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James Saddlery
Champion Cox Poley Australian Stock Saddle
Trail Saddles

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Manufacturer: James Saddlery (View all products by James Saddlery)

Model: Champion Cox Poley Australian Stock Saddle (View all Champion Cox Poley Australian Stock Saddle reviews)

Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: I was reviewing websites out of Australia to have a custom made close fit stock saddle made. I wanted to get back into training again and as an expatriate living outside of Australia I needed to track down what I believed was a reputable saddler that would work with me and deliver a custom saddle not necessarily a saddle straight off the rack and a cookie cutter. After several months I settled on contacting Trevor James from James Saddlery in Brisbane Australia. The saddle i recall at the time was approximately Aud 2,400

Likes: What I particularly like about this saddle is that it closely resembles the old broken gooseneck poley designs that used to be around when i was breaking and starting off young horses about 35 years ago. The last type of these designs you see today would be in the Syd Hill Giltrow saddles. Also no longer made now. Trevor James saddle has a very deep seat with good 5 inch knee pads and 3 inch thigh pads. His saddle differs in the close fit design he has incorporated with the old and tried design features that seem to be out of fashion among todays saddlers. A response to todays market I guess. The close fit enables me to feel what the horse is doing and allows me to use my seat to more effect in signalling the horse as to what I want and getting that response i want in return. In addition it is not only comfortable for the rider but also well fitted for the horse. I use a bates rigg on this saddle for efficiency and security.

Dislikes: Being old fashioned I have been very happy with this saddle and cannot really state that I dont like about its design features. Once again workmanship is of a high quality.

Quality: The leather used is New Zealand saddle leather which i have found to be very supple while maintaining its durability. As with all saddles you need to maintain it otherwise your sizeable investment for a saddle like this is going to be wasted. The stiching is of good quality and is a machine stitch.The brass fittings are durable. Overall the saddle finish is of a much higher quality as you would expect. This is in contrast to the majority of Australian Stock Saddle designs that are manufactured in India to keep the price down which are flooding the market. The end result is if you can afford to pay a little more you will not regret it and over time the money is well spent.

Summary: I am extremely happy with this saddle and have been impressed with Trevor's management of my business. He knew exactly what I wanted and made sure he delivered it. I have been so impressed with his service and quality of product that I have since purchased another 2 saddles from James saddlery including a hybred fender, his MK III revolver model. That is another exceptional quality saddle which deserves a separate review. In short I have been very happy and cannot recommend James saddlery enough. This is especially the case if you are overseas. These people really try. Nice to see.

Rating: 5

Author: Glen G

Date: 2012-11-21

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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