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Centennial Internationale
Close Contact Saddles

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Manufacturer: Crosby (View all products by Crosby)

Model: Centennial Internationale (View all Centennial Internationale reviews)

Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: I bought this saddle used on Ebay for $750, great deal since it retails for $2000. I have been looking for this specific model for over a year at a price I could afford and in my size, it was well worth the wait! My other jumping saddle was too wide for the horses I rode and it didn't offer me as much security as I wanted, so I sold it to get the Crosby.

Likes: I'm in love with this saddle! It all started when I asked a friend at the barn to borrow her saddle for a horse that mine did not fit. It was an older version of the Centennial Internationale. It was the most comfortable and well made saddle I have ever seen. It was extremely soft everywhere, the seat was wide, medium depth and COMFY! The air filled knee rolls were super secure. This saddle was super close contact and secure, and it fit the horses great with super soft panels. I loved it despite it being 1" too small for me. Unfortunately I could not afford it or even buy one used. So I saved up money and searched Ebay until I finally got it! This model that I bought is a newer model, made in England. The leather and the color was different, but it was even better! The leather on the seat and knee rolls is super grippy, keeps you glued to the saddle until you need to jump. The seat is wide and soft, it is so balanced and comfortable! Fits a variety of horses too.

Dislikes: Crosby offers a wide variety of flap options on this saddle, the one I bought had a long flap which is too long for my short legs. This is not the saddle's fault, just my luck, but despite the too long flap I never even notice at all when I'm riding, it just looks funny. The other thing I wanted to comment on was the panels. I know this is a close contact model and the thinner panels are supposed to bring you closer to the horse, but I just think they are a little too thin. They are very soft, but I wish they were a little more substantial. To compensate for that, I always use extra padding on thin horses. The leather also scratches very easily because it is so soft, but it comes out with cleaning right away.

Quality: The quality is first rate! As it should be for a saddle made in England. The leather on the seat and knee rolls is probably calf skin, very grippy, soft and very high quality. The rest of the leather is soft but durable. All the stitching is tight and beautiful. Its a good fit on the horses. The medium tree is on the wider side, making it easier to fit to more backs. I think with good care it will last a long time.

Summary: I love this saddle! I finally found a saddle that has a wide enough seat for my seat bones. No more pain from bruised seat bones. Its awesome for flat work, jumping or even trail riding, balanced, comfortable and secure. I would recommend this saddle to anyone! It is well worth the price tag! Crosby stands up to their name.

Rating: 5

Author: Marina B.

Date: 2006-12-16

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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