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Old Mac's Original Boots
Original Style Boots
Horse Boots and Wraps

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Manufacturer: Old Mac's Original Boots (View all products by Old Mac's)

Model: Original Style Boots (View all Original Style Boots reviews)

Category: Horse Boots and Wraps

Purchase: Paid $145 and were they worth every penny??? ABSOLUTELY!!! We had a gelding that foundered and had very ouchy feet. A totally flat footed TB we always had to keep him shod regularly and typically had to pad him or put on a natural balance shoe for the additional width/shoe protection. Then the whiteline came. We live in Washington and trying to get the whiteline under control meant having to expose the foot to air. Ugh! We kept him on soft surfaces and only turned him out in the arena and applied Keratex to the soles of his feet and hoof wall. Keratex is also an amazing "hardening" product. He wasn't rideable in the arena even... one little pebble with those thin soles and it was stone bruise city! Out of desperation, I came to know about Old Macs. An endurance rider I knew was using them and I figured they were worth a try. Our gelding went from sore to sound once the boots were on. Then, came the ripping around the pasture with utter glee! We rode him successfully with Old Macs without slipping or any lameness. He was an older horse with some arthritis... the boots helped with cushioning his rides and he was super comfortable. With Old Macs we were able to get him all the way barefoot, get rid of the whiteline and he never saw shoes again! We saved a TON of money on shoeing being we were shoeing him in natural balance, with pads... about $140 a set. The Old Macs paid their way the very first 8 weeks! That gelding was an amazing soul! We laid him to rest on our property and hung up his boots for good!

Likes: Super durable and cushy for the horse. Good traction and very easy to get securely on.

Dislikes: Since these were the original Old Macs boots (they now have the G2 Series) they were much wider. The new G2 has been narrowed a bit. Sometimes he would brush the inside of the boots together. If you have a horse with a wider foot... go with the G2 boots. Also, they now have a pastern sock that you can purchase with the boot. I highly recommend it. A horse with sensitive could be chafed. There were times we left the boots on for 48 hours to give him relief while we were transitioning him (not recommended by the manufacturer, FYI). When we had to do that the skin got a little irritated, so we had to come up with a "little extra comfort." We used to vet wrap in a maxi-pad around the bulb of his heals (under the straps) for extra skin relief. With the development of the Old Mac's pastern socks... you don't have to be pioneers like we were!!! I highly recommend adding the socks to your order... you will used them when you are on long rides or use the boots multiple days in a row.

Quality: I couldn't possibly imagine a means of destroying these boots. You could break a buckle??? They are made to wear like iron and have lots of tread to wear through before buying another pair. I, personally, haven't heard of anyone going through a pair of them. If you were riding endurance you might... but then again... you are going through shoes lightening fast which costs a lot more than replacing a set of Old Macs every once in a while!

Summary: Don't even think about it... RUN to the store and buy them. They are worth every red cent!

Rating: 5

Author: Lake Stevens Trail Gal

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.54545 out of 5.
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