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County Saddlery
Dressage Saddles

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Manufacturer: County Saddlery (View all products by Unknown)

Model: Fusion (View all n/a reviews)

Category: Dressage Saddles

Purchase: $3895 from a fitter that my original fitter pushed me off onto. I was a "trainer" with County, meaning I get discounts to help me buy a saddle by generating sales leads for them. Basically a pyramid scheme. I had to sell close to 10 saddles to get one for free, however I only got two saddles each at half price. The fitter I signed on under (Cindy Adcock) was very good to me until she wasn't. She shoved me and my many clients off onto a fitter that was closer to our area (Myra Guido). I gave her a shot, but I never will again. I tried a Medium Fusion on my Friesian and it was good. I needed a saddle ASAP and it worked. HOWEVER, I had to have it fitted three times in the matter of a month, she couldn't get it right. One time I had to find a fitter in Houston to fit it during Regional championships. Still not right. I went home and took the whither tracings myself (which Myra did not do) and was horrified to see that this horse was nowhere near a medium. She's a wide. She was stopping with me, running off, pinning her ears and biting at me and even biting at the saddle after I took it off. Cindy came back out after many complaints about my saddle and a horrific custom order for a student to adjust it. She refused to believe the mare is a wide. She kept insisting that we raise the back, then raise the front, which does not remedy a tree that is simply too small. We tried the wide and she still tried to shim up the back. It was sitting off to one side and stabbing my mare in the whithers on the other side. Although she kept insisting I ride in it, I refused and got off. This saddle too, put me in a chair seat, as do all of the County's my students have. I pointed out to her how far forward the stirrup bars are and physically showed her how it makes the stirrup leathers and the riders leg interfere with the block. She offered no solution and told me that I am the first and only person to complain about this. Every single student I have is constantly fighting the thigh blocks, having to grip with their legs to stop that from happening and are losing their stirrups consistently as a result. The end result was that my horse changed from a medium to a wide from September to November when I stopped riding in it. She left me with some shims and a"good luck". I have dropped my trainer position as a result of this and another client's unfortunate issue with a custom saddle that never fit and took 8 months to get here. Buyer beware, their customer service is horrible and their fitters are not sufficiently trained. A quick course on saddle fit and adjusting does NOT make a "Master Saddler".

Likes: It was pretty, but that was about it.

Dislikes: Chair seat, thigh block interference, ill fit, bad fitting, stirrup bar too far forward

Quality: good


Rating: 1

Author: Anonymous

Date: 2016-12-20

Usefulness Rating: 2.6 out of 5.
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