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Neck Relaxer
Training Equipment

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Manufacturer: Kincade (View all products by Kincade)

Model: Neck Relaxer (View all Neck Relaxer reviews)

Category: Training Equipment

Purchase: I have bought a few neck stretchers over the years. This one is at Jeffers for $24.95. I have had other "brands" that were cheaper but they are all the same. I'd go for where you can get the lowest price as the quality isn't different between the brands. I use the neck stretcher as a gentle aid to help teach and encourage my horse to lower their heads. I needed a new one as my old one broke.

Likes: This is the simplest aid to use. It's not harsh and it's not so restricting that the horses pull or panic against it. It is just elastic, kind of like an elastic long rope or bungee cord with clips on both ends and plastic buckle on the head part to adjust length. It's super easy to put on, and once you have set the length there is nothing for you to have to hold on to, so you can just ride. (It goes around the poll, through both sides of the bit and then both sides go down between the horse front legs and attach to the d-ring on your girth.)

Dislikes: I really, really wish that the buckle clips on either end that attach to the d-ring on your girth were made of metal. They are plastic and they break. That's why I needed a new one. However the price is so affordable that buying a new neck stretcher every few years isn't that terrible.

Quality: Well, there's not much to a neck stretcher. It's a giant bungee cord with plastic snaps/buckles at either end and a plastic buckle in the middle that you adjust the length. The elastic is tough and has taken a lot of stretching from the horses, but remains stretchy but not stretched out! The quality of the elastic is excellent, the buckles as I stated earlier are plastic which is the only downfall of this training aid.

Summary: I love riding my horses in this on occasion. It beats fighting with them to lower their heads. Sometimes they need a reminder that they can go round and relaxed and it's nice to not have to make that point yourself all the time. The neck stretcher is something that they can figure out without the rider interfering. You still have to ride correctly yourself when you take it off, this isn't a quick fix. I just consider it a temporary aid to remind my horses to go, and it helps me to remember how they feel when they are going round and relaxed. I'd recommend this simple aid to anyone training horses.

Rating: 4

Author: Trish

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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