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Manufacturer: GPA (View all products by GPA Helmets)

Model: Textium (View all Textium Helmet reviews)

Category: English Chaps/Boots/Helmets

Purchase: I bought this helmet a little over a year ago, in march 2006 for $379 I think. I bought it because it was the "in" helmet at the time, and I really wanted to replace my old cheap helmet, because my hair kept falling out at the A rated shows. Not good.

Likes: I sincerely love this thing. It fits amazingly; a lot of people complain "oh, it doesn't fit it hurts," but that is just because it molds to your head shape, and you have to wear it a lot before it can do this. I'll admit, the first week I had it (I ride about 6 times a week) it hurt a bit, but after that it was really really comfy. I just LOVE the little thing in the back that holds your hair in, it fixed my problems! I also love the flexible brim, three-point chin strap, and the textium strip. If you read about them, GPA says the strips move the shock of impact across the helmet so you receive less impact in a certain point. It also looks classy, and it was really cool when you could stripe them (before judges banned it), but they come in colors so it doesn't really matter.

Dislikes: Well, the first week isn't cloud 9, but nothing really. Not even the price--they are worth EVERY penny.

Quality: Very very good. The best you can buy, I think. Also, you can get almost any fit. I have the textium because I have a more oval shaped head, but people with rounder heads should have the titium. They fit everyone, if that person does their research and spends the time fitting the helmet. Also, it's quality is what I think is the best you can buy. The Charles Owned GR8 looks classy, but it's safety is less than the GPA. If you want super safety (which incidentally everyone should) The GPA IS the best helmet out there. Easily.

Summary: The GPA is really an amazing helmet. I love it! Be careful not to buy the IRH helmets that look like GPA's. They lack 100% in the class, and are just not the same. Lots of people say the GPA is a "Jumper" helmet, but I have ridden in it at AA shows and won in the equitation, so I don't think the judges really care. Buy a GPA!

Rating: 5

Author: da gpa is da helmet fo you

Date: 2007-07-20

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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