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Manuf / ModelRating
Beetle Hackamore
Big Bend Saddlery Santiago Slobber Leathers, Basket Stamped
Bitless Wonder Indian Rope Hackamore Bosal Sidepull
Bitless Wonder Indian Rope Hackamore Bosal Sidepull
Black Swamp Leather Beta Split Reins
Brenda Imus Comfort snaffle bit
Brenda Imus/Gaits of Gold Comfort Snaffle Bit
Buckaroo Leather Split Reins
Champion Turf Equiptment Romal Reins
Chick's Harness Leather Reins 1/2 inch Width
Circle Y Saddles Reins 5/8" x 7 1/2'-Brass Trigger Snap
Double Diamond Halter Company, Inc. Product #4800 Split Reins
Equibrand BR58BLL / Barrel Reins
Francois Gauthier Collection Medium Port Short Cheek Aluminum Bit
Goodwater Bits Cowboy Kimberwick - low port
Gordon Hayes Gordon Hayes Sliding Gag Bit (long shanks)
Imus Comfort Bit Imus Comfort Bit
John Lyons Nylon Reins
John Lyons Full Cheek Copper Snaffle Bit
John Lyons Signature Reins
Jose Ortiz 5/8" Horsehair Mane hair Mecate
JT International Tough-1
Ken McNabb Tack Black Snap End Reins
Les Vogt Performaz Argentine Snaffle
Martha Josey Round Barrel Reins
Martha Josey Knotted Parachute Barrel Racing Reins
Martha Josey Knotted Parachute Barrel Racing Reins
Martin Saddlery 5/8 Split Reins
Martin Saddlery Hand Braided Nylon Roping Rein
Martin Saddlery Barrel Rein
Martin Saddlery WRR58CHD / Roping Reins
Martin Saddlery BR78B5LK / 7/8 " Barrel Rein
Martin Saddlery BR5BBM / Reins
McMaster Custom Tack Matching Headstall/Breastcollar Set
Mikmar Training Bit
Myler Low Port Bit with 7 inch shanks
Myler Comfort Snaffle w/center barrel and 5" shanks
Myler Mouth HBT Shank
Myler Comfort Snaffle
Myler Bit Short Shank Comfort Snaffle, Wide Barrel Roller with Copper Inlay
Myler Bits 333 Ported Barrel Bit
Myler Bits 43LP-mouthpiece, short shank bit
Myler Bits Combination Bit 89-31044
Oklahoma Silver Conchos All
Parelli Horseman's Reins
Parelli Rein Leathers
Professional's Choice Avila Collection Bit
Reinsman Smooth Mouth Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit
Reinsman Little "S" Hackmore
Reinsman Split Reins
Reinsman Split Reins
Reinsman Jim Warner Hackamore
Reinsman 3/4" Cowboy Button Split Reins
Reinsman Leather Reins
Riata Leather 3012 Split Reins with Knotted Rawhide
Sawtooth Saddle Company 3/4" Water Tie Split Reins
Schutz Bros. Harness Leather Split Reins
Schutz Brothers 3/4" Split Reins
Schutz Brothers, Inc. Oiled Harness Leather Reins
Sliester Competitor Series
Sliester Bit and Spur Co. #83 Eggbutt Snaffle with Sweet Iron Mouthpiece
Sliester Bits and Hackamores Various Models
Sliester Bitys and Spurs 32
Snaffle Bit D-Ring Sweet Iron with Copper Inlay
Sulphur River Saddlery Split Reins
Tack Stop Extra Thick Colored Barrel Racing Reins
Toklat Myler 5" Western D Ring Comfort Snaffle
Triple E Custom Colored Poly Reins
Weaver Poly Barrel Reins
Weaver Leather Single-Ply Heavy Harness Reins 5/8"x8'
Weaver Leather Single-Ply Heavy Harness Split Reins, 1/2" x 8'
Weaver Leather Latigo Split Reins with Twist Back Ends, 3/4" x 7'

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