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B.T. Crump Company
Prix de Saute
Close Contact Saddles

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Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: I was looking for a new saddle so I went to a local tack shop called "Jack's Tack Shop" over in Dublin Ohio. He was selling a used 16 1/2 reg tree saddle. I really liked the close contact feel!! It was perfect for what I needed. He sold it to me for $300.00

Likes: WOW! When I brought my "new" used saddle to the barn for the first time, she said "Oh My Goodness! I had this saddle when I was your age!!" The saddle was made in the 70's and was soo popular back then. She even had hers from the 70's when she bought it. I could not believe how well they hold up! I had looked so much to find a reasonable saddle, and it really paid off! The saddle really takes oil and conditioner well!!! The leather is so flexible from conditioning! Be careful to let it dry very good before putting it away.. does get moldy because of older leather and dampness. I use this saddle on my two quarter horses. One is 15'2 with very narrow shoulders, so the narrow twist/close contact feel to the saddle fits her very nice. The other is a 14'2 large pony. He has a small stomach... was bred for reining. It fits him wonderful as well=). I do lots of riding in it! In the summer I usually ride in to for around 2hrs everyday. Mostly jumping, flat work daily. It really has a correct seat for both jumping and equitation. That is another reason why I really like it!

Dislikes: When I first saw the saddle its color was sort of a deep brown/ cigar/ oakbark color. It was faded parts on the saddle but it didn't mind that much to be based on how well it rode. There was a name plate taken off.. which left 2 holes=( Could have easily replaced though. Also This saddle does not have any knee support, making it uncomfortable to jump. I also didn't like the padding in the seat. It was very uncomfortable. It almost felt like wood with leather on top of it=( I wasn't sure if they were made like this back then but maybe it was because of a lot of wear in the saddle... although my trainer's saddle was the same way. I've also noticed that the leather really fades over the years of riding. Now it is a deep brown and can barely noticed. I only used this saddle for a open shows, P.A.S. shows, fair,IEA shows and state fair. I used a different one for more formal shows. The leather is kind of hard to match when buying all of the extras.

Quality: The leather is unbelievable! I had a "jaw-dropper" when I heard it was around 35years old. The leather has darkened quite a lot after oiling and conditioning it. It was not oiled regularly because of how old it was and how much it had already been oiled. Like I said before... The saddle is quite uncomfortable. It would probably not be great for a long trail ride or super long ride. I have sat in nicer saddles to be honest. The seat it very flat which I love because of the types of riding I do. The string on the flap where the stirrup leathers rub has completely been undone. Same with the stitching but the seat (halfway between cantle and pommel) I did expect this since most saddles do not last this long. It fits a variety of horses.. Wide draft crosses to narrow thoroughbreds and ponies. Amazing=)

Summary: A great saddle! Perfect for pleasure riding or just hacking around at home and even small shows! If you want to save money and all the painful breaking in of a new saddle, try looking for a slightly used one. Keep your eyes open! Ebay is a great option too! Since I paid a small amount on my saddle I expected it to be poor quality but it really wasn't! Trust me saddles come around!!

Rating: 5

Author: Jane

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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