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Trail Saddles

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Number of products found: 779

Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
WintecWestern Saddle24.5000
TuckerCheyenne Trail Saddle with Rounded Skirt25.0000
TuckerHigh Plains73.8571
SimcoDeluxe Trail Saddle23.5000
WintecTrail 16\" Saddle15.0000
Wintec Trail Saddle 11.0000
Synergist SaddlesTraditional Western Saddle15.0000
Bona AllenWestern Trail Saddle14.0000
Circle YFlex Lite Trail Saddle24.0000
Duett SaddleryCompanion Trail Saddle24.5000
Big Horn SaddleryLight Weight Saddle15.0000
Frontier SaddleryAustralian Saddles15.0000
WintecStock Saddle15.0000
Circle YFlex Lite Softee Trail Saddle23.5000
WintecSynthetic Saddle13.0000
Abetta16 inch Trail Saddle14.0000
The Arabian Saddle Co.The Soltice Endurance Saddle15.0000
H & H SaddleH & H 16\\\" Trail Saddle14.0000
Tex TanPilgrim Trail Saddle24.5000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrest Ridge Saddlery Guffey15.0000
Tucker260 High Plains11.0000
H & H SaddleTrail Saddle11.0000
MarcianteTrail Saddle24.0000
TuckerHigh Plains 15.5\\\"11.0000
Royal KingRoughout Training Saddle33.6667
AbettaCordura Saddle25.0000
AbettaEndurance Saddle44.7500
Buffalo SaddleryTrail Saddle14.0000
SaddleDealer.comBedford Gaited13.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesPlantation saddle/Gaited saddle15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyLongreach Endurance44.5000
Leather City (Jeffrey & Jeffrey)Western Leather Endurance Saddle Like Tucker12.0000
Rider\'s ChoiceSynthetic Leather Saddle (Cordura)14.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryGuffey25.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade53.4000
Trumbull MountainBlack Country Equinox15.0000
Hilason SaddleryEndurance/Barrel/Train13.0000
Buffalo Saddlery391012.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryElite Guffey35.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Barrel Racing, Trail saddle - square skirt14.0000
Sydney SaddleworksBushmaster Australian 24.0000
Reinsman8735-170C- Endurance/Trail15.0000
AbettaAbetta Cordura Saddle15.0000
WintecPro Stock with CAIR panels and adjustable gullet11.0000
JJ MaxwellHope Saddle The Prophet Western Trail Saddle15.0000
Synergist SaddlesEndurance Model14.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Trail Taddle11.0000
Breakin Wind SaddleryMule Saddle23.0000
Royal KingRb Auto Adjust Extreme Flex Saddle33.3333
Crest Ridge SaddlerySonata SR0525.0000
Royal KingRB Auto Adjust Flex Tree Saddle15.0000
Bob MarshallWestern Treeless Trail Saddle15.0000
CratesTrail Saddle-Havana-Rounded Skirt15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySonata Custom Saddle34.0000
Hilason Saddlery17\\\" Square Skirt Treeless Saddle11.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySonata Trail Saddle24.5000
WintecSynthetic Trail Saddle33.6667
Montana Mountain HorseDeluxe Trail Saddle23.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Saddle with Horn15.0000
About The HorseTrail Saddle25.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySinclair Plantation Saddle34.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Economy 15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryWestern Cordura Saddle with Oregon Round Skirts15.0000
TuckerOld West Saddle24.0000
WintecWestern Semi-QH15.0000
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesEndurance Trail15.0000
Circle YTopeka Flex Lite Trail Saddle24.5000
Hilason SaddleryTrail Riding/Barrel Racing Saddle Round Skirt 14.0000
Bob MarshallTreeless Saddle24.0000
Ericksen SaddleMountain Hunting Saddle15.0000
TuckerHigh Plains Trail #260 on Mule bars Wide Tree15.0000
SimcoArabian Working Saddle14.0000
American SaddleryMedina Arabian Saddle13.0000
Eli MillerWestern Buena Vista Trail Saddle15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Trail Saddle72.7143
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Model15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesTree Style D +3/4 Butterly Skirt Light Rider15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryGuffey Elite33.6667
Barefoot SaddleryCheyenne104.2000
AbettaWestern Saddle - Southwestern Design15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Western Endurance Model14.0000
Ortho-FlexCattle Barron15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Endurance Saddle32.0000
Tack Outlet SuperstoreTrail Master Pleasure Saddle11.0000
Syd HillSuprema Bushmaster Poley24.0000
Synergist SaddlesWestern Trail Saddle15.0000
TuckerCheyenne Trail Saddle tooled w/ square skirt15.0000
Rocking RFloral Tooled Trail Saddle15.0000
Australian Outrider CollectionsStockman Bush Rider22.5000
Billy Cook SaddleryBC 171513.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryThe Crusade15.0000
ImusEndurance Saddle15.0000
CratesLight Trail Saddle 217515.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Sport Lite15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Poley Saddle SAD21514.0000
