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Manufacturer: Courbette (View all products by Courbette)

Model: Axxis (View all Axxis reviews)

Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: I bought my Courbette Axxis (Coffee Color, also available in Newmarket) from a tack store (horse-rider-etc.), through ebay. I received it at a large discount as there were some scuff marks on the seat. They were hardly noticeable. The saddle usually retails for $749-$800. An excellent buy for a European saddle!! I received it for $519 I was attracted to the Courbette because it had a knee block and a removable thigh block. Furthermore, it has airzone, an airpocket in the seat of the saddle to absorb the cushion. Most importantly, I don't have my own horse and ride 2-3 different horses per week. I needed a saddle that could adjust to fit all horses. This saddle has the E-motion tree (see the Courbette website for more details). It adjusts to fit any horse--no messing around with any Gullets. Please note: the Courbette Axxis is a new saddle and not yet on Courbette's website. I was told this by the individual who emailed me back from the Courbette headquarters. He did email me a flyer in word format. I am more than happy to share it with anyone who wishes to see it.

Likes: EVERYTHING...First of all, this is a beautiful saddle. It has a very modern look to it. I have received many complements on how gorgeous it is. Do a Google image search for "Courbette Axxis," and you will see what I mean. The saddle is made of very high quality smooth, supple leather. Seriously, this saddle is the best buy I have EVER seen in a saddle. It is the MOST bang for your buck! Second, it is very comfortable. I love that the flap over the stirrup bars is large and long. This keeps the flap from bulking up under your leg--which I have found is typical of almost every saddle as they have a small flap covering the stirrup bars. Also, the seat has an air cushion; I found the ride to be extremely comfortable. Third, the saddle is built with the best Swiss/German design. Courbette/Stubben (same company) have years of experience in creating correctly balanced saddles. I don't know about you, but I have ridden in saddles that I am sure were made by someone who has never sat in one--saddles that put your legs in the wrong position compared to your upper body. This saddle puts you in the perfect position. My trainer noticed immediately that I was in a new saddle when she saw how perfect my position was. She complemented me on the saddle and positive change, and she said it was a great choice for me. Fourth, it seems to be comfortable for the horse. It conforms to their shape with the e-motion tree and memory-flex panels. The horse moved beautifully under the saddle.

Dislikes: Thus far, there is absolutely nothing negative that I can say about this saddle. I really think that it is a great ride, very balanced, puts rider in the correct position, high quality, and all this at a great price!

Quality: This saddle is made from high quality leather that is tanned through a special process...blah hear it all the time. This saddle, as I look at it, is smooth, supply, beautiful. It is dyed all the way through, not just a top coat. This is a serious, high-quality, swiss, state-of-the-art saddle. The leather work is beautiful. It really looks like a $3,000 saddle, easily. See Courbette's website for more details.

Summary: If you ride a lot of different horses (even if you don't), have a budget (i.e. you don't want your saddle to cost as much as the horse underneath it), and want a great jumping saddle that offers a good, modern, high-quality look, all while offer comfort to the horse and rider. This saddle is for you. As I said before, I don't have my own horse and ride many different horses. As such, I have ridden in many different saddles. This is one of the best rides I have had. The only saddle I would put above is a Bates saddle that cost 5 times more than this saddle. As a whole, I thought about "flipping" this saddle on ebay and making some extra cash. No way! This saddle is going to stay with me for a long time. I am not going to part with this thing easily. Hahaha...I love this saddle so much and tell everyone about it. Courbette should be paying me as a territorial sales rep!

Rating: 5

Author: Jessica DeLaura, Charlotte, NC

Date: 2007-03-30

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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