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Source, Inc
Micronutrients for Horses
Horse Health and Well Being

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Manufacturer: Source, Inc (View all products by Source)

Model: Micronutrients for Horses (View all Micronutrients for Horses reviews)

Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: Various vendors (Jeffers, SmartPak, Stagecoach, etd) for approx. $15-20

Likes: Provides an inexpensive source (no pun intended) of essential micro nutrients missing from our horses' diets due to poor soils and thus deficient feed and hay. For literally pennies a day this product provides trace elements in a palatable form for your horse. You can see the improvement even in a healthy horse, and in an unhealthy one the changes can be astounding!

Dislikes: Not really a negative but more a caveat. Check your iodine levels in existing feed and supplements before feeding Source or any of the Focus line as you do not want to exceed recommended daily limits.

Quality: Sturdy big or little plastic pails and tubs that seal with pressure to keep the product dry and fresh. For the 30lb tub, I take out a 3.5lb tub worth at a time and leave the rest sealed until needed to keep the bulk of it fresher and for convenience of dosing at the barn.

Summary: I own fleshy, plump and even fat racehorses and ex-racehorses. From their young years on the track to their 20's and even one into her 30's, I take pride in seeing them in good weight, strong hooves, shiny coats and gleaming eyes. And when we get a new horse missing those elements, they go on Source. I was introduced to this product by word of mouth from friends who ride their horses long and hard over challenging terrain (competitive distance). I was truly a skeptic when it came to supplements, and aside from a little join supplement here and there for arthritic older jointed horses, I figured a good healthy well balanced feed plan was good enough, and if they were ribby just feed them more. Then my standardbred mare approached her 30's and I sadly saw her drop weight, coat condition and vitality. Aggressive deworming, teeth floating, good shoeing, beet pulp soaking, oil in her diet, she was still missing something. Based on my friend's suggestion, I read reviews, read more reviews, searched for discussions, and then decided for the pennies a day it would cost, I took their money back guarantee to heart and bought a pail. To say the least my mare not only improved but surpassed anything I had seen in her in a very long time. She soon looked half her age, playing in the field, riding with vitality, and feeling her throw a feel-good buck left me laughing in the saddle. Her coat grew soft and shiny, her hooves thick and glossy, her ribs covered again, hips and chest filling back in, her mane and tail like strands of silk. Even the many greys gleamed. And best of all, my super-picky old girl ate this supplement without a fuss! I wish I could attach a photo to show what she looked like in her 30's! Without a doubt, Source helped her get the most out of her good diet and provided things that were missing. With her improving so much, I started feeding it to my other standardbred mare. She was approaching 20, and while she was in good weight I also saw changes in her. Her dark bay coat turned inky black, and looked wet in the sun. Her good hooves became even harder, with a line in the growth and new hoof leaving my farrier sweating to trim. I had to cut her feed back to just a scoop of pellets a day, as she was approaching too fluffy on the weight scale. And another thing I noticed was an absence; neither mare got the seasonal sniffles or allergies anymore. Shortly after my mare passed at 32, a quiet aneurysm out in the pasture, I decided to keep one of our thoroughbreds as my next riding horse. At 4, she had a lean racer body, decent coat and two white feet. Having always worn shoes, I was not sure if Source could overcome the thoroughbred commonality of thin flaky hoof walls, but we were going to try it! Not only has she been barefoot since she came off the track, but we easily ride over rocks, roads, water and inclines. She is a gleaming bright red chestnut, with a mane of vibrant red-orange flame and a dark red chestnut long thick tail. Her little white ankles gleam like socks above two very solid, strong white hooves. Her eyes are bright, coat dappled and very good weight all over her body. I've since fed this to young horses, old horses, thin horses, in between horses and all have benefited. I've been asked by many with horses coming right off the track what I would suggest for weight gain, hoof health, coat health, digestion, and overall better bodies. This is it! Give it a try. It has a money back guarantee, but I've never known anyone who had to use it!

Rating: 5

Author: Jenn S.

Date: 2010-11-17

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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