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Western Saddle Fittings/Pads

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Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating
CashelTrail Kit14.0000
SaddleRightWestern All Around Saddle Pad23.5000
Professional\'s ChoiceWestern SMX Girth15.0000
MustangSouthwest Design Pad15.0000
Team EquineTherapeutic Extreme15.0000
ReinsmanTacky Too Square Western Saddle Pad15.0000
IndianWestern Saddle23.0000
Mary\'s Custom Saddles & TackCustom Working Horse Western Saddle23.0000
ReinsmanContour Fit Tacky Pad15.0000
ToklatNavajo Show Pad14.0000
EquipedicWestern and Endurance Saddle Pads15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Western Cinch24.0000
Team EquineTE Therapeutic Extreme Saddle Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceProfessional\\\'s Choice SMX Western Cinch15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMx Breast Collar24.0000
Rider\'s ChoiceParelli Type Suede Bareback Pad15.0000
White Eagle Saddle Pad Co.Western Legend Series Saddle Pad45.0000
Team EquineHand woven wool with therapeutic insert15.0000
State Line TackDiamond Mine Blanket15.0000
ToklatBuilt Up Cut Back Premium Southwest Pad15.0000
Mayatex30 x 30 Hogan15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceAir Ride SMX All Around Pad14.0000
Tod SloneWool Felt Saddle Pad15.0000
SaddleRightSuede All Around15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceAir Ride OrthoSport Pad24.5000
EquipedicWestern Reiner / Roper Pad23.0000
ReinsmanTacky Too Saddle Pad94.0000
Ortho EquineMarlene McRae Special Effx Barrel Cinch15.0000
WonPadSaddle Pad 15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceAll Around Saddle Pad14.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride Western Saddle Pad13.0000
SkitoSkito Treeless Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceElan SMX AirRide Saddle Pad12.0000
MayatexCutter Saddle Pad11.0000
SaddleRightWestern Felt Pad25.0000
Classic EquineContourFlex Saddle Pad25.0000
EquipedicEndurance Saddle Pad43.5000
CashelReverse Wedge Saddle Pad14.0000
Hilason SaddleryAnti-Slip Pad for Western/Trail/Barrel Saddles12.0000
Brenda ImusHave a Heart Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Western Girth15.0000
Impact GelNavajo Saddle Pad w/ Fleece Bottom15.0000
WhitzFoam Saddle pad13.0000
Cody BrandPatriotic Cross Concho Breast Collar15.0000
SaddleRightEndurance Saddle Pad (leather)15.0000
ReinsmanMicrosuede Tacky Too Contour Pad15.0000
5 StarWool Contoured Premium Roping Pad15.0000
MayatexCoronado Saddle Blanket 15.0000
Ortho EquineMarlene McRae Special Effx Western Girth11.0000
Weaver LeatherSmart Cinch34.6667
Charmayne James Air Ride Barrel Pad11.0000
White Eagle Saddle Pad Co.Frontier Series, High Plains15.0000
Impact GelEquine Contour Saddle Pad15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySupra Cinch35.0000
Impact GelWestern Contour Pad53.4000
ThinlineStandard Thickness Western Pad15.0000
SaddleRightWool Felt All Around Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceAXW Western Pad15.0000
Leg SaverStirrup Swivels15.0000
CSI Saddle PadsExtreme Performance Pad With Flex Plates 3/4\\\"15.0000
ReinsmanRoper Delight Contour Pad15.0000
Weaver LeatherSmart Cinch Mohair Straight Girth 11.0000
Big Horn SaddleryTuffy Neoprene Cinch15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryTuffy Swayback Pad15.0000
ReinsmanContoured Tacky Too Saddle Pad25.0000