Synergist SaddlesEndurance24.5000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Stock - SAD21015.0000
Timberline Saddle CompanyTimberline Sidekick15.0000
Steele Saddle CompanyClassic Model15.0000
Twister SaddlesWade Style15.0000
StubbenGaited Horse Saddle12.0000
Circle YFlex Tree Park and Trail 15.0000
Bona AllenWestern Saddle15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryTraveler 200611.0000
WintecProstock Flying Fenders 15.0000
Jerry Shaw Custom SaddlesCliff Wade Lite15.0000
Eli Millerany models from Eli Miller15.0000
TuckerHigh Plains Mule Tree Saddle15.0000
TuckerOld Timer25.0000
Eli MillerTrail Saddle15.0000
WintecPro Stock11.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Elite / Supracor Seat15.0000
WintecEndurance with Cair and Easy Change Gullet15.0000
Lakota SaddleryWestern Saddle Model 16\\\" SE0008913.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryEW mule tree/ traveler 15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryTraveler saddle with extra wide mule tree15.0000
Syd HillColoma/Somerset15.0000
TuckerLight Oil Round Skirt Endurance Saddle12.0000
Circle YFlex-Lite Saddle11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesFlex Tree Gaited Saddle15.0000
TuckerHigh Plain15.0000
ImusEndurance with english leathers15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesCustom Fit Trail Saddle25.0000
Eli Western Old Timer\'s Saddle2004 model Black Old timer\\\'s Western15.0000
Hilason SaddleryBarrel/Racer/Trail/Sports Model 14.0000
Lakota SaddleryTrail Saddle11.0000
Tex TanGolden West Trail Saddle12.0000
Sydney SaddleworksTreeless saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesCustom Round Skirt Flex-Tree 15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Spanish Saddle11.0000
TrekkerTalent Trail saddle54.8000
Buffalo SaddlerySaddle11.0000
Hilason SaddleryEndurance/dressage 11.0000
Circle YArabian Equitation Saddle25.0000
Imus4 Beat Gaited Saddle32.6667
Rocking RGaited Saddle15.0000
Circle YPleasure/Trail with Arabian Tree15.0000
Tex TanTrail/All-Around14.0000
Hilason SaddleryEndurance Saddle21.0000
Henry Miller SaddleryCustom Bilt Buena Vista Model 104-21 in seat15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Lite Sport Model15.0000
TrekkerNeutron Endurance Saddle33.0000
WintecPRO Endurance 25.0000
Rocking RDistance Runner15.0000
Big Horn Saddlery16\\\" All Leather Endurance Saddle15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Trailmaster24.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesTrail Saddle35.0000
AbettaPremier Oakleaf Pleasure Saddle14.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyDraft Stockrider15.0000
Courts SaddleryChestnut Basket Weave Trail and Pleasure Saddle 15\\\" Semi-quarter15.0000
Ortho-FlexPatriot Officer\\\'s Model (POM)15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Style15.0000
Circle YBasket Flower Flex Light 15.0000
TuckerEndurance Rounded Skirt / light oil without horn11.0000
Jim YanceyYancey Gaited saddle15.0000
Circle YDurango Flex Tree15.0000
Montana Mountain HorseBillings Gaited Flex Tree15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesPlantation/Endurance saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesFlex Tree Endurance Saddle15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyMicrofiber Endurance Australian Saddle15.0000
AbettaShowman Saddle and All-Around Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesGaited Saddle with Endurance Skirt35.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyThe Kimberley Stock (SAD 210)15.0000
Rocking RTraining Saddle Model 1300 - Full Roughout15.0000
TuckerEquitation Endurance Trail Saddle74.0000
MarcianteEndurance Saddle25.0000
Specialized SaddlesInternational14.0000
Specialized SaddlesElite International15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWestern Endurance Saddle15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyLite Rider Endurance14.0000
Duett SaddleryCompanion 2 Foxhunter25.0000
Crest Ridge Saddlery\\\"A\\\" Fork Wade Synthetic15.0000
Team STrail Saddle / Trail M15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesFlex Tree Trail Saddle15.0000
Ballard\'s Lone Star Saddle Co.Trail Saddle 1725 15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryEndurance Saddle22.5000
Casa DosaFreedom Trail Saddle15.0000
TuckerGen II Endurance15.0000
ImusImus 4 beat saddle, breast collar & pad, Plantation style11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Saddle25.0000
Circle YFlex Lite Omaha & Oregon Saddles14.0000
Dakota SaddleryPleasure 350L14.0000
Cody BrandTrail Saddle15.0000
King SeriesSynthetic Western Trail Saddle21.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryGuffey Mule Saddle15.0000
AbettaCordura Trail Saddle25.0000
TuckerTucker High Plains with Rounded Skirt14.0000
National Bridle ShopTennessean Lite Rider with Horn Model 624015.0000
