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Manufacturer: Shelter Logic
Model: Storage Shelter
Category: Barn and Stable Misc

Purchase: I purchased 2 shelters from Menard's 3 years ago, one to be used to store hay, the other (slightly smaller size) to be used to store horse trailer and misc. I paid $850 for the 14x32x12 and $350 for the 12x24x10. The smaller one was just big enough to house my 2h bp no frills trailer and wheel barrel and jump standard for the winter. The larger one could hold 500 - 55 lb bales of hay. I also purchased gable end vents for air flow (two on each end = $80).

Likes: The trailer storage unit held up very nice and did it's job although there was considerable condensation during the freeze thaw cycle of Michigan winters. After 3 years, it still looked fairly new. I put the large one up a week before the small one and for 3 years have used it to store horse hay. I placed them both on 6x6 treated beams placed parallel with the ground and each rib anchored with lag bolts. At the corners, I placed screw-in-anchors that you purchase for anchoring dog chains etc. for approx. $3-4 each. I also purchased ratchets for the nylon rope that tightens the fabric down on the end ribs. Both shelters had 3 zippers, one in the middle and one each on the sides of the door panels. The sides of the shelters had material that overlapped the beams. The wind at times reached over 60 mph and these stuck like glue to the ground.

Dislikes: These are not suitable for hay storage and I believe the reason is the heat from the hay and the heat created by the sun do not mix well. They both got very hot inside during the summer months with the sunlight directly on them for approximately 3 hours on sunny days. I always had the zippers all the way up and the door panels pulled back on the hay storage one to let as much air in as possible. The one I used for trailer storage I always left the door panel closed to keep the goat out and it still looked new after 3 years but the one I purchased for hay storage looked 30 years old in comparison. They were placed within 15 feet of each other and had approximately the same about of sunlight each day. I am now having a pole barn built to house my hay because, even with the air vents (two on front panel and two on back) at the top of the panels, there was still a lot of condensation during the freeze thaw cycle in the winter months. The directions were not well written.

Quality: The quality was satisfactory for storing a horse trailer or other not perishable items. Several of the tubes has burrs in them and I had to get a metal grinder that fit into my drill and grind each tube end so as to fit one tube inside the other. The manufacturer was willing to send more tubes if I shipped, at my cost, the defective tubes. The manufacturer sent two extra of every kind of nut and bolt as well as a few squares of material for repairs. I sorted the nuts and bolts into separate small pails to help with assembly. Once we had all the parts sorted, the large one went up in 2.5 hours. We did not follow the directions exactly on the smaller one and that proved frustrating. There is a reason to follow the directions exactly, as it meshes together properly.

Summary: For storing hay or anything perishable, I cannot recommend these. For storing items such as cars, boats, campers, trailers etc., these are functional. Do set them up away from trees as falling branches can pierce and rip the material. I had a large branch pierce and rip a 12 inch hole in the large one and had to repair it in the rain. Needless to say, the repair did not hold and I am still struggling with the repair job.

Rating: 3

Author: Robin

Date: 0000-00-00

Usefulness Rating: 0 out of 5.
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