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Scrubbing Sponges
Tack Room

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Category: Tack Room

Purchase: Rather than buying expensive "tack sponges" from tack shops and paying through the teeth, I pick up multiple packs of "deluxe scrubbing sponges" from the dollar store. For a 12 pack of scrubbing sponges, I pay... wait for it... a whole, whopping $1.00!

Likes: $1.00 buys me 12 scrubbing sponges (aka tack sponges). And they're sooo useful. I use them to clean all of my leather. First with the green scrubby side to remove mud, sweat and grime.. then with the softer yellow side to do the final touch-ups. I use them for bits. A little warm water and one of these sponges (using the scrubby side) removes crusted goober and hay in a flash. I use the softer side for my synthetic saddle and billets, and my synthetic girth. A quick wipe with some warm water and synthetic cleaner brings these right up again. I use the softer side for applying hoof oils or polishes. It goes on evenly. I use them in the barn for scrubbing out water and grain buckets, feed pans and wiping out my tack box the night before a show. I also bring some along in my tack box for shows (for the same uses as above) and put a few in our kitchen supplies to scrub up utensils. The best part about them is that they're disposable and so cheap, that when they finally do wear out enough to get tossed into the garbage, replacing them is the easiest thing.

Dislikes: I don't have a problem with these at all. As a matter of fact, I almost felt like one of those infomercial spokeswomen (in the Likes section of this review) who raves on and on about a product! The only thing I might caution someone against is if they've got one of those really nice, super expensive saddles with buttery soft leather... you know someone like that, someone who says their saddle scratches easily... you may want to be careful using the scrubby (courser) side of the sponge. I doubt it would be abrasive enough to do damage... but I'm not gonna be held responsible should you damage your saddle. If you've got complaints, you can call: 1-800-I-WARNED-YOU

Quality: 12 little (8x5 centimetre) sponges in a pack. They all have a courser, scrubby side and on the reverse is just a regular soft sponge. Usually yellow and green, but they can come in a rainbow of colours. Available from any dollar store.

Summary: A great, versatile, cheap product. It's amazing what things you can find in the dollar store that work out perfectly in the barn!

Rating: 5

Author: Katie W

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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