TuckerCheyenne Frontier Saddle with Enduro Rigging15.0000
ReinsmanComfort Fit25.0000
Sydney SaddleworksDraft Horse Black Australian Saddle 15.0000
Circle YSheridan Flex 2 Lite 25.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Skirt Saddle15.0000
Martin SaddleryTrail Saddle25.0000
Hilason SaddleryBlack Trail / Endurance Saddle Model #12214.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesCustom Trail Saddle with Equi-Fit Flexible Tree15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Western Barrel Racing / Trail Saddle15.0000
Dakota Saddlery202 fx Flex Tree 15.0000
Porter\'s SaddlesRinger Poley15.0000
Steve EdwardsThe Cowboy12.0000
Circle YImus 4 Beat Saddle15.0000
Circle YSheridan Flex 211.0000
Rocking RTrail Saddle - Floral Tooled w/Montana Silver15.0000
Big Horn SaddlerySynthetic Saddles (Any)15.0000
Buffalo SaddleryPleasure Saddle13.0000
SimcoTrail / Pleasure Saddle 8698 15.0000
Rocking RTraining Saddle - Smoothout15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryTahoe23.0000
Circle Y1551 Model15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWestern Saddle Enduro skirt15.0000
King SeriesSilver Royal #152612.0000
WintecSynthetic Western33.6667
WintecEndurance Pro with Cair Panels and EZ Change Gullet15.0000
Circle YCircle Y Omaha Trail Saddle 15.0000
Circle YFlagstaff15.0000
G.W. CrateFlex Trail14.0000
Eli MillerPlantation Buena Vista15.0000
Circle YTopeka Flex2 Trail Saddle44.5000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesCustom Trail Saddle15.0000
Eli MillerBuena Vista Plantation Saddle25.0000
American-FlexCaliente, 7 panel system, S-D-SG-SD-1623.0000
Montana Mountain HorseBroadview Trail Saddle MHWP515.0000
Clinton AndersonDownunder Horsemanship Saddle by Martin Saddlery15.0000
Crest Ridge Saddlery1880 Wade Tree Saddle25.0000
RL WatsonContinental PT15.0000
WintecPro Stock Australian15.0000
Timberline Saddle CompanyContinental15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryGaited Horse Flex Tree Saddle / Bh 154511.0000
Specialized SaddlesSpecialized Trailmaster Endurance15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyLongreach Endurance Saddle With Horn15.0000
Circle YFlagstaff Flex-Lite Trail12.0000
Henry Miller SaddleryAll saddles15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryCordura Trail Saddle # 501 16\\\" 15.0000
AbettaArabian Flex Tree, Cool Grip lined14.0000
Gaits of Gold - Brenda Imus4 Beat Gaited Endurance Saddle15.0000
Buffalo SaddleryWestern Pleasure11.0000
TuckerEndurance Equitation13.0000
Outback SaddleryBlack Australian Saddle with Horn13.0000
TuckerPlantation Model15.0000
Bob MarshallWestern / Hand Tooled Treeless Trail Saddle15.0000
Imus4-Beat Western Saddle15.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyTitan the Breakthrough15.0000
Brenda ImusImus 4Beat Endurance Saddle w/ English Leathers14.0000
Barefoot SaddleryArizona34.6667
Tex TanTex-Flex11.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesCTK TASO 1425.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Trail Saddle25.0000
Big Horn SaddleryWestern Cordura Saddle14.0000
Old Timer TuckerTrail Saddle t6525716515.0000
G.W. CrateFlex-Lite Flex Tree15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTASO 1315.0000
Syd HillStation Poley (serge lined)15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryBarefoot Cheyenne15.0000
Southern Cross SaddleryCombo Poley11.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Superior Poley22.5000
Double Creek Saddlery (Henry Miller )Endurance Saddle 3-06-6815.0000
Montana Mountain HorseWise River Trail MHWP1615.0000
AbettaAbetta Endurance Cool-Grip (Air Grip) Saddle12.0000
TuckerField Saddle15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyAussie Synthetic Saddle15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyHi Tech Western Saddle11.0000
Steve EdwardsLite Rider33.3333
WintecAustralian Stock Saddle12.0000
TuckerRiver Plantation Saddle23.5000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyFox Poley15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTA002025.0000
Steele Saddle CompanyMountaineer Saddle15.0000
FreeformBandos Treeless Saddle14.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTASO0514.0000
Bob MarshallSuede Endurance15.0000
TN SaddlerySharptail Gaited Western Saddle15.0000
Tex TanFlex Pleasure 16\" Seat 08-TF404P6 12.0000
Rocking RGaited Horse Saddle25.0000
FabtronTrail Saddle 710415.0000
Circle YPonderosa Saddle15.0000
RL WatsonBrazos CT15.0000
Hilason SaddleryEndurance Style Saddle15.0000
Western StarWestern Star14.0000
TuckerEndurance (Model 159)13.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTereque Saddle 16\" TAS013-A 15.0000
BaretekWestern Bareback Saddle15.0000
Eli MillerKentuckian Endurance / Trail15.0000
Derby OriginalsEndurance11.0000
Big Horn SaddleryPastel Trail Saddle14.0000
WintecBlack Western 17\"14.0000
Steve EdwardsLite Mule Riding Saddle15.0000
Queen Valley Mule RanchTrail Rider15.0000
