000
JollyStall Snack13.0000
Applezz N\' OatsC24-203909 15.0000
Manna ProHoofSnax & FlaxSnax15.0000
Brown\'s Luck & LovePeppermint Swirl15.0000
Ginger RidgeMeadow Mints25.0000
Horsemen\'s PrideJolly Stall Snack with Apple Treat14.0000
Dodson and HorrellPasture sticks15.0000
JollyJolly Stall Snack System33.0000
GreenhawkGreenline Apple Treats14.0000
Ginger RidgeStable Snax15.0000
Winnie\'s CookiesOrganic Cookies for Horses15.0000
Wildflower Horse TreatsHorse Treats (Apples and Oats)15.0000
Red BarnRed Barn Horse Treats15.0000
Equine EdiblesTropical Twist Bran Mash15.0000
Nature\'s ChoiceApplez n Oats15.0000
Mrs. PasturesCookies for Horses15.0000
Blue SealRounders15.0000
Vita-FlexGalloping Gourmet Horse Treats25.0000
Equine EdiblesOriginal Nickers Bars and Peppermint Nickers Bars15.0000
HorslyxOriginal Lick14.0000
Willie BakeryWillie Muffins34.3333
Badminton Horse FeedsTasty Treats15.0000
Mrs. PasturesHorse Cookies25.0000
JollyStall Snack with Jolly Ball12.0000
Likit ProductsLikit Horse Treat23.0000
Manna ProNuggets Horse Treats14.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsHorse Treat Balls15.0000
Manna ProApple Treats15.0000
Brown\'s Luck & LovePineapple Medallion43.7500
SpillersHorse Treats Spearmint Flavor15.0000
SmartPakUncle Jimmy\\\'s Hangin\\\' Balls14.0000
Manna ProPeppermint Nuggets25.0000
Horsemen\'s PrideJolly Stall Snack System15.0000
Mount and RiderWillie Muffins Horse Treats15.0000
Horse NibblesHorse Nibbles15.0000
SmartPakCandied Sweet Treats15.0000
Pony PopsDispenser12.0000
BarniesHorse Treat14.0000
Manna ProBite-Size Nuggets Peppermint Flavor15.0000
Pet-Tarts GourmetI Heart My Horse Treats15.0000
Manna ProHorse Treats15.0000
Brown\'s Luck & LovePineapple Medallion Horse Treats13.0000
Blue SealRounders Horse Treats13.0000
Dura LifeHorse Treats13.0000
Manna ProApple \\\'n\\\' Oat Treats15.0000
Start to FinishCarrot Crunchers15.0000
Wildflower Horse TreatsTropical Horse Treats11.0000
Likit ProductsHorse Treat Hanger13.0000
Nutri SourceHorse Treats/ Carrot and Oat15.0000
Manna ProFlax Snax13.0000
BarniesHorse Treats24.0000
Majesty\'sFlex Wafers13.0000
Purina MillsApple Pomace Chunks15.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsMolasses Hanging Horse Ball15.0000
JollyApple Flavored Salt Treat11.0000
American Health KennelsMustang Munchies15.0000
Giddyap Girls Biscuit CompanyGiddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats15.0000
Likit ProductsTreat Hanger13.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsMolasses Flavor11.0000
Pony PopsPony Pops13.0000
Likit ProductsSnak-A-Ball 24.0000
Manna ProFlax Snax12.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsHanging Ball Treat (molasses, carrot, peppermint, apple)15.0000
BarniesHorse Treats 45 Pieces15.0000
Equine EdiblesNickers Bar15.0000
Likit ProductsHanging Horse Treat - apple flavor11.0000
Mrs. PasturesHorse Treats25.0000
Lincoln Horse BixBanana Horse Biscuits15.0000
Stud MuffinsHorse Treats15.0000
Galloping GourmetsElite Horse Treats15.0000
Manna ProApple Wafers24.5000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsHanging Balls--Peppermint15.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsPeppermint Flavored11.0000
Likit ProductsTreats and Holder14.0000
Manna ProApples \'n Oats Horse Treats15.0000
Horsemen\'s PrideAmazing Graze Treat Toy45.0000
Manna ProLicorice Flavored Horse Treats 15.0000
Pony PopsTreats 23.5000
Manna ProLicorice Nuggets15.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsHanging Balls (all flavors)15.0000
Manna ProHoof Snax15.0000
Manna ProFlax Snacks15.0000
DumorMolasses Horse Biscuits25.0000
JollySnack with Ball11.0000
NutramaxHA+ASU Treats15.0000
Uncle Jimmy\'s Hanging BallsLicky Things15.0000
DumorNutrisource Apple & Oat Horse Treats15.0000
Start to FinishCarrot Horse Snacks 11.0000
Stud MuffinsHot Stuff Mash14.0000
Likit ProductsTreat Bar11.0000
Willie BakeryBarn Biscotti15.0000
Applezz N\' OatsApplezz N Oats 15.0000
Top HorsePony Nibbles15.0000
Likit ProductsJolly Snack System Horse Toy13.0000
Running HorseAlfalfa Mint Horse Treats15.0000
Purina MillsOriginal molasses 3 pound bucket.with horseshoes on logo. 15.0000
Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating