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Boredom Breaker Stall Toy
Horse Treats

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Manufacturer: Likit (View all products by Likit Products)

Model: Boredom Breaker Stall Toy (View all Boredom Breaker reviews)

Category: Horse Treats

Purchase: I ordered this toy online after my horse had to be put on complete stall rest following a surgery. I paid about $30.00 for it, although I saw it listed for as much as $70(!). If you decide to buy this toy make sure you shop around, as the prices vary greatly. Refills cost about $5 for a regular likit (for the top "disk" portion) and $3.50 for a "little likit" (which goes in the ball portion).

Likes: It comes with a cord to hang it from, and there are two elements to the toy-- a ball and a disk-part-- which I think makes it more interesting to the horse. Both components have treats in them. The fact that the toy moves around freely challenges the horse more when he tries to lick the treats than a stationary toy might. The treats are very tasty-- they smell and taste good (yes, I tried licking a couple!). The toy is extremely durable and can be hosed off if it gets dirty. My horse got sick of eating the treats after about a week (which surprised me, since he LOVES treats and is very oral), but still LOVES tossing the ball around and making a racket. I know he enjoys this toy.

Dislikes: THE TREATS ARE A NIGHTMARE TO GET IN!!!! I can't stress this enough, and if you have one of these you'll know what I mean. Changing out the treats on this toy take all afternoon (probably a good 20 mins per treat) and is a complete pain in the butt: You have to peel the hard plastic casing off the regular likit (that goes in the top disk part) one tiny piece at a time, which becomes sharp as you break it, and you must be mindful not to crack the delicate treat. The little likits (which go in the ball part) are inserted in their plastic casing, which is nice (that you don't have to remove the plastic like the regular likit), but there is no easy way to get them in or out of the toy part (it helps if you cut the 3 spacers on the bottom and fold back or remove all the tabs-- it will still stay in if you do this, and even still be a pain to remove). Getting them in requires a lot of pounding and even stomping with your foot, and removing requires a frustrating session of prying with a hoof-pick or screwdriver, even when the plastic casings are empty. There really is no excuse for the ridiculous amount of work it takes to load and remove the treats. It wouldn't be difficult for them to use more workable plastic or the design toy itself better. Also, the toy does NOT come with a likit and 2 little likits (which the toy needs), so if you buy the toy makes sure you buy some likits while you're at it. Finding somewhere to hang it can be an issue. They suggest hanging it 3 feet away from the walls, but I was unable to do this due to high ceilings. Lastly, my horse never used the likit treat in the disk. I know several people who have just the regular likit (in the disk) without the ball part, and their horse's completely ignore the toy. I don't think the disk part is very well designed.

Quality: The construction of the toy is very solid. Washing is easy, and it would be difficult or impossible for the horse to damage the toy or break the cord that comes with it (the cord is comparable to thick parachute cord material). The only weak point that the horse may break is that the cord attaches to the toy with a small snap which could conceivably be broken or damaged. As mentioned, the design of the unit is severely lacking in regards to the installation and extraction of the little likits in the ball part of the toy.

Summary: As far as stall toys go, this one is pretty nice from the horse's perspective. Not only does it give the horse something tasty to lick at, but the horse can also have fun knocking it around. It's durable and easy to clean, so the horse can really "go at it" without breaking it. However, from the human perspective, this toy is a TOTAL pain as far as refills are concerned. Maybe you'll get lucky and your horse will decide he'd rather knock the toy around than lick the treats, like mine did! Nonetheless, there isn't a lot of variety in stall toys as of yet, and if your horse isn't interested in Jolly Balls in his stall (like mine isn't), this might be a good option for a bored horse. Hopefully, Likit will redesign the toy or treat containers to expedite the whole process for us humans (who have better things to do!).

Rating: 2

Author: Christina K

Date: 2007-03-06

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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