Steve EdwardsTrail Lite15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySentry75.0000
Circle YTopeka Flex Tree Saddle14.0000
Steve EdwardsLite Trail Saddle11.0000
Barefoot SaddleryBarefoot Altanta15.0000
TuckerRanch Hand 0515.0000
Eli MillerTrail Saddles15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryTahoe Treeless Saddle12.0000
Dakota SaddleryCustom Mule Saddle14.0000
Syd HillSynthetic Stock Saddle15.0000
American SaddleryMuler Tamer Saddle14.0000
CratesSpecial Trail 2197 15.0000
AbettaArab Trail with flex tree and air grip lined15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesMahogany Endurance Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEquiflex Gaited Saddle15.0000
Steele Saddle CompanyMountaineer Saddle15.0000
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesWestern Trail25.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesGaited Butterfly Skirt15.0000
TuckerCheyenne Springs15.0000
Bob MarshallBorder Tooled Trail Rider15.0000
Casa DosaFreedom Trail 13.0000
Bob MarshallEndurance Trail saddle 14.0000
Tex TanLight Weight Trail Model13.0000
Bob MarshallEndurance Treeless11.0000
CTK saddleryTAO-020 & TAS01615.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyCordura Darwin Poley15.0000
Circle YPark and Trail35.0000
Circle YFlexlite Flagstaff15.0000
TrekkerPro Enduance15.0000
Tex TanFlex Endurance Saddle15.0000
AbettaYouth Saddle15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesBlack 16\" seat TAS013-A 15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTASO 1615.0000
CratesMeleta Brown Freedom Trail Saddle15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyDown Under Stockman15.0000
Martin SaddleryClinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship Aussie Saddle15.0000
TuckerSouth Pass GEN II15.0000
TrekkerSAD 115.0000
Benchmark Saddles16 inch Western Saddle15.0000
AbettaEndurance - Full Quarter Bars14.0000
Circle PEquitation saddle 16\" FQHB11.0000
Tex TanAddison15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Sport15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Lite Rider15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTasso 1415.0000
Bob MarshallWestern Trail Saddle13.0000
King SeriesTrekker Endurance Saddle32.0000
Dakota Saddlery35015.0000
Montana Mountain HorseWestern Gaited Saddle - Custom Tree 11.0000
Big Horn Saddlery1658 / 17 in Flex Tree Trail Saddle15.0000
Martin SaddleryClinton Anderson Downunder Western Saddle15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesCTK EN001015.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryOvation Saddle15.0000
AbettaArab Endurance 205415BK 11.0000
WintecWestern Synthetic Full QH Bar15.0000
AbettaEndurance, Aire Grip lining15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTAS01615.0000
Montana Mountain HorseGo Light Gaited Saddle MHG6 15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyTrailmaster25.0000
Montana Mountain HorseCustom Western Saddle15.0000
Brenda ImusImus 4 Beat Gaited Saddle15.0000
Specialized SaddlesTrailmaster63.1667
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesBasic Model with Padded Seat and EZ Ride Stirrups13.0000
About The HorseSynthetic Endurance Saddle12.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesGAEND1-A15.0000
CTK saddleryTA0005-B15.0000
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesWestern Trail Saddle15.0000
Duett SaddleryTango44.5000
Ortho-FlexSilver Cloud11.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyRide About Endurance15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyLongReach Endurance Hornless24.5000
Advantage SaddleryEndurance Saddle15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryCordura Endurance Saddle 120--15\" SQHB 15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTA0020 & GAS01415.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTAS01515.0000
TuendEndurance Saddle15.0000
FreeformTreeless Endurance Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Gaited Trail Saddle 15.0000
Rocking RBar J Draft Horse Trail Saddle15.0000
Bob MarshallWestern Style Square Skirt Treeless15.0000
StartrekkTreeless Endurance15.0000
CashelTrail Saddle65.0000
TuckerTrooper Saddle11.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyKimberley Poley with Horn15.0000
Rocking R1936 Arabian Tree Trail Saddle15.0000
Specialized SaddlesInternational Endurance15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTASAO1 Terreque (everyday saddle) 15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyRideAbout Barcoo Poley15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleEndurance Cordura E54R15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Lite55.0000
Circle S200425.0000
Southern Trails SaddleT-200 Trail Saddle15.0000
National Bridle ShopTennessean Lady Trail Saddle leather and cordura15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplySynthetic Marshal Poley12.0000
Big Horn SaddleryBH50115.0000
Southern Trails SaddleT-157 Gaited Trail15.0000
King SeriesMarathon Endurance11.0000
AbettaTrinity Endurance15.0000
TrekkerPro Endurance15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTAS00815.0000
AbettaTrinity Endurance w/memory foam seat15.0000
Theo SommerSpirit Endurance15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance / Trail Saddle15.0000
Tough-1Bareback Saddle Pad15.0000
Thornhill SaddlesJC Trail Saddle15.0000
Libra EquestrianHack About Treeless Synthetic Saddle15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleT-31615.0000
TuckerGen 215.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySentry Gaited Horse Saddle15.0000
Bob MarshallTrail Saddle, Round Skirt11.0000
AbettaSynthetic Western Trail Saddle12.0000
TorsionExtra Light Endurance Treeless Saddle12.0000
Circle PSynthetic Equitation Western15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryCrusade Elite Endurance Saddle15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryOvation Endurance Saddle45.0000
AbettaChisholm Trail Saddle15.0000
Syd HillSAD 1600 Barcoo Northern15.0000
StubbenGaited Pleasure Saddle25.0000
CTK saddleryTasao1 with modifications Trail Saddle15.0000
Circle YHigh Horse Trail Saddle15.0000
Bar J Saddlery Big South Fork100-160015.0000
Montana Mountain HorseMHWP1 Deluxe Trail Saddle23.5000
CashelSoftsaddle bareback pad - Large black 12.0000
Circle YFlex 2 Sheridan 14.0000
American SaddleryTrail or Pleasure Saddle 15\"14.0000
Southern Trails SaddleComfort Trail T-140225.0000
AbettaTrail Special Saddle15.0000
Circle YBig Springs15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplySynthetic Endurance12.0000
Circle YOasis Flex 215.0000
Big Horn SaddleryHaflinger Model 1579 14.0000
CTK saddleryTSA00715.0000
Synergist SaddlesCustom Endurance Saddle15.0000
TuckerEndurance 16.5\" seat12.0000
Western Saddlery AKA Big WGaited Walking Horse Saddle11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Equi-Fit Flexible Tree15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySinclair Saddle for Gaited Horses15.0000
El Dorado Saddle and TackEl Dorado Lacada15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyCampdraft Special14.0000
WintecAll Rounder Western Saddle14.0000
Southern Trails SaddleRawhide Trail T-31815.0000
King SeriesWestern Trail11.0000
Big Horn SaddleryLeather / Cordura # 306 extra wide14.0000
Hilason SaddlerySport Saddle/Round Skirt14.0000
Colorado Saddlery Co.The XXL Saddle / 400-600113.0000
MarcianteDistance Trail Saddle14.0000
Montana Mountain HorseMHF1 Diamond Saddle15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleGaited Saddle T-30915.0000
Barefoot SaddleryTahoe Classic15.0000
Martin SaddleryClinton Anderson Trail Saddle34.6667
Hilason SaddleryFlex Tree Trail Saddle11.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyRideAbout Premium Outback14.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Cut Western Saddle14.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryHigh Prairie (original prototype)15.0000
Dakota SaddleryLiberty Endurance 75 Series15.0000
Gaston MercierDoline/Sawtooth15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesOld Amish Craftsmanship Endurance Western Saddle15.0000
Circle YFlex 2 1665 Pioneer15.0000
AbettaTrail Saddle13.0000
FabtronLady Trail Saddle with Flex Tree15.0000
Circle YCordura Gaited Easy Fit Trail / El Campo15.0000
Circle YMississippi Trail Gaiter 15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleBeatrap BC-15515.0000
CTK saddleryGAF001 with English Rigging15.0000
ReinsmanComfort Fit Trail Saddle15.0000
CTK saddleryTAS012-A Trail Saddle15.0000
FabtronLady Fabtron Flex Tree 15.0000
AbettaCordura Round Skirt Saddle15.0000
CTK saddleryTA0005-A and GR002015.0000
CashelSoft Saddle and Pad14.0000
CCi Saddle ShopImus 4-Beat Saddle15.0000
WintecYouth Synthetic Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Style Saddle15.0000
Royal KingClassic Distance Rider Saddle22.5000
Thornhill SaddlesJorges Canaves Icelandic Trachten15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance23.0000
WintecSynthetic Western with Full Quarter Horse Bars13.0000
StatusSynthetic Swinging Fender Stock saddle13.0000
TuckerTucker Gen. II Endurance wide tree15.0000
Libra EquestrianHackabout Treeless Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited Saddles16 Inch Endurance15.0000
Sydney SaddleworksTreeless Western Saddle15.0000
King SeriesTrekker Neutron Endurance Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesNew Butterfly Gaited Saddle & My Opinion On The DIXIELANDS15.0000
FabtronLady Trail Saddle FA715415.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesGAM01015.0000
Discount Saddle ShopWestern Trail Saddle11.0000
SaddleSmithFlex-Tree Trail Saddle13.0000
King SeriesCordura Saddle11.0000
Henry Miller SaddleryEndurance Model 10515.0000
TuckerGen II Bayou Plantation Trail 15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleWalking Horse Saddle15.0000
Specialized SaddlesSpecialized Saddle International11.0000
BatesKimberley Comfort Seat with Cair15.0000
Ericksen SaddleHunting Saddle15.0000
Black Forest SaddlesAspen (treeless)14.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryHigh Prairie15.0000
TrekkerEndurance Pro15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyStockman12.0000
WintecSynthetic Western Saddle with Semi Quarter Horse Bars14.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesPaso Fino Training Saddle / Gaited Horse Saddle15.0000
AbettaAll Around Cordura Saddle Square Skirt15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWestern Trail Saddle, Gaited Tree15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesSVC001-D35.0000
Hilason SaddleryHST11.0000
Southern Trails SaddleT-159 Trail Saddle15.0000
WintecProstock with Swinging Fenders15.0000
Henry Miller SaddleryOld Timer Saddle15.0000
McCall Saddle CompanyLady Cowhorse - Custom 15.0000
ReinsmanLeather / Cordura Trail13.0000
Ericksen SaddleMountain Saddle15.0000
Steele Saddle CompanySteele Mountaineer Saddle15.0000
CratesMeleta Brown Trail Saddle24.0000
MarcianteTrail/Endurance saddle15.0000
Simco Arabian Working Saddle11.0000
Bob MarshallTreeless Endurance Saddle15.0000
ImusWestern & Endurance15.0000
King SeriesWestern Trail Saddle11.0000
E-Z FitEndurance/ Trail15.0000
E-Z FitEndurance Trail15.0000
Hilason SaddleryWestern Flex-Tree Square Skirt Saddle 24.5000
Big Horn SaddlerySil Cush Flex Endurance Saddle 80913.0000
Circle YOmaha 1554 mfg 2001 and Pheonix 1652 mfg 2004 15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTAF001 D15.0000
Hilason SaddleryGaited Saddle15.0000
Southern Cross SaddleryAustralian Fleece Lined Poley15.0000
Dakota SaddleryGaited Walker Trail Saddle13.0000
Hilason SaddleryWestern Trail Pleasure HSZS1007-1314.0000
SensationTrail Hybrid15.0000
Hilason SaddlerySynthetic Flex Tree Pleasure Saddle HSCS104-1515.0000
Leon LiversageTrail Rider 15.0000
Montana Mountain HorseGH2 Gaited Trail Saddle14.0000
EquiRoyalPro Am Endurance Trail Saddle 14.0000
AbettaArabian Tree Endurance Saddle12.0000
ReinsmanComfort Fit Flex Trail 15.0000
AbettaBrushpopper Wide tree15.0000
Specialized SaddlesAll Models15.0000
IndianAustralian type trail saddle11.0000
SupraSupra TM13.0000
Mary StackTrail Saddle11.0000
Hilason SaddleryTrail Saddle12.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyAustralian Muster Master Saddle13.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTAS001315.0000
Crates2180 Endurance Saddle25.0000
CashelAxis Tree Trail saddle15.0000
CTK saddlerySSS00625.0000
King SeriesKrypton Series Synthetic Western Trail Saddle13.0000
AbettaSerenity/Trinity Endurance Saddle25.0000
AbettaDeluxe Trail Saddle, Flex Tree Aire Grip15.0000
Hilason SaddleryHilason Treeless and Flex Saddle15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless and Flex Saddle15.0000
Casa Dosa15 inch Freedom Trail Saddle14.0000
Hilason Saddlery14\" Endurance14.0000
Sharon SaareLite Endurance Saddle15.0000
Ozark LeatherCordura Round Skirt Trail Saddle15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyMarshal Poley Synthetic W/O Horn (Aussie)12.0000
CTK saddlerySS00515.0000
Big Horn SaddleryThe Ridgeline Trail Saddle (#1663)15.0000
The Australian Stock Saddle CoMuster Master saddle11.0000
WintecAll Rounder Trail Saddle14.0000
James SaddleryNorthern Champion Drafter Full Flap11.0000
Billy Cook SaddleryTrail Saddle 726305512.0000
Southern Trails SaddleT-8006 Elite Series Lady Wade15.0000
Tex TanNorco - Round Skirt - Flex Tree15.0000
JJ MaxwellWeatherly Trail Saddle15.0000
Hilason SaddleryTreeless Saddle HSTO50915.0000
Hilason SaddleryWestern Flex Tree Saddle - HSTT136-1515.0000
Hilason SaddleryHSTT137 Western Flex-tree Round Skirt Saddle 15.0000
Hilason SaddleryHSTT262 - Western Flex-tree Round Skirt Saddle 15.0000
Mountain HorseMHD115.0000
ImusImus 4Beat11.0000
Big Horn Saddlery50111.0000
WintecWestern All Rounder34.3333
TuckerCheyenne Frontier Round Skirt Tooled with Western Rigging & Fenders13.0000
KudaLeather Flex Trail15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Designs15.0000
Circle YChisholm Flex 2 Trail Saddle (Model #2375)15.0000
Steele Saddle CompanyFrontier15.0000
WintecPro Stock Saddle with Swinging Fenders14.0000
TreadstoneTreeless Saddle without Horn15.0000
GreenhawkSynthetic Trail Saddle 11.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySentry Trail Riding Saddle15.0000
Syd HillSuprema Poley15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt - Flexible Gaited Fit 15.0000
Circle S500 WS15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTASA01A15.0000
Jerry Shaw Custom SaddlesCutting Saddle (modified for trail)15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryDouble comfort/cushion ralide flex tree #28812.0000
Imus4 Beat Saddle - Endurance Style12.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyMuster Master 22.5000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesPlantation Saddle15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryCordura 503 14.0000
Hill View FarmsEvolutionary System X, liberty model11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance Style Western Saddle with Horn15.0000
Royal KingRoughout Flex Tree Training Saddle15.0000
TuckerEndurance Trail Saddle Gen II Model15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesPlantation Saddle with Western Fenders15.0000
TorsionExtra Light endurance trail saddle44.5000
AbettaCordura Round Skirt Regular Tree14.0000
Dr. JCordura & Leather Round Skirt Saddle13.0000
CratesArabian Trail Saddle15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryArizona Treeless Saddle11.0000
WintecWestern Trail Saddle with Full QH Bars 11.0000
Black Horse Leatherworks & SaddleryCustom-Made Western Saddle11.0000
ReinsmanElite Trail Flextree15.0000
CTK saddleryTAS018 and SSS00615.0000
Circle YCarlsbad Flex Lite Trail Saddle 237625.0000
TuckerCheyenne Tucker Trail Saddle 12.0000
Big Horn SaddleryEndurance #805 15.0000
JJ MaxwellWood Post Wade Trail Saddle14.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyLeather Rideabout Aussie Saddle15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleComfort Series Secure Trail Saddle T-901015.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTrail Saddles TAS003, TASA01-C, TAS016-E15.0000
ShenandoahDura-Leather Endurance Saddle25.0000
Circle Y6970 El Campo Easy Fit Gaited Trail Saddle15.0000
Fabtron7754S Cross Trail14.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesTAS010A15.0000
Circle Y1998 Endurance Western Saddle14.0000
Henry Miller SaddleryEndurance Model 15.0000
Fred Hookslick fork 15.0000
KudaFlex Trail Saddle15.0000
L\'ApogeeSheepskin Bareback Saddle11.0000
RH HortonCustom Trail Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt Gaited Flex Tree15.0000
Steele Saddle CompanyTrailboss Model11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Medium Oil15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySinclair Hybrid15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWide LT Flexible Gaited Butterfly15.0000
Circle YAlabama Trail Gaiter25.0000
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesWestern 15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Superior Poley w/o horn15.0000
Double H Ranch Saddle ShopAmerican Vaquero15.0000
Martin SaddleryClinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship Trail Saddle15.0000
FabtronLady Flex Trail15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryArizona (Nubuck model)11.0000
Natural Ride\"Sport Model\" & \"Old Style\"15.0000
Kate\'s Saddle SupplyRide About Barcoo Poley15.0000
Circle YJust-B-Natural Tree Free Trail Saddle13.0000
Hill View FarmsAmerican Flex11.0000
AbettaLeather Oak Leaf 14.0000
J. Stead Saddle Co.Wade 16\" trail saddle 15.0000
TuckerBlack Mountain Trail11.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesGMARATON215.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyLongreach Endurance Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesGaited Trail Saddle55.0000
Buffalo SaddleryWestern Trail Saddle11.0000
H R Saddle14.5\" Fits Better Tree Custom15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryTrail Saddle14.0000
Big Horn Saddlery Buckaroo. Flex saddle #169413.0000
Circle YHigh Hope Park and Trail11.0000
Stonewall SaddleryStonewall Classic 16 inch seat14.0000
J. Stead Saddle Co.Wade Saddle23.0000
Black Forest SaddlesPonderosa Town and Country Echo - Synthetic15.0000
Black Forest SaddlesPonderosa Town and Country - Leather15.0000
Lami-CellSynthetic Trail Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesGaited, flex tree trail saddle14.0000
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesRenegade Endurance Saddle25.0000
Hill View FarmsGaited Horse Saddle11.0000
Circle YKenny Harlow Cedar Run Trail Flex2 Saddle15.0000
Mountain HorseMHG8 Tensleep Gaited Cordura15.0000
CTK saddleryTASO16E Endurance style saddle15.0000
CTK saddleryTAS016A Endurance Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt, flex tree11.0000
AbettaDeluxe Trail15.0000
Circle YFlex 215.0000
WintecAll Round Saddle12.0000
Richard WatsonEndurance Lite15.0000
Black Forest SaddlesPonderosa Town and Country Synthetic Saddle23.0000
American-FlexWestern Trail15.0000
American-FlexSD SG Western Trail Saddle15.0000
Synergist SaddlesEndurance Saddle11.0000
WintecComfort Ride23.5000
Allegany Mountain Trail Saddleswww.trailridingsaddles.com15.0000
Black Forest SaddlesPonderosa Ranch15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance with horn11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWestern Trail Saddle11.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryOrion15.0000
Saddle OnlinePremium Leather Western Treeless Horse Saddle 15.0000
TuckerPleasure Trail Saddle15.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanyLeather Maverick15.0000
CTK saddleryTAEND1-C15.0000
