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Horse and Pony Spray
Horse Health and Well Being

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Manufacturer: Gordon's (View all products by Gordon's Horse and Pony Spray)

Model: Horse and Pony Spray (View all Horse and Pony Spray reviews)

Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: I paid $8.95 for a 32 oz. bottle of this fly spray at a local Tractor Supply Co. I bought it because my horse is particulary bothered by a wide range of flies, and the water-based product I was using didn't last more than four hours at a time.

Likes: It worked! My TB actually sighed with relief as I finished spraying him and he realized that he was fly-free. The change from stomping, snorting jitterbug to calm, grazing horse was phenomenal. The instructions recommend applying daily for the first three days, then every 14-21 days. The product did last a couple of days with decreasing effectiveness, but not 14 days. At the upper end of the recommended application amount, you will use 19.5 oz. in 3 days, with enough spray left for 2 more treatments. I used it up in 8 days, but thought it was a fair price for the type of fly control I was getting. It was as easy to apply as any other fly spray. The instructions also recommend brushing after application for even coverage. And boy, did he gleam in the field with that oil on his coat!

Dislikes: Being oil-based, it is extremely greasy. Even hours after application, there was residue. I thought I wouldn't mind this, but I do lots of chores in shorts/T-shirts and it turns out that the grease then ended up all over me (not to mention the brush I used the first time to "even the application" - I used a dry washcloth after that). According to the precautions, this requires a 15-20 min. water rinse for any skin contacted, washing my clothes, and calling the poison control center. Well, I didn't follow up on all that advice, but I still had to keep stopping and washing off various body parts. Also, the oil-build up caused MY horse to develop greasy dander body-wide and lose hair in thin-haired spots (flanks, behind elbows, various spots on face and over some leg bones). The vet confirmed that this was just MY horse's reaction to the spray. If you have a thin-haired horse, you might want to watch for this reaction, though. I shampooed him and put him back on a water-based spray, which took care of the coat condition, but not the flies...

Quality: Horse and Pony Spray comes in a white, rectangular based bottle with molded hand grip and trigger sprayer. The label is a bright yellow sunset, with a horse in a circle. The bottle has an instruction sheet fastened to it with a cellophane sticky tab. The bottle did not tip over and the trigger sprayer worked better than some others I have used. The bottle design provided excellent directional control.

Summary: I miss this product! It definitely works. I wish my horse hadn't reacted to it the way he did. The oil-based nature of this fly spay makes it best for pasture-kept horses with little daily human contact. Or you could wear coveralls, or just not brush up against your horse as much as I do.

Rating: 5

Author: Kristy

Date: 2005-08-07

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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