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Cresta VSD
All Purpose Saddles

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Manufacturer: Courbette
Model: Cresta VSD
Category: All Purpose Saddles

Purchase: Purchased as floor model on eBay for $695. 17.5 inch seat.

Likes: I like everything. The seat is broader than most English saddles making long hours in the saddle a joy.

Dislikes: The dees for attaching the breast collar are not very durable for cross country type work. "Dee savers" solve this problem. The leather is beautiful but I worry about it getting damaged from trees etc since it is less durable than say, a Western trail saddle or the expensive buffalo hide English saddles.

Quality: I believe this saddle will last through years of hard riding. The leather is very "grippy" and I feel very secure galloping over uneven terrain, even though I'm older than I used to be and not in as good as shape as I once was! The knee rolls are medium; not too big but there for extra security. The E-motion tree I thought had to be a gimmick but it does fit my average horses and my average-wide horse that no other saddle (other than a special wide one) would fit. The panels at first appear unusual in construction and design, but after examining the saddle on the horse with a rider on board the panels seem ingenious in design, as the weight of the rider is more evenly dispersed.

Summary: I use this saddle mostly for trail riding & foxhunting (coyote chasing.) I know many people refer to the "all purpose saddle" and the "no purpose saddle" but this saddle I feel is perfect for general riding. The seat is deep enough and on the VSD the flaps long enough to be decent for experimenting with Dressage maneuvers, while it allows a balanced, secure forward position for jumping and galloping. When seated your feet are where they're supposed to be (underneath you) without much effort. My last AP saddle made me feel incompetent because my legs were always wanting to sneak out front. Now I'm working with gravity and not against it! The "grippy" leather makes maintaining position easier also. When it's right, it feels right! When I started riding the trails I spent over $1000 for a Synergist which was supposed to be a very comfortable saddle for spending long hours in the saddle but sold it. This saddle is much more comfortable, even after 6 hours! Comfy wide seat but with a twist to make jumping a breeze! My horse does not get a sore back, and there are no "dry spot" pressure points after a long ride. This is certainly not the saddle for the Grand Prix jumper or the serious student of Dressage, but for others wanting a secure seat while they learn or trail ride the Cresta VSD would be a good choice.

Rating: 5

Author: Darlene Miller

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 2.72727 out of 5.
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