Australian Stock Saddle CompanySouthern Cross22.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Plantation15.0000
StunniTreeless Synthetic Saddle12.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt Trail Saddle w/horn11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt Trail Saddle11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Wide LT 16รพ with Horn15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Skirt15.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesWestern Trail Saddle15.0000
Black Forest SaddlesPonderosa Town and Country Echo15.0000
Allegany Mountain Trail SaddlesCascade Wade55.0000
Southern Trails SaddleB-Light Ranch & Trail15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesLight Rider Saddle and Accessories15.0000
Southern Trails SaddleElite Comfort Series T-380015.0000
SimcoRimrock Pleasure14.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesTwo Tone LT Butterfly with Special Tooling15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Synthetic Endurance Saddle11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesPlantation Saddle with Endurance Skirts15.0000
Rogue SaddleryReining/Trail saddle14.0000
Montana Mountain HorseMHD5 - Crossover draft13.0000
Big Horn SaddlerySynthetic Suede Gaited Trail Saddle Model 60612.0000
TuckerTucker High Plains14.0000
Big Horn SaddleryEndurance All Leather13.0000
King SeriesKing Series II King Golden Trail Western11.0000
SedonaTooled Pleasure Saddle13.0000
McCall Saddle CompanySummit15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Light Wide Gaited Horse Tree15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesLight rider Bling with trooper stirrups15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyExmoor (Kimberly) synthetic Australian endurance saddle with horn11.0000
WintecStock Pro15.0000
Dixieland Gaited Saddles16\" flex tree w/ butterfly skirt15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyWizzard Poley 15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesLite Rider Saddle15.0000
Barefoot SaddleryAtlanta, Arizona, Nevada11.0000
Dixieland Gaited Saddles12102015.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWestern saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesPlantation Lite Rider15.0000
JC Martin SaddleryTrail Saddle15.0000
E-Z FitTreeless saddle 15.0000
CTK saddleryTAS00913.0000
Sharon SaareEndurance15.0000
CTK saddleryTASA018-B15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySentry lite (also Wade)15.0000
National Bridle Shop733912.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesThe lite rider15.0000
Circle YEl Campo Gaited15.0000
Buffalo Saddlery3458 western trail/pleasure saddle11.0000
FabtronCross Trail 7752S15.0000
AbettaRound Skirt Trail15.0000
Jay BaumanBuena Vista15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Synthetic Stock SAD 280 25.0000
JT Internationalold timer....but all apply11.0000
Toowoomba SaddleryStock Fender14.0000
Stonewall SaddleryClassic Saddle - 201215.0000
Circle YJust B Natural Treeless Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEndurance round skirt w/ horn flex tree11.0000
Fabtron7152-F (B-Full QH Bars)15.0000
Royal KingRoyal King McKinney Trail Rider Saddle14.0000
ImusEndurance with Fenders15.0000
James SaddleryChampion Cox Poley Australian Stock Saddle15.0000
Casa DosaFreedom West Saddle11.0000
Big Horn SaddleryCordura15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesEnglish Plantation15.0000
Dixieland Gaited Saddles1 Butterfly/1 Endurance15.0000
Circle PLeather All-Around Saddle15.0000
Tex TanTex Flex Live Oak Trail Saddle15.0000
WintecPro Stock CS with Swinging Fenders15.0000
Henry Miller SaddleryEndurance 10515.0000
Brenda Imus4 Beat12.0000
Sharon SaareEndurance/Trail Saddle15.0000
Circle YEldorado 15.0000
RS Saddlerytraining saddle25.0000
TennesseanEndurance Trail Leather Saddle10.0000
Sycamore Creek SaddlesSSC00515.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySinclair Lite Plantation Trail Saddle15.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyThe Legend Australian Saddle15.0000
Billy Cook Saddlery177911.0000
Tahoe TackTahoe Bad to the Bone Pleasure Trail Saddle15.0000
Martin SaddleryAll Around Saddle13.0000
CTK saddleryTAS015 - B11.0000
James SaddleryUniversal Pattern Military Saddle11.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesButterfly Light Rider45.0000
TN SaddlerySynthetic Trail Saddle15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesD9U/ Butterfly15.0000
Specialized Saddlesendurance11.0000
Big Horn Saddlery1637 Voyager11.0000
TuckerTucker equitation endurance15.0000
AbettaAbetta endurance15.0000
Circle YKentucky Trail Gaiter15.0000
CratesCrates Trail Meleta Brown15.0000
Crates#238-4 Trail12.0000
Black Forest SaddlesRosewood treeless11.0000
Down Under Saddle SupplyKimberley Outback Australian Saddle15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryWade Extra Wide15.0000
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