Weaver LeatherSmart Cinch - Mohair25.0000
ReinsmanMicro Suede Tacky Too 15.0000
Innovative Handmade Horse TackLittle Joe Bareback Saddle Pad24.5000
Diamond WoolSaddle Pad with netting on the bottom11.0000
Crooked StirrupsLight Stirrups15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceCharmayne James SMX Barrel Pad12.0000
Lami-CellSynthetic Nubuck Saddle Pad15.0000
EquipedicFull Size Western Saddle Pad15.0000
Easycare, IncE-Z Ride Nylon Stirrup with Safety cage25.0000
Felt RiteAir Flow Neoprene Shock Absorber Saddle Pad11.0000
Len BrownThe CorrecTOR Saddle Pad25.0000
AbettaCordura Saddle Pad 1328115.0000
Jose OrtizMohair Cinch11.0000
Ortho Equine Marlene McRae Special Effx Western Girth11.0000
Crest Ridge SaddlerySupra-Cinch15.0000
SaddleRightEndurance All Suede Saddle Pad13.0000
ThinlineWestern Saddle Pad15.0000
ReinsmanTacky Too Western Saddle Pad25.0000
Country SupplyEqui-Herc Pads13.0000
Diamond WoolWestern Wool Pad15.0000
Cottage CraftSheepsking Half-Pad14.0000
SkitoDry Back Custom Pad15.0000
Derby OriginalsWoven Wool Saddle Blankets22.0000
Ortho EquineCloud Pad 13.0000
Equine Comfort ProductsDeluxe Western Sheepskin Seat Saver15.0000
Crooked StirrupsRoper Stirrups15.0000
Crooked StirrupsDeep Roper Original Finish15.0000
Griffith SaddleryQuilted Pad15.0000
El CompaneroBareback Rider25.0000
CashelLong Tush Cushion24.5000
Weaver LeatherNeoprene Straight Smart Cinch14.0000
5 Star7/8\" 100% Wool Contoured Saddle Pad25.0000
Diamond WoolRanch Pad 1\" wool felt15.0000
Crooked StirrupsWestern Bell Crooked Stirrups15.0000
Diamond WoolWool Saddle Pad 11.0000
Classic EquineESP Felt Top Saddle Pad15.0000
Crest Ridge SaddleryContour Pad15.0000
Pro-CraftGravity Buster Saddle Pad15.0000
Ride \'n LiteOrthopedic Saddle Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride Saddle Pad23.0000
ReinsmanContour Liner 29 x 30 14.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride Charmayne James Saddle Pad23.0000
Triple ESquare Saddle Pad12.0000
SupracorWestern Saddle Pad25.0000
ReinsmanMicrosuede TackyToo Bareback Pad14.0000
Len BrownCorrecTOR Saddle Pad25.0000
MayatexWool Saddle Blanket - Pink and Turquoise 15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceNeoprene Roper Cinch15.0000
Circle YVelocity14.0000
Professional\'s Choice20X Saddle Pad in Black/Tan15.0000
CSI Saddle PadsSaddle Pad23.0000
Sports MedicineSMX 20X Saddle Pad 34X36 Heavy Duty14.0000
Little JoeLittle Joe Bareback Pad15.0000
Charmayne JamesAir Ride Barrel Pad15.0000
Classic EquineESP Contoured Saddle Pad15.0000
Impact GelPlantation Pad 100% Wool12.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceRoper Girth15.0000
WonPadFlex Vent Won Pad 1\"15.0000
Crestwood SaddlerySupra Cinch15.0000
Classic EquineESP Saddle Pad (memory foam)15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMx Air Ride Saddle Pad + Sheepskin Girth14.0000
Impact GelCowhide Pad 32\" long 3/4\" thickness black and white15.0000
Diamond WoolWestern Saddle Pad15.0000
CashelFelt Saddlepad Liner15.0000
CSI Saddle PadsSaddle Pad with Flex Plates21.5000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Cinch (Straight)15.0000
Horse.comGazelle Saddle Pad11.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride Charmayne James Barrel Pad13.0000
EA MattesEndurance Pad (sheepskin premium)15.0000
BuckarooNylon and Leather Off Billets and Latigo Straps15.0000
Ozark LeatherTie Strap15.0000
