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Omega Fields
Omega Horseshine
Horse Health and Well Being

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Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: I have horses with bad feet, so I was trying to find an inexpensive supplement with biotin. I found this at TSC for about $32 for a bag that would last around 3 months for one horse. The price was right so I decided "why not," even though I couldn't find anything stating the actual concentration of biotin.

Likes: I like the price. Supplements are expensive, and this one is a great price. I wish I could say I liked more about it, but I don't.

Dislikes: I put four horses on this supplement for a total of five months, to give the biotin time to work: a 10 year old OTT thoroughbred who is reschooling (horse 1); a 12 year old paint who is a trail horse (horse 2); a 20 year old OTT thoroughbred broodmare nursing a foal (horse 3) and a 23 year old retired paint (horse 4). Here was what I noticed: Horse 1 did not get a shiny coat as advertised. He stayed healthy throughout the duration, and his hooves seemed modestly better; they cracked, but it was superficial sand cracks, not major quarter cracks. Horse 2 thought it was disgusting and every day dumped her bucket on the ground, then stomped in it. I kept giving it to her, but she kept refusing to eat it. It is 1 cup of supplement per day, and that was too much for her. I saw no improvement in her coat or hooves, but she probably didn't eat much of it, either. Horse 3 ate it without problems, but her hooves did not improve in condition and I saw no difference in her coat, except that she turned a very bright orange when she is normally a brown. She was nursing a foal who also ate some of her food and he also bleached out. His tail even went blond, although he is registered as a dark bay. Lastly, I gave it to horse 4 who has two large quarter cracks in each of his front feet due to uneven weight distribution from the arthritis. His coat did not improve and possibly got worse (but that could have been due to his age), and his feet did not improve. His health worsened, but again, he is quite old.

Quality: This supplement did not do what it claimed to do. I was not sure whether to expect it to improve the hooves, since the concentration of biotin was not given and I figured it was probably less than the 20 mg per day needed to give horses better hooves, but I at least figured that for 1 cup per day of supplement it should have improved their haircoats.

Summary: I was going to give this a two because my OTT TB gelding's hooves modestly improved, but I can't rule out that being that he was no longer being stalled (bedding dries out horse hooves...that's what it is supposed to do, keep the feet dry!), his feet improved. I thought about it again because the price is good, but then thought, "$10 per month is too much to spend on something my horse enjoys stepping on. I could spend a lot less and give her the same enjoyment with a bale of straw." I saw the other reviews...the person associated with the company recommends it (really?), and the other person who actually tried it doesn't. I'm with the latter. There are better supplements out there. Corn oil does a better job for coats and Farnam has a good product for hooves.

Rating: 1

Author: KN

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.42857 out of 5.
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