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Clinton Anderson
Lead Rope / Halter

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Manufacturer: Clinton Anderson (View all products by Clinton Anderson)

Model: Lead Rope / Halter (View all Halter and Lead Rope reviews)

Category: Halters/Ropes/Leads

Purchase: We purchased the set at a horse clinic. We liked the way it was presented, and the way the horses responded to it. We paid 64.99

Likes: The way the energy travels down the rope. The halter for its construction and the pressure point knots on it.

Dislikes: The only real problem we had was the clasp, which has changed since we bought the unit. Also, the halter if not tied correctly will cinch down on itself, and make it VERY hard to take off.

Quality: Very well built, and top notch quality (even the old clasp) As I stated, the lead rope was left out in the elements for 3 weeks. The clasp needed a bit of wd-40 and it was good to go.

Summary: Would have to say, out of the dozen or so lead ropes I use, the black 14' works well with both of my horses. Even with another halter, the horse's respond very well to this rope. A lot of motion with little effort. The added leather tip on the other end is very useful, and with a bit of practice, you can make it snap like a whip. I haven't bought the new lead rope, but I got to see and play with one in Des Moines this summer. The change over twist clasp to a snap link, sure will be very welcomed in my pen. We where having problems with the old clasp not wanting to function right after a bit of use. As far as the halter, I have to say, I love it. I have tried others that where similar in design, but don't get the job done quite like this one. The pressure points when put on correctly seem to really hit the spot. Our biggest horse liked to lean into the halter for about the first 5 minutes of training. With this halter, she only leaned into it for a minute or less. After training the horses with this set-up, I was able to use the traditional halter, with no problems. Also, when we where breaking two of our horses, the halter was great. It was very easy to simply leave it on, and put the "normal" halter on it. Now just had to be careful to make sure things lined up right. I highly recommend the halter and lead to anybody in the market. As far as the cost of the combo, it is well worth it. Less headaches with this set up. Also, the lead rope will take neglect. After my son was done with it, he forgot to put it up. It stayed out in the weather for 3 weeks before I found it. The rope was still as limber as it was when we bought it.

Rating: 4

Author: D Shaw

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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