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Fox Mountain
Duck Blanket

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Manufacturer: Fox Mountain (View all products by Fox Mountain Weavers Inc.)

Model: Duck Blanket (View all Duck Blanket reviews)

Category: Horsewear

Purchase: The rescue I volunteer at bought 3 at about $30 each and you know when something is that cheap AND IT'S NOT ON SALE, you are going to get ripped. What a waste of $90!

Likes: They're blankets. They're waterproof. Horses can wear them.

Dislikes: Above: that's it. That's all I like. These blankets are ugly, smell bad, and take a week to MOLD to the horse! That's how stiff they are. The tail flap is really small and stitched to the blanket so the horse can lift its tail. The sides hit halfway down the belly. The bottom of the belly is exposed and duck blankets aren't especially warm anyway. They also don't have back leg straps! These dumb turnouts slide all over the place. If your horse does not fit into one of these four categories: (a) very lazy or grossly boring and sleeps all day (b) in a 6x6 stall, resembling stocks, without the padding (c) recumbent 23.75/7 (d) so lame, he can't move... DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS BLANKET! This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.

Quality: It was OK, it far as the stitching goes, but the buckles get stuck, the design is awkward, and the material is awful. None of the blankets, size 72, 76, and 80 fit any of the horses we tried them on. Not only are the mares and gelding of various ages and weight/muscle proportion, but they are weirdly shaped, due to previous injuries, starvation, and conformation (the sometimes pitiful state of rescues). They live outside, so they must have a blanket with leg straps of some sort, although at least we don't have to worry about them getting caught and stuck when there are only two chest straps and cross surcingles. We are not there all the time and do not want to leave a horse out with a turnout half off from rolling, so they cannot run if scared. Nothing is worse than a horse with a bad sheet that prevents them from doing what horses do.

Summary: All the horses ended up in different turnouts and none of the blankets are being used. I despise duck blankets. I have waterproofed stable blankets and used them instead. THEY WORKED MUCH BETTER! My horse is in a real turnout this year because I would never skimp and get her a trashy blanket like this (she is just as much of a snob as I am). Don't waste a little money getting this blanket when you'll have to buy another soon after. Just get a good one to begin with. Go to Country Supply and you can get a Saxon for around $55 or so on sale. Dover is having a clearance sellout right now. I found some awesome medium-weight name-brand blankets for anywhere from $50-$90. Those are good blankets. I've seen them last a few seasons. Why get this duck blanket and then have to get a cheap Rider's blanket when you can use the total to buy a Hug turnout? Or just get the Rider's to begin with and use the $30 to get something else. I'm a pretty good bargain hunter and got all my stuff NEW on discount FROM SALES AND CLEARANCE, therefore saving hundreds overall, but my tack is still quality. I got a Weatherbeeta Orican on sale with a free saddle pad! Moral: spend some time and look for something good. The time you spent reading this could have taken you to a good online store. Your horse will thank you for watching out for them and buying something worthwhile. Especially if you don't buy this blanket.

Rating: 1

Author: the owner of an amazing horse

Date: 2007-02-17

Usefulness Rating: 2.66667 out of 5.
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