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Manufacturer: Circle Y (View all products by Circle Y)

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Category: Trail Saddles

Purchase: I found this saddle on ebay new for $850. I wanted to try a flex tree on my extremely hard to fit short backed arab

Likes: My arab is short backed with a high croup and has a lot of movement in her loin area. All of over 15 saddles I tried on her rubbed her loins and caused extreme soreness. Needless to say she was real sour about being saddled and I could hardly ride her. Being a grey, she actually got blacked hairs over her loins from the bruising. When I got the saddle, there was a screw sticking out down the tunnel that hit her back bone. I called Circle Y and asked them about this. They told me to box the saddle up and they would pick it up the next day at no charge, which is exactly what happened. I got a call when the saddle got there, just to let me know. They changed that screw and sent me back the saddle no charge and no hassle. They were wonderful! I did have the warranty. This saddle is the first one to actually fit my horse better than any other saddle. She is no longer nearly as sour being saddled and she no longer pins her ears when I ask for a canter, and no longer has sweat areas on her loins. I feel the difference when I ride, I can feel the horse much better, almost like my bareback riding days. There is less movement on my part, my older back was actually getting sore from movement from rigid tree saddles,not so with the flex tree. The saddle is extremely comfortable for me, my position, seat, stirrups. The high cantle and pommel hold me in the seat too. Feels very secure. It's the best saddle I could get for her and for me without doing expensive custom. And it's very light weight.

Dislikes: There is really nothing I don't like, nothing I can't live with.

Quality: I am wondering how it will hold up over the years. I have one circle y that is 30 years old and still good. I've had this saddle over a year and it looks great. The silver is a little spotty. I wanted to really try out the saddle before I did the review

Summary: The people at Circle Y really have been helpful and were exceptional just fixing the screw. I think flex tree saddles are a really good idea. I like the whole idea.

Rating: 5

Author: Ridin Mom

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 3.28571 out of 5.
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