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Cut Heal
Zonk-It 35 Fly Spray
Fly Control

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Manufacturer: Cut Heal (View all products by Cut Heal)

Model: Zonk-It 35 Fly Spray (View all Zonk-It! 35 reviews)

Category: Fly Control

Purchase: I purchased my first bottle at a local Tack shop for $9.00 you can also find it online at Country Supply for around $5.00.

Likes: The fact that it helped my horse when he needed it the most.



Summary: Jet's Horse Fly Dilemma First a little background to help you all know Jet. I purchased him in August of 2000 as a 4 1/2 year old stallion. He was poorly taken care of and was quite awkward looking to say the least. His head looked too big for him and his belly stuck out way too far. He was untrusting of people, men in particular. I wormed him and began feeding him twice daily, with good grass hay and sweet feed. With Love and patience on my part, a beautiful partnership began to take shape. It took nine months for any hoof growth and good body or coat condition. Last year (2001) was a great year for both of us. I sent him to a trainer not long after I got him healthy. Then we shared some nice rides together and just plain getting to know one another. We had even learned the one rein stop the day before our big trail riding adventure and later jumped some deer in the tall grass. He never seemed to notice the deer, though I know he saw them. I realized what a special boy he was from our first trail ride and how he responded to me. I had been using fly spray on a daily basis to try and keep the flies at bay. It was a bit frustrating to the horses and to me since it didn't seem to be helping. I kept at it though, applying that spray daily. It was working for the regular flies but for those nasty horse flies it seemed as though they were laughing at me, taunting me. One evening when I went out to feed, I noticed Jet laying on the ground. I assumed he was just napping and thought nothing of it. As I got closer he got up, OK, all was normal, so I thought. He began doing this odd circle with what looked to be a limp. Then down he went with a thud. Imagine the feeling I had at that moment, my heart leapt into my throat. I rushed to him to see what the problem was. I was shocked, to say the least, at what I saw. As you can see in the images, he's a red roan overo, but that day he was also black. I would say he had, at the minimum, fifty horse flies all over his side, neck, and wherever they could land. From the looks of the grass, he had been down at lease most of the day, because it was dead beneath him. He had ran from them, rolled in the creek and now he was rolling trying to rid himself of them. He had tried all he knew and now was giving up. He was muddy, sweaty, and covered with welt marks. I was in tears at this site and angry at the same time. I entered through the gate and got between his legs as he lay there. This in itself was a huge step in his trust for me and I knew it. The most important thing was to rid him of the flies. I sent my daughter after the fly spray while I shooed them away from him. The very instant she touched the gate he was up off the ground. This was a sure sign of who he trusted and who he didn't trust. What a great moment in the midst of all of his misery. I sprayed him with all the spray that was left in the bottle. It didn't seem to matter if I even used a gallon, because it wasn't working. After spraying him we went to our local tack shop for a fly sheet. While there the owner recommended a new spray to use. At this point I was willing to try anything. Not long there we were on our way back with a fly sheet and this new fly spray. Once we arrived back at the horses, Jet was down again trying to rid himself of those terrible flies. Remember, I had just sprayed him not 30 minutes earlier with a fly spray. We drug the hose over to him, hosed off the sweat and the dirt. Once cleaned off I got him as dry as possible. I then sprayed him down with this new fly spray and watched as the horse flies either dropped to the ground or just plain started to leave. Then we put the fly sheet on him. It was wonderful to see him take a big sigh of relief, sort of a "Thanks Mom". From that day we accomplished two things. I realized that the trust from him I had been searching for was there. I also found a fly spray that would chase the meanest of flies away. To this day I will use nothing but ZONK-IT 35 , no questions asked. I don't know why those flies chose Jet as their target and not my other two horses as well, all I know is I have a good defense for them now and can send them on their way. You can see images of Jet at this web site as well as the story you just read here.

Rating: 5

Author: Peggy (Painted Ranch Designs)

Date: 2004-08-22

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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