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Stubben Rex
Rex A/P German Made
Close Contact Saddles

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Manufacturer: Stubben Rex (View all products by Stubben)

Model: Rex A/P German Made (View all Rex reviews)

Category: Close Contact Saddles

Purchase: About $100, without the fittings in an online charity auction. Was downright dirty and grimy and looked like perhaps I was going to be donating $100 and throwing the saddle away. I received it grimy and dirty, and cleaned it up, oiled it, and added the fittings. I paid another $200 for Herm Sprenger Irons, $75 for Stubben leathers, and $100 for a Stubben Girth, and gosh knows how much for some cut saddle pads *us gals need to match* so I sure didn't save a lot of money when you look at the total "package" cost.

Likes: This is my hacking saddle. I am a small adult women, and this 16 1/2 " Stubben has served me quite well. I use in on (2) QH, and it fits fine. It turned out to be a 32cm which I think is a wide. I just can't wear this out. I don't take care of it, barely clean it and oil it now and then. It stays at the barn in my locker, with moisture and all of the temperature changes. I do not use a saddle cover or bag. I just love this little saddle. My 12 yr old "Western" son loves it too. It feels like I am right with the horse without sitting right on his back, and gives me "knee pad" support (well, as you can probably tell I am not the best rider, but I don't fall off either). The billets are as good as new, the leather has not worn out but does show wear (no tear though). My expensive dressage saddle billets already need replacing. It is lightweight, easy to tack and untack, and I move it about with a bucking strap. That's what I call easy and low maintenance. Horses take too much time and work, the last thing I need is to worry and carefully manage and handle my tack. This probably would work for a kid (it is a kid size saddle, my 12 yr old loves it). Probably good for smaller jumps. I have heard that there are better saddles these days for jumping. This is a really good saddle for every day fun.

Dislikes: It is not the nicest looking saddle now, and at this time would not work in the showroom. There probably are many other Stubben Rex models that look much nicer than does mine. It probably was gorgeous when new or new(er), and stored and treated more carefully. The seat is a bit hard for my butt, but I have gotten used to it and like the way it makes me suck in my front end mid section muscles, and hold my back up straight. My lower back was the reason I switched from a Western saddle to English.

Quality: I think this could last 10 to 20 or more years, and work just fine. I am not convinced all of this "new technology" for saddles is better, and not just a sales tactic to get your hard earned money out of your wallet. For starting out, for kids, for hacking, you can't beat this saddle. Good to know that they can stand up to a beating.

Summary: I think I will stick to proven saddles. Perhaps if I were jumping high, I would spend more money. My kid now wants this, so I am looking into another for me, perhaps with a bit more padding for my seat.

Rating: 5

Author: Elizabeth

Date: 2007-08-07

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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