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Date Manufacturer Product Read It! Category Rating
0000-00-00Alamo SaddleryRoughout Training SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Alamo SaddlerySilver Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[3]
0000-00-00Alamo SaddleryBasket Oakleaf/Tooled Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2005-12-21Alamo SaddleryBasket Oakleaf/Tooled Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[2]
2007-07-04Alamo SaddleryBasket Weave and Tooled Equitation SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Alamo Saddlery1051-15\"ReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-10-04ATECSilver Show Saddle #296-350ReadShow Saddles[2]
2011-06-29Big Horn SaddleryShow SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-06-29Billy Cook Saddlery3507 Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-09-17Billy Cook SaddleryCustom Equitation SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Billy Cook SaddleryYouth Show Saddle -- 3298ReadShow Saddles[1]
0000-00-00Billy Cook SaddleryWestern Pleasure/Equitation saddleReadShow Saddles[4]
2006-12-27Billy RoyalClassic Work SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2009-11-20Billy RoyalWestern Show saddle (dark oil)ReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-12-27Billy RoyalRoughout SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-02-01Blue RibbonCustom Show Saddle 219AReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-02-06Blue RibbonDowdy Work SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-12-27Blue RibbonBlue Ribbon Seat/Horsemanship SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2004-01-05Blue Ridge SaddleryShow Saddle PackageReadShow Saddles[3]
2005-10-27Bona AllenCustom SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-08-21Broken HornEquitationReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Broken HornCustom Saddle #1437ReadShow Saddles[5]
2005-01-31Buffalo SaddleryWestern Pleasure/Roping Show PackageReadShow Saddles[1]
0000-00-00Buffalo SaddleryCustom Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[4]
0000-00-00BufordShow SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Cactus SaddleryCustom Saddle on Barrel TreeReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-12-01Champion TurfCustom Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-01-21Circle YWestern Pleasure Show Saddle 1396-4 ReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-08-20Circle YWestern Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Circle YVintage Show Saddle 2511068223ReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Circle YArab SaddleReadShow Saddles[1]
0000-00-00Circle YEntry Level Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[2]
2010-12-22Circle YArabian Equitation SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-12-29Circle YPark and TrailReadShow Saddles[5]
2012-06-02Circle YFloridaReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-04-27Circle Y3680 Florida, light oilReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-03-10Circle YDel Ray-Flex2 Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[4]
2004-03-26CowlingsSuperior Showtime ReadShow Saddles[2]
2007-09-09RS SaddleryRoughout Training SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-04-23Dakota SaddleryEquitation Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-02-26Dale ChavezWestern Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-03-03Dale ChavezSan Simeon QH Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2012-11-19Dale ChavezShow SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-03-28Dixieland Gaited SaddlesShow SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-06-16Dixieland Gaited SaddlesWestern Saddle with round skirting and silver addedReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-06-25Elite SaddleryReiner / Show Saddle ReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Henry Miller SaddleryBuena Vista and Old TimerReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-07-18HerefordWestern 15\"ReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-02-15Hilason SaddleryWestern Show Pleasure Trail Saddle HSZE104-15ReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00JTI-Billy RoyalWestern Pleasure SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2009-12-08Kathy\'sSantana Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Kieffer MunchenMonarchReadShow Saddles[5]
2005-09-05Mary\'s Custom Saddles & TackShow Halters, Headstalls, Show Saddles & TackReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-05-16Mary\'s Custom Saddles & TackWestern saddles, halters, bridles, reinsReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-01-13Mary\'s Custom Saddles & TackShow SaddleReadShow Saddles[1]
0000-00-00MeridianArab Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-10-15Ortho-FlexCutbackReadShow Saddles[2]
0000-00-00Raymond Blevins SaddlesCustom Designed Western Gaited Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[4]
2011-02-12Raymond Blevins SaddlesTrophy SaddlesReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-09-08ReinsmanDeluxe Show Saddle (4500-170W)ReadShow Saddles[5]
2009-12-03Rocking RShow SaddleReadShow Saddles[3]
2007-07-10Rocking TRoper-Custom with Extra Wide TreeReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-03-09Showman SaddleryWestern Pleasure Saddle 16 InchReadShow Saddles[4]
2007-09-24Showman SaddleryWestern Pleasure 16\\\" Silver Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[2]
0000-00-00Showman SaddleryShowman show #5328 & 5325ReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Showman SaddleryShow Saddle ReadShow Saddles[3]
2006-11-27Showman Saddlery16\\\" Silver Trim SaddleReadShow Saddles[4]
2007-05-05Showman SaddleryWestern Pleasure Silver Tooled Show (model 5328-16)ReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-02-13Showman SaddleryShow Saddle ReadShow Saddles[4]
0000-00-00Showman Saddlery5328 Showman Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-03-16Silver RoyalPremier Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[4]
2007-09-25SimcoWestern PleasureReadShow Saddles[4]
2010-09-19Stallion TackTraining SaddleReadShow Saddles[4]
0000-00-00Steve FlickCustom Western Pleasure SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-10-22Steve FlickCustom Western Pleasure SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Sulphur River SaddleryWorking Cow Horse / Cutting SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
2006-02-15Tex TanItem #08-1585-14BKU DistinctionReadShow Saddles[1]
2007-09-24Tex TanImperial Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[5]
0000-00-00Tex TanImperial Show SaddleReadShow Saddles[1]
0000-00-00Tex TanFlex Show Saddle TF1560ReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-02-19Tex TanImperialReadShow Saddles[4]
2012-08-25Tex TanAQHA Collection Deep PocketReadShow Saddles[5]
2007-10-24VictorVictor Equitation ModelReadShow Saddles[5]
2011-11-12VictorCustom ReadShow Saddles[5]
2009-12-28Western RawhideKelso Saddle with Semi Quarter Horse BarsReadShow Saddles[5]
2010-06-15Woods\' WesternRough out training saddleReadShow Saddles[5]
Date Manufacturer Product Read It! Category Rating