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CSW 126
Roping Saddles

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Manufacturer: Corriente (View all products by Corriente)

Model: CSW 126 (View all CSW 126 reviews)

Category: Roping Saddles

Purchase: I found the saddle I wanted on the corriente website and ordered my saddle over the phone and had it shipped to me. The shipping was excellent and I received the saddle 30 days after ordering as promised. I paid $95 for shipping.

Likes: I got exactly what I ordered, 16" wade, half breed roughout seat, rounded skirt, bucking rolls. The high back is perfect for when horses get a little bouncey. Thick good quality leather. Came with rear cinch, off billet, and latigo (all good quality). stands up to a lot of abuse.

Dislikes: It is my first wade saddle and I wasn't expecting the gullet to have so little clearance. however I don't know if other wade saddles have little wither clearance also?. if you have a high withered or narrow horse, this saddle will not work on them without a TON of padding and then the saddle slips around. the saddle itself is pretty wide, it is better now that it is broken in, but for anyone with hip problems it wouldn't be a good fit. i've got a couple friends who can't ride in it because of the width.

Quality: there was a small 2" slice in the leather on the seat leather underneath the front latigo holder, not a big deal because that part never gets stressed and it is concealed under the latigo holder but still a little disappointing for a new saddle to have this. the cut was made with a very sharp knife and during construction because of the placement it could not of happened during shipment, someone put this saddle together knowing the seat leather had a slice out of it. saddle fenders seemed like they where different lengths, but the holes punched for stirrup lengths where just put in the wrong places, so on one side it is on 12 and the other it is on 8. this does not effect anything, just gotta be on different settings to be even.

Summary: for the price they are good saddles, but be warned that mine did come with minor construction issues.

Rating: 3

Author: angusfarmsSD

Date: 2011-06-27

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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