Riata Leather5002 Rawhide Braided Breast Collar15.0000
5 StarContoured pad 30x30 1 inch thick15.0000
ThinlineWool Western Style15.0000
ReinsmanBuilt-Up Microsuede Saddle Pad (Ice Blue)15.0000
Classic EquineSoft Touch Cinch14.0000
RU HorseCrystal Breastcollar13.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Sport\'s Pad13.0000
Limpet SaddleArizona Western Pad11.0000
Crest Ridge Saddlery4 Point All Terrain Gaited Horse Breast Collar15.0000
5 Star7/8 \" Horse Contour Wool Felt Saddle Pad 32\" X 32\" Full Skirt15.0000
Montana Mountain HorsePulling Breastcollar (black leather, no tooling)15.0000
Cutter CollectionCoranado15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceRoper Elite Pad22.5000
5 StarPremium Contoured Saddle Pad11.0000
Weaver LeatherMohair Smart Cinch13.0000
Tack Outlet SuperstoreSaddle11.0000
Dixie MidnightNo-Sweat Vent Pad OS-101, 34\"x36\"15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceCharmayne James Ortho Sport Barrel Pad33.3333
5 StarCutout Saddle Pad14.0000
Champion TurfRawhide Covered Western Stirrups14.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesGaited Saddle15.0000
Weaver LeatherSmart Cinch - Mohair Roper Style23.0000
ThinlinePro Ride Felt Western Saddle Pad - no shims15.0000
EquipedicWestern Saddle Pad12.0000
Professional\'s Choice20X Mohair Roper Cinch15.0000
WonPadWon Pad 1\\\" 25.0000
5 Star7/8\" Contour Pad15.0000
Country SupplyPro Craft Felt Lined Cinch15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceTwenty X Elite Roper Pad23.0000
ToklatCoolback Western Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMx Air Ride Western Barrel Pad12.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesLeather Covered Aluminum Stirrups11.0000
Port LewisPad System15.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesAluminum Gaited Trail Stirrups11.0000
Big Horn SaddleryTuffy Round Saddle Pad15.0000
Weaver LeatherGetta Grip Contoured Saddle Pad14.0000
Clinton AndersonPRS Pad43.7500
ChristSheepskin Bareback Pad11.0000
ReinsmanWool Saddle Pad 1 Inch15.0000
Timberline Saddle CompanySouthern Comfort 15.0000
Mustang1738 Cutter Pad15.0000
CSI Saddle PadsFlex-Plate Saddle Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride All Around Orthosport15.0000
Classic EquineCSC100 100% Mohair Straight Cinch15.0000
CSI Saddle PadsShort Side Pad15.0000
ReinsmanWool Felt Saddle Pad12.0000
Cowboy JustusMemory Foam Saddle Pad15.0000
Impact Gel3/4 in. Black Contour Pad with Wear Leathers15.0000
Classic EquineFelt ESP Saddle Pad15.0000
Cactus SaddleryCasa Zia Saddle Pad - Blanket12.0000
Weaver LeatherBack Cinch12.0000
Classic EquineESP Felt Top Round Pad15.0000
Diamond Wool1\" Wool Felt Pad15.0000
AbettaAction Stealth w/memory foam seat15.0000
CashelBlack Canvas Saddle Bags13.0000
ToklatCoolback Bareback Pad13.0000
4T SaddleryBarrel Saddle21.0000
ReinsmanSway Back Saddle Pad15.0000
Showman SaddleryWool Contour Barrel Pad with Padded Bars 15.0000
Impact GelStraight Back western saddle pad15.0000
Billy Cook SaddleryJamie Show Rainbow Wool Saddle Pad15.0000
Weaver Leather27-Strand Mohair Roper Cinch15.0000
5 StarSquare skirt 3/4\" wool contour trail pad15.0000
ReinsmanTacky Too Contour Saddle Pad63.3333
Lami-CellBrown Western Saddle Pad11.0000
EquipedicWestern Pad11.0000
CavalloFull Monty Western Saddle Pad25.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMx H.D (Heavy Duty) Air Ride Pad15.0000
Weaver LeatherAirFlex Straight Cinch24.5000
