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Banbridge Waterproof Turnout Sheet

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Manufacturer: Eous (View all products by EOUS)

Model: Banbridge Waterproof Turnout Sheet (View all Banbridge Waterproof Turnout Sheet reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I purchased this 75' turnout sheet from an online store called Living in Michigan, temperatures can swing 40+ degrees in a 24 hour period, so in the spring and fall I need an "in-between" sheet for when my winter blanket is too heavy but no blanket is not enough; plus it's nice having a rain/wind-proof sheet for those crummy spring and fall days. I paid $74.99 plus shipping for this sheet.

Likes: There are several things I really like about this blanket: * Overall construction is fantastic. All of the buckles/fasteners/straps are heavy-duty, and they're all sewn in and reinforced to the body of the blanket in a VERY solid manner. * 1200 denier rip-stop exterior has held up extremely well - my horse is second to the bottom in the pecking order of her herd of 10, and other than some dirty spots there's no sign of wear and tear. * Cool-dry lining keeps 95% of the sweat off my horse on those spring days that get a little warm. Or, on days when it's cooler and I've worked her into a good sweat, I can throw the sheet on her for cool-down and it helps wick the moisture away quicker than open-air drying would. * Ease of movement it provides my horse. Roomy shoulders (no gussets needed) give her free range of motion on her front end, and heavy-duty elastic hind leg straps keep the sheet in place when she lays down, rolls, runs, etc without getting in her way. * It's COMPLETELY waterproof. It recently rained for 2 days straight, and though she has constant access to shelter she was outside in the rain while all the other unblanketed horses were inside. When I pulled her blanket off, she was bone-dry underneath. No center seam along the back to let water in. * I LOVE the color! I purchased the navy and raspberry sheet, and it's very eye-catching!

Dislikes: There are only a couple of things I don't care for with this sheet: * I'd prefer a permanently affixed tail flap vs. the removable velcro flap that this sheet features. The velcro is pretty substantial (the tail flap layer fits in between two layers of velcro on the tail cut-out area on the sheet), but as with anything velcro that gets exposed to rolling, dirt, manure, rain, other horses, etc, it just doesn't hold up as well as something that's sewn-in. * I feel that the fit is a little short for a 75" sheet. My horse is a pretty standard 76" blanket fit, and this 75" seems to fit her more snugly than I'd expect for a 75". The top of the tail flap area sits well above the top of her tail, so I have to leave the tail flap on at all times to keep her rear covered.

Quality: As mentioned before, I feel that this sheet was made with outstanding quality. From the doubly reinforced stitching to the rubber stoppers on the strap buckles, everything about this sheet is well-made. I have no qualms about using this sheet on my horse as her everyday spring and fall "jacket," and turning around and using it as her "travel jacket" for when I take her to shows.

Summary: Overall I'm extremely pleased with the Eous Banbridge Waterproof Turnout Sheet; it's exceptional quality for a very reasonable price. The only caution I'd pass along would be about sizing - in my opinion the sizing runs a little small, so think about upsizing if your horse is a borderline size. Great quality, great looks, great price!

Rating: 4

Author: RLL

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.3 out of 5.
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