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Billy Cook
Horn of Plenty Update
Roping Saddles

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Manufacturer: Billy Cook (View all products by Billy Cook Saddlery)

Model: Horn of Plenty Update (View all Horn of Plenty Update reviews)

Category: Roping Saddles

Purchase: This is an update and retraction of an earlier review I had made right after I bought my Horn of Plenty saddle. After a few more rides, I noticed it wasn't just uneven stitching, but the saddle wanted to sit to one side. I tried it on my other two horses, and it did the same on them as well. I contacted Buford and they were very nice and allowed my husband to return the saddle the the main Simco/Longhorn office on his way to a visit to family in Tennessee. See dislikes for the rest.

Likes: It is a very balanced saddle and the tooling is beautiful, but if the saddle isn't put together right, nothing matters.

Dislikes: I just received the replacement saddle and this one is not right either. While the first saddle had a bad tree according to the saddle maker at the factory in Tennessee, this one has other problems (Tennessee is the HQ office and the Billy Cooks are made in Greenville Texas). Overall, it is beautiful, but the skirting in the back of this one is sewn on crooked. The skirts are laced together behind the cantle, and the lacing is offset about an inch from center. One saddle string below the pommel is attached about an inch different than the one on the other side and isn't centered where it should be. When it sits on my horses, it is uneven from behind and the skirt flares up on the shorter side. I only bought online because I could not find a wade style saddle locally. I am so disappointed after my initial excitement and am dreading having to call Buford back about returning it.

Quality: Again, pretty from a distance, but as my husband says, it looks like it was made by an apprentice. Me, I think this one looks like it was made in high school shop. I'm so sorry I posted such a good review before giving myself time to get over the good looks.

Summary: I think above sums it up.

Rating: 1

Author: Christine

Date: 2006-09-15

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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