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Easyboot Epic - #SB-EASYE
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Manufacturer: Easy Boot
Model: Easyboot Epic - #SB-EASYE
Category: Horse Boots and Wraps

Purchase: EasyCare's wealth of information on their web site educated me to choose the Epic style of Easyboot for my riding situation, however, their price to order the boots was much more. I searched the internet for the best price and purchased a pair of boots for $125 through State Line Tack. I purchased the boots before my first barefoot trim following years of unsuccessful metal shoeing. The trimmer would have charged close to the same price as EasyCare but included her expert advice on fit.

Likes: I'm amazed at how well my horse stands when I put these boots on as it takes a little time and effort to put on this snug fitting style. With my horse's flat soles, the added "comfort pads" work well for the trail riding I do. I also plan to get back to some jumping as well as some dressage. I hope his feet will not need the boots after a year of recovering from the metal shoes.

Dislikes: The effort to put the boots on almost makes me switch back to the pre-2005 Old Mac boots I have, but the fit of the Epics is so much better, that I persevere.

Quality: These boots are very durable and show little or no wear after the 2 months I have used them, however, we had one problem. When first trimmed barefoot, it was recommended to keep the boots on 22 hours/day for 2 weeks. After the 1st night, my horse managed to remove the boot by tearing the gaiter stitching. EasyCare replaced the gaiter for free during their 90 day guarantee. I used the Old Mac's he was used to during the rest of the 2 week period and now use the Epics just when I ride.

Summary: I am still learning about going barefoot and believe it will work well for me. I recently watched all the horses at the finish of a ride with varied terrain and muddy conditions. I was pleased to see a variety brands of boots on some of the horses. When I asked the Boa and Old Mac users if they were familiar with the Epics, they agreed they were too hard to put on for their purposes.

Rating: 4

Author: Buffy Blood

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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