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Del Mar
Del Mar Helmet
English Chaps/Boots/Helmets

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Manufacturer: Del Mar (View all products by Del Mar Helmet Company)

Model: Del Mar Helmet (View all Del Mar Helmet reviews)

Category: English Chaps/Boots/Helmets

Purchase: My uncle signed himself, along with me, for riding lessons. I was very interested in horses and so we went to the local tack-shop to outfit ourselves. After getting boots and breeches, we looked at the helmets. Roughly it was around $50 and we each got one. Obviously he got the bigger size for himself, and a smaller size for me.

Likes: The Del Mar helmet itself is very elegant and refined. With the velvet cover, it would look good in shows as well. It's thick dense foam appears to be able to protect my head well if I fall. Maitnance is low and it stands up to the stress or being kicked around a barn most of the day. At that time, it fit snugly and provided good comfort and protection. It never slipped while I rode and was almost weightless on my head despite the thick foam. The straps on the Del Mar are secure and easily adjustable.

Dislikes: The helmet looked good and nice by itself, but when placed on my head, it fit snugly, but it protruded from my head 2 inches. Even though it was just my size, it made me look ridiculous. The thick foam provided comfort and safety, but it made me appear too little in this humungo black blob on my head. After the summer I went back home and continued my normal life. The next summer I went back, we started riding again. Sadly, my Del Mar was much too small for me and pressed uncomfortably on the sides of my head. I didn't think my head would grow THAT much in a year...I fast do heads grow? My uncle had an infection in his foot and wasn't allowed to ride, so we found his helmet and I tried it on. It fit snugly like my old one had fit the year earlier. My uncle's Del Mar, a few sizes larger, made my head look even more...peculiar. When I was riding I looked like a black mushroom. I still use this Del Mar, despite its physical handicaps. I continue my lessons back at home and I feel it will protect me if I happen to fall in a matter that could hurt me. The inside has a cloth cover Velcro to the foam. The velcro is the sticky kind you put on without glue or sewing. After about a month, all the velcro stickers peeled off and I had to go to the local WalMart to get more velcro to keep the inside covering on. The velvet cover doesn't fit the helmet and slides, leaving a gap in the front or back.

Quality: This Del Mar has a thick high density foam. The outside is covered with a black plastic shell and has large vents. The interior has a covering over the foam that holds on with velcro. The straps are nylon and have a black plastic buckle. The foam is dense and strong, but is weak against continuous pressure. You can create a large dent in the foam with your nail with slow even pressure for a minute. Other then the number of scratches on the foam, the quality is good.

Summary: Security/Protection- Great Appearence- Bad This helmet is very good, comfortable and safe. The only thing that bothers me is it's ugliness on my head and how quickly I grew out of it. It will protect you in schooling, but if the appearence bothers you, better get a helmet that offers both.

Rating: 4

Author: Dream

Date: 2005-07-06

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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