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Turtleneck Premium Horse Clothing
Turtleneck Rain Turtle

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Manufacturer: Turtleneck Premium Horse Clothing (View all products by Turtleneck)

Model: Turtleneck Rain Turtle (View all Rain Turtle reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: I am surprised at the reviews I read here on this particular sheet. I can't help but wonder if they ordered the "Mud Turtle" that is only 600 denier rather then the 1680 denier Rain Turtle. I purchased the Turtleneck Rain Sheet from Dover for around $170 about 10+ years ago, if memory serves. It is not until today that I am looking to replace it.

Likes: We, (my boy and I), have loved this sheet! My guy is a 16hh TB and the fit was perfect in a 78. He is narrow chested, high withers... drop coverage was great, no binding, no rubs and even in rolls the sheet never shifted. It kept it's waterproof abilities for us up until this past year. The 1680 Denier fabric was thick but flexible, not heavy, waterproof and breathable. On coldest days I would switch to an insulated blanket of another brand but have been so impressed with how long this Rain sheet has lasted I have been considering replacing it and adding a liner for colder days. The elastic bellybands and legstraps are a bonus. They eventually need replacing but who can complain after several years of use? It is a beautiful sheet and fit my TB perfectly! He still looks handsome in it. Today, it is a standby stable sheet as it is so old it is faded and beyond waterproofing. But it gave us a good run!

Dislikes: I ordered replacement parts directly from the manufacturer and never received them. The only drawback in construction was the velcro behind the front buckles eventually collected dirt and hair, folded over and caused a slight rub on his chest. The manufacturer stated that they have moved the velcro strip to prevent that from happening since the time of my purchase.

Quality: Fabric shell (1680 denier and coated) and perforated nylon anti-bacterial lining were superb. No sweating and comfortable without the bulk. Construction over-all was excellent. After 10+ years the elastic neckline has lost it's spring, but who can complain on this timeline? No rips, no seams coming undone, what more can one say on construction? Other than the velcro issue no rubs and a clean horse with no shavings or dirt collected under his sheet. OH! And there are slits in back of the side flaps where you can reach in and remove any hair balls that might accumulate during laundering. That was an unexpected bonus! I wish all the manufacturers would think of this.

Summary: We have loved this sheet and the protection it has given over the years. Granted, my guy is rambunctious but easy on sheets as he has the common sense not to tear up something he loves! Yes, he's special. lol. And deserves the best. Just a word of advice. If you order this sheet, go ahead and order the replacement parts in spite of the "kit" that comes with it as it is only half of what you will need years down the road.

Rating: 5

Author: HandsomeChestnut

Date: 2012-12-22

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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