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Lodgeropes, Enduro Bitless Bridle
halter, lead, lunge line, bitless bridle, reins

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Manufacturer: Lodgeropes, Enduro Bitless Bridle (View all products by Lodgeropes, Enduro Bitless Bridle)

Model: halter, lead, lunge line, bitless bridle, reins (View all halter, lead, lunge line, bitless bridle, reins reviews)

Category: Halters/Ropes/Leads

Purchase: I first found these products through ebay when I was looking for a bitless bridle for my mare. Their website was listed as and so I went there a looked around. I have purchased a bitless bridle, lunge line, lead rope, two sets of reins and two halters from The prices are comparable to all good quality rope goods, most times - more reasonable, but since they are located downunder - there is the shipping to keep in mind. But nothing has never been priced such that it was a deterrent to ordering from them - even with the higher shipping charges added in.

Likes: I like the fact that Rob and his family at advocate natural horsemanship - so their products are not hard, stiff or harsh. They care that the products are safe for the horses and for us. They don't make things that are "gimmicks" or just because everyone else is doing it. They have horses and use these products themselves - so they use the same items that they sell. I like that. The rope products are washable - and turn out just wonderful afterwards. They're soft and smooth and don't attract dust and dirt like cotton does. The halters are easy to tie - and Rob pays attention to detail on everything that he does. I sent my horse's measurements - as instructed to do so on his website, and Rob makes my mare's halters, and her bitless bridles to her exact measurements. Then he keeps the measurements on file for future orders. I have placed and received two orders from already and am in the process of placing a third. You don't "have" to send measurements - but can do so if you want to. You can get regular "standard" sizes of the halters, etc. I also like the variety of color choices available. The descriptions on the website really help with making a decision. For each product, it explains the "whys" and "hows". VERY conscientious people. Of course, if you want anything that isn't shown there - Rob will make it for you. I have a 8 foot set of split reins that were made just for me. He'll do anything you need - as long as it won't hurt a horse. The snaps on the end of things are usually a choice if you prefer a different type. AND... this guy can type! When you email him with a question, or request - or both... Rob actually types to you. Not hunt and peck on the keyboard with a two word answer. This guy really cares and makes sure that you and he create something really nice for you and your horse. Once you decide what you want - he'll email you the price quote on the products and shipping expenses. I really love the bitless Enduro Bridle that I got. My horse has always given me problems with a bit and so I deceided to try bitless - didn't know which to try - til I found the Enduro Bridle on ebay... hmmmm... different. That led to the site. My mare and I are getting better and better... with no bit. She knows what I'm asking and responds accordingly. She's much calmer and more relaxed, and the more we work at it and practice, the better we get at understanding each other. I guess the problem all along, was that she just didn't want a piece of metal in her mouth. Yes - the vet checked her out - no mouth or dental problems. I was a little nervous at first to ride her outside of an arena without a bit... but now as time has gone by, it's like we've never ridden any other way. Please keep in mind that no piece of rope takes the place of training a horse. It's no magic cure. My mare understands everything that a bit communicates - and just doesn't require the metal in her mouth to know what my hands and body are telling her. I'm just saying that you still have to work with the horse and that a piece of rope doesn't "train" them just by placing it on their head.

Dislikes: Not really "don't likes" - more like a heads up. A few of the types of knots are made to adjust a bit, so they can loosen - and some, just due to the nature of the knot- need to be tightened up occasionally. As with any of your horses's equipment, always check out everything before using it on your horse as a matter of routine. Also, although the products are made in a timely manner - the shipping from Australia takes a bit longer so keep that in mind. Your slightly longer wait will be forgotten when you get that brown paper package from downunder!!

Quality: They're made of high quality marine grade product and can withstand higher uv punishment without damage than most rope products we buy here. Due to the higher presence of UV problems in Australia - produced by the darned hole in our ozone layer, these ropes have to hold up there first and foremost. Excellent quality and attention to detail. The lead ropes come in more than one type of rope - but all of them have that "alive" feeling when you hold it in your hand. When I received my first order - I was amazed at the difference in the "feel" of the rope compared to what I had previously used. I don't make ropes - so I don't quite know the verbiage - but Rob never leaves loose ends (oh - so sorry for the pun... hahah) or rough unfinished edges. The loops are woven back into themselves - and if there is an edge left, due to the necessity of the design - it's sealed so it will never fray.

Summary: was the answer I had been looking for when I was on "rope quests" and when looking for a bitless bridle. Really nice people, great products. If I ever need anything and Rob makes it - I know where I'll get it from - no question. I have found my lifelong rope supplier.

Rating: 5

Author: Nancy and "Grace"

Date: 2006-12-06

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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