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Horse and Pony Spray
Fly Control

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Manufacturer: Gordons (View all products by Gordon's Horse and Pony Spray)

Model: Horse and Pony Spray (View all Horse and Pony Spray reviews)

Category: Fly Control

Purchase: I purchased this spray ( Gordons ) for 9.00 at Big R and applied it according to the Manufactures instructions. ALL 4 of my horses broke out in hives and are very uncomfortable. I had to wash them all down the next day. BIG welts all over their bodies. I WOULD NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT ON ANYTHING. I believe flies do much LESS damage. I am going back to something NOT oil based ( water based ). They should BAN this product!!! Sharon S.

Likes: I like NOTHING about this product.

Dislikes: Caused severe reactions!

Quality: Simple white spray bottle with NO redeeming features.

Summary: Any product that tells you to WASH WASH WASH this product off of you, WASH clothing, DON'T eat anything OR smoke or ANYTHING that would cause ingestion of this in any form should NEVER be considered to use on your horse. WHY would we use something like this on our favourite friend??? SOooooo OILY too . . . Yukkkkk.

Rating: 1

Author: Sharon S.

Date: 2007-06-03

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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