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Rider's International
Stable Blanket

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Manufacturer: Rider's International
Model: Stable Blanket
Category: Horsewear

Purchase: The owner at my boarding stable ordered this blanket from Dover Saddlery in December 2007. I paid for it and it was on sale for about $65. (Plus somewhere around $10 shipping.)

Likes: I like the smooth lining, elasticized leg straps, and double buckle front. There is also a hook-and-loop closure behind the buckles that keeps the chest closed securely. This blanket is really cute, too. It hasn't rubbed my mare at all. I bought the 60", but it came up a little short somehow. I like the channel quilt as well. This blanket has held up fairly well. I used it last season and I am using it this season. The surcingles stay locked. The somewhat higher-cut neck is a nice feature, too.

Dislikes: As I said before, the 60" blanket came up a little short on my 59" pony. As a result, the tail flap doesn't do as well of a job, even though its design is wonderful. My mare has put a small tear on it. Also, when I received it, some of the stitching was coming out of the back seam. The lady who order it didn't inform me that this was a stable blanket, so I have been using it for turnout. When I found it in a catalog I had, I panicked, but was slightly relieved when it said "water repellent." However, the blanket has gotten damp through. This was partially my fault. The owner of the stables was an "experienced" owner, but I would advise you to always check around to see what the item features if someone else is buying it for you. This season, I'm hopefully getting a waterproof Tuffrider sheet to go over top. I also don't like the way the center seam stands up on my pony's back. She's fat, but the blanket could fit a lot better. Since this blanket doesn't have shoulder gussets, my pony moves slightly awkwardly.

Quality: This blanket was somewhat well-constructed for the price, but some features I don't like about it. I think a lot better blanket can be found, maybe at a similar price. I would suggest Schneider's, their blankets are great. My friend recently bought one for her Morab and the construction and quality is far superior. I expected far better from the blanket for the Dover name to be put on it. (Rider's International is Dover Saddlery's own line of tack and horsewear.)


Rating: 3

Author: Rachel

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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