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Category: Horse Boots and Wraps

Purchase: We decide to let our horses go barefoot. We have been asking around and barefoot folks have been saying to get boots for your rocky, stony trail rides so we researched and asked folks what boots they used and if they liked them. The Easyboot brand were by far got the best raves all different models. Well we have Easyboots and from experience when they lost a shoe we would put one on until the farrier came to put the shoe back on, they fall off in the pasture. We looked at the Easyboot website decided we liked the concept of the glove we went to Valley Vet and got them cheaper and the delivered them within 4 days. They were 47.95 each boot we bought 4 the shipping was free.

Likes: We took them to the barn and decided to ride in them to see how the horses would react. They high stepped for about a minute or so. By the time we got to the mounting block they were fine. We walked in the arena, then I tried a gait, got a pace. We have been working on this for a long time now and WAS making progress, We decide to go out on the trail and give these boots a try. We went up muddy hills had pretty good traction we went down hill the same thing pretty good traction. We came across our muddy area that is always muddy no matter how dry. Horses have lost shoes in this mud! My husband thought I was nuts but I was on a mission to test these boots. They stayed on! We walked through water over rocks. Even the horses started just walking through the muddy areas where they would usually try to walk round them. My husband walked, jogged and loped in his boots without a hitch, Me however I didn't get a good gait out of him but he racked good I didn't canter with him. I have not been cantering until I get his gaiting down. I really wish I new what the gait was. It is soooo smooth. Any how we got back to the barn and the feet were moist from the water but no dirt or stones were in the boots. No rub marks any where! A++++ for these boots!!!

Dislikes: You have to be perfect with the measuring. or the boots don't fit right. I also have a hard time getting them on. My husband puts them on for me. The gaiters fold back and wiggle side to side to get them on but I need two hands to do it. Plus hold his hoof up. Its easier to have hubby do it. Faster to. They should be sold in pairs and in singles.

Quality: The construction and quality are good. I can not think of any thing to improve these. You do have to be careful not to pull the boot on by the gaiter or they will rip off. All parts on this boots are replaceable if something should rip. You can also buy studs for the boots for better traction.

Summary: These boots get an A++++++ from us.

Rating: 5

Author: deb in N.Y.

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3 out of 5.
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