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Insecticidal Paste
Fly Control

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Manufacturer: Warpaint (View all products by War Paint)

Model: Insecticidal Paste (View all Insecticidal Paste reviews)

Category: Fly Control

Purchase: Rural King. I paid $13 about. It looks like a deodorant stick.

Likes: It definitely stays on the horse- even after a bath. Does work at keeping flies at bay- esp the pesky gnats. I like to put it on my horse's legs when the flies get bad. The stick idea makes it easy to put anywhere. It is a paste so it does not drip or waste.

Dislikes: Because it does not wash off, I can't use it around show time- for about 7 days prior. (Imagine dressage with huge rings around my horse's eyes like she's a member of the The Little Rascals?) Do I really want to wash my horse with mineral spirits? My horse is sensitive (TB, but bay) so I cannot use it on her face. She loses her hair and her skin peels- poor thing. Probably not good in the sun this way either. She has the same reaction to Equispot (but not Freedom spot-on) everywhere on her body.

Quality: Seems fine. Still dispenses 2 years later.

Summary: Really is heavy duty and is oil based so it does not come off. Seems to work on the areas where it is directly- or at least just adjacent to them. My horse does seem happier when out with it on because she is not stomping as much. Careful about the burn thing- my friend's TB had the same reaction, though her Belgian Warmblood did not.

Rating: 2

Author: H

Date: 2006-02-03

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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