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Horse Health and Well Being

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Manufacturer: Pierce's (View all products by Pierce's)

Model: NuStock (View all Nustock reviews)

Category: Horse Health and Well Being

Purchase: Bought at $12 a tube. Friend recommended this ointment for shrinking up bad wounds.

Likes: A friend had a horse which had a bad facial laceration. She used this product and it shrunk up the wound rapidly resulting in a small scar no larger than what would have happened if it had been stitched. So after having a horse try to jump over a steel dutch door and landing in the middle, with front legs on the inside, hind legs on the outside by the time we got her off of the door, she was badly lacerated with huge gaping skin folds dangling from her stomach and sides. There was nothing to stitch together since the skin was so badly mangled. I thought we would end up putting the horse down it looked so bad. Thinking we had nothing to lose, we slathered Nustock all over the open skin and what was left of the skin edges. It stuck and stayed on amazingly well. By the next day, the area was crusty and starting to shrink in size. We slathered on a new coat of Nustock every day and with each recoat you could see that the raw wound area was shrinking in size and the edges were starting to get closer to each other. After a week, the raw area that was about the size of a dinner plate in areas had shrunk to only a few inches long and about an inch wide. After 2 weeks, you could hardly tell anything had ever happened as the skin had pulled together. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen and people at the barn were amazed at the recovery. I have used this on similar skin lacerations and it has worked just as well. The only time it failed to work was when used on a wound that had already had significant proud flesh. It seems if you put NuStock on soon after the injury, it keeps the wound from swelling up and seems to dry out the raw area, allowing the surrounding skin to eventually pull together over the raw wound with very little hair loss.

Dislikes: If the wound already has proud flesh this does not seem to help at all. The primary ingredient is sulfur and it stinks like it. It used to be sold in a jar which you had to mix up before using, it seems they have changed to a soft plastic tube form of dispensing now. The idea to put it in a tube would seem reasonable for being able to mix it by squeezing the tube so you would not get your hands stinky. But it is real hard to get it mixed in the tube to an even consistency by squishing the tube. So I end up cutting the plastic tube and spooning it out into a jar with a lid and stirring it up before applying anyway.

Quality: The primary ingredient is Sulfur. A lot of medications have sulfur in it as a listed ingredient, but for some reason, this stuff seems to work better than those for skin lacerations.

Summary: Smells like sulfur = rotten eggs. Works great on major or minor skin lacerations for shrinking wounds up, with very little scar if used before proud flesh develops and as soon after the injury happened as possible. Seems to work by preventing swelling and proud flesh from forming on the raw area and by shrinking the raw area so that the skin edges seem to close together thereby resulting in less of a hairless scar. Does not work on proud flesh.

Rating: 4

Author: CM

Date: 2010-11-25

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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