CashelTack Tack Non-Slip Under Pad15.0000
Downunder HorsemanshipPRS Saddle Pad - Felt Top & Bottom15.0000
Weaver LeatherMohair 27-Strand Straight Cinch15.0000
Hilason SaddleryFlex Tree Barrel Saddle13.0000
Diamond WoolSuede and Wool Western Bareback Pad15.0000
Classic Equine100% Alpaca Roper Cinch15.0000
4T SaddleryJamie Tatum Saddle and Business11.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride13.0000
ReinsmanSharon Camarillo Sure Fit Orthopedic Pro Pad12.0000
BaretekWestern Bareback Pad11.0000
Classic EquineCRCA / 100% Alpaca Roper Cinch15.0000
Weaver LeatherAirflex Cinch11.0000
SkitoDry Back \"Equalizer\" Saddle pad15.0000
Weaver LeatherAll Purpose Contoured Saddle Pad14.0000
SaddleRightWestern Deluxe Saddle Pad25.0000
Diamond WoolApache Saddle Pad / Cutter Style Pads11.0000
Henderson Western SaddleWade tree saddle15.0000
Weaver LeatherNeoprene SmartCinch11.0000
Classic Equine100% Mohair Roper Cinch11.0000
Western Saddle SeatGel saddle seat cushion11.0000
CashelWestern to English Converter15.0000
5 Star1-1/8\" wool contoured round skirt barrel pad 30x3015.0000
Saddlery Trading CompanyTwisted Stockman Stirrups15.0000
5 Star7/8 \"thick\" Full Skirt, natural color14.0000
Classic EquineESP Wool Top Saddle Pad24.5000
5 Star3/4\" Wool Pad15.0000
Cactus SaddleryCactus Roper Felt 3/4 in15.0000
Big Horn SaddleryEquigrip Wither Relief Pad15.0000
Professional\'s ChoiceSMX Air Ride All Around Saddle Pad24.5000
Crest Ridge SaddleryFelt Saddle Pad12.0000
CSI Saddle PadsWestern Flex Panel Saddle Pad12.0000
CSI Saddle PadsDeluxe Flex Plate Western Pad12.0000
WonPad1\" Flex Vent15.0000
ToklatWoolback Endurance Pad15.0000
Classic EquineBioFit Correction Pad15.0000
Easycare, IncAluminum Stirrup with Cage15.0000
Classic EquineVCINCHS / Neoprene Straight Cinch25.0000
Classic EquineCSCA / 100% Alpaca Straight Cinch15.0000
CSI Saddle PadsWestern Pad with Flex plates - rounded skirt11.0000
Triple EBar-J 3/4\\\" Contoured Wool Felt Pad25.0000
CSI Saddle PadsWestern Show Cut 31\"15.0000
CavalloFull Monty Pad14.0000
Weaver LeatherFleece Lined Super Cinch14.0000
Big Horn SaddleryTuffy neoprene 36\" western cinch15.0000
AbettaContour Shock Pad13.0000
CSI Saddle PadsStandard Western Cut25.0000
Classic EquineBiofit23.0000
CTK saddleryGaited horse saddle15.0000
Weaver Leather35-2430 / 100% Mohair 27-Strand Straight Cinch15.0000
SupracorSupracor Rening/Roping pad15.0000
Weaver Leather65-178011.0000
Martin SaddlerySEALUM2 / Engraved Aluminum Stirrup14.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesLight Rider Saddle25.0000
EquipedicEndurance Pad11.0000
WonPad1 in. flex vent11.0000
The Port Lewis Workshop Inc.Port Lewis System13.0000
Dixieland Gaited SaddlesLight Rider Butterfly flex tree 15\"15.0000
Montana CinchaMohair Girth15.0000
EquibrandZFT / Classic Equine Zone Felt / Felt Pad15.0000
EquibrandFCINCH 2S / SensorFlex Fleece Straight Cinch14.0000
Weaver LeatherAir Flex Cinch 32\"15.0000
Len BrownTurn N Burn15.0000
ReinsmanContour Swayback Tacky Too saddle pad11.0000
Diamond WoolSagebrush Cutters Western Saddle Pad15.0000
Royal MesaNew Zealand Wool Show Blanket15.0000
Showman Saddlery# TWR953 Trainer\'s Wither Relief Contoured Saddle Pad12.0000
CSI Saddle PadsCSI Saddle Pad15.0000
BAR H EQUINE25712 / Filigree Hair-On Tripping Collar15.0000
Classic EquineCRCB / Blended Roper Cinch15.0000
Reinsmantacky too sway back pad15.0000
Manufacturer Product Num Reviews